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  2. Sure, and agreed that as you've noted not believing subjective experience can lead you to incorrect conclusions also. But for that matter you and I may both be wrong about Ostman being kidnapped by Sasquatches, but I don't think we're wrong in disbelieving, or in your case finding it 'extremely unlikely', given what we have to go on. It's not that subjective experience can be accurate sometimes, it's more what the impact should be based on the fact that subjective experience can be wrong so often, that's the part that goes to its reliability and its limited value, absent anything else objective as is the case of spiritual/supernatural