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  2. First off, what you've linked isn't a paper. It's written like an extended blog post, very disorganized, but mostly grammatically correct. A paper begins with a statement of the problem under consideration, a review of the sources and previous claims (along with citations) and a brief discussion of these sources and previous claims (mostly to show that you do know what you're talking about.) Secondly, every statement has to be backed up with fact and citations. For example, you say "Described as spanning between the sub chamber and the Nile. (considered a watertight component)"... and the evidence for "watertight component" is that ... you say it is, in spite of the fact that it's demonstrably not airtight and that air molecules are smaller than water molecules (water molecules are 2.75 angstroms: https://www.reference.com/science/size-water-molecule-78a78df6fa7af22f which is larger than two oxygen atoms (the oxygen molecule), but smaller than CO2 at 3 angstroms (https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/23372/whats-the-size-of-carbon-dioxide) You have not backed up any statement (for example, by showing that water pumps have to be kept inside the GP in order to keep water that flows down during the rains from forming a lake down there). You've just said "this is the way it is." Next, an engineering paper that shows hydraulic control will show the volumes of water involved. You make a claim about it controlling the flood of the Nile without stating how big the flood is, evidence from the Nileometers that it was controlled, volume of water transported on an hourly basis (and show that it's large enough to impact a flood that's 300 times the size of a Mississippi River flood) and evidence of statements from monuments showing the titles of the officials who were in charge of this, the evidence that they could engineer hydraulics, the explanation of why they didn't do it elsewhere. You also have to show that it was more efficient and pumped more water than the Bahr Yussef, which was constructed by Amenenhat III https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahr_Yussef (that the pyramid somehow manages to pump out more water than can fill a canal 15 feet deep and 15 fkilometers long. You will also have to show soil profiles that show it was active during the time you propose. The data, by the way, is out there. It doesn't support what you say, but it's out there. The pyramids are't 50 miles upriver from the Fayum and the lake. The pyramids are down river. The water has already passed the Fayum and Lake Moeris, 50 miles before it gets near the pyramids of Giza. And the Nile at that point is over a mile wide. The lake was a natural overflow area before the pyramids existed. (reference: 1905 book on the geology and history of the Fayum: https://archive.org/details/cu31924004049338/page/n6) And in my next post, I will go point by point over the document you uploaded, just to prove that I did read it once and for all.
  3. Climate Change is a Hoax

    You said it, what did you mean?
  4. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Heh. A liberal code. Say what now?
  5. @skinwalkerranch: If I post on your YouTube video it will probably be with a thumbs down! Post the coordinates and info here please.
  6. Meanwhile in the US, some genius thinks it's a great idea to cut down thousands of acres of old trees to put in a... ...put your best guess here... a solar farm.
  7. I don't believe you

    My apologies if I came off confrontational, too. Not my intentions. No worries Die, all good here.
  8. Climate Change is a Hoax

    True, but l would rather have a gas electrical plant covering a relatively small area, catch on fire, than 20 km's of wind turbines, on fire, falling apart, slaghtering eagles and other birds, (the bird catches the worm, lol) p****ing off local's and throwing the natural beauty idea. That's BS you mean,....never mind. You will have to give the CCC crowd a break, l threw them a curve ball with the wind turbine one, and the insults are flying. I don't see why considering that AU and the US have hundreds of years of gas, and Australia could shut down all of their coal fired power stations and replace them with up to 400 years worth of natural gas, supplying all of our country.
  9. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Exactly the point though. Evidence does explain properly those things many believe. That's also a strange conundrum. How does one continue to draw comfort of we know the belief is just a remnant of old ideas? Self validation. Again I think many know an afterlife is not a viable idea these days so many seek validation of beliefs, and get angry when some bring reality to the table. That seems self evident. People fear death. It's the ultimate injury one can't heal from. Nobody likes the idea of leaving loved ones behind and missing out in what is to come. The afterlife idea soothes that fear like a balm on a burn. I really question that. As we learn more, and schools bring vast amounts of information to individuals, surely more will start to ask 'why do people believe in a God?' We are barely out of the fire and brimstone age which was quite effective at maintaining those validations to seek comfort in. Those days are rapidly fading away which has to affect the next generations who have better answers to questions of existance than old stories. Even now with the information available I honestly wonder how people can see the god idea as a valid arguable position. Nothing supports the idea, and science continues to chip away at old myths.
  10. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I think you should make it clear what you are trying to say Sir. I saw/read exactly what Doug said here. Also I have no "bad faith" in anything. I know that is some liberal code now but to the rest of us it doesn't mean anything.
  11. It’ll happen naturally, Mother Nature always wins out in the end. Be it war, famine or disease, natural disaster or man made catastrophe, an act of god will be a great equalizer. I could see a sizeable comet taking a decent chunk out if it were to land in one of the great oceans causing massive tsunamis. Yes, I’m feeling a bit misanthropic today.
  12. "Almost sets on the Great African rift"........ah no.... the plates are shown with major rifts. The rift doesn't seem very close at all. The plate stuff is based on what Cladking? You do know if you make claims like this you will be asked to provide evidence? So you got any?
  13. Climate Change is a Hoax

    So it was a bad faith question. You should check what doug actually said again.
  14. That's why I didn't say a thing.....
  15. If you 'read' stuff why didn't you know where the limestone for the core came from? Why didn't you know the quarries were right next to the pyramids? Dating: Here is the dating report on the old king ruins: https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/radiocarbon/article/viewFile/3874/3299
  16. Psychic attack! Need help!

    OP, you need to ask yourself why you are allowing this to go on. You say there has been zero contact of any kind between you so it is only n your head that he makes these claims and does these things. If this is true, you need to talk to your psychiatrist and get back on meds, no matter how you dislike how they make you feel before you hurt yourself or someone else. Man up and deal with it (or woman up, if you are female). You are displaying classic paranoia symptoms here, or else you are lying. You are in the trap of finding the victim mentality to be a familiar habit. Nobody can fix those things but you. Get back into therapy and take those meds you do not like, and maybe also take up meditation classes to learn a tool to calm you down and give you some perspective. That is my own best, most loving advice. I have dealt with "psychic attacks" myself when I was younger and less aware. You won't believe it now, but if you could flip to the later chapters in life experience that simply, you would find out what I eventually did- we do it to ourselves. We are, for the most part, our own demons. See your doctor, consider meditation and maybe also read up on Carl Jung's shadow work. That is the answer if you actually work it hard and are able to grasp it well. You have that power, to get things right. If not, there is no help out here, no matter how good the forum may be. The few Adepts here are not going to come and save you because you will fall right back to it the way things stand now. This is all about you. I wish you peace, healing and clarity.
  17. Place your (pretend) bets..

    This thread should last 2 years+. Hahaha
  18. Today
  19. Oh I read it, it’s just not worth spending much time on. Your entire premise is predicated on the assumption that Lake Moeris is higher than the base of the GP. As already shown in this thread AT NO TIME DURING KHUFU’S REIGN has that ever been shown to have been true. During the New Kingdom a 55 foot above sea level claim STILL wouldn't reach the base of the GP at around 200 feet, nor would it be relevant to the GPs construction. What’s left is a complete failure of your premise. cormac
  20. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Open Presents Even Random Arrangements COOED
  21. I don't believe you

    No he wasn't. He was born one but never practiced or paid his tithe. The Nixons were one of the "First Families" who settled West Jersey and there is a road named for his ancestors near the Moorestown Meetinghouse though. I also have his genealogy in my files. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting would have you, no doubt. My sister would be driving you nuts to join the Union of Concerned Scientists too. I don't think the Evangelicals on the West Coast would appreciate you though. Of course we "Traditionalists" don't consider them real Quakers.
  22. I will refer to my question and put it simpler because you obviously don't understand. It is idiotic to criticize something you haven't read.
  23. Cern and time line jumping

    But the key point is which of all the possible explanations seems most reasonable to you? And how confidant go you feel about that explanation? Any second or third explanation that strikes you as reasonably possible. Then pull out your trusty stereometer and estimate the likely percentage of each so that the total adds to 100. The Papa Flintstones/Flinstone incident: Papameter: 98% Something outside of the normal occurred 2% Papa only had a normal brain misfunction As for how it occurred I don't know. My leading theory is that something in the universe gave me a rare push into a mystery to further my inquisitiveness into the nature of reality. These things are happening to people and some also with the very same Flintstones/Flinstones flip/flop.
  24. I don't believe you

    Do you wish to further insult me?
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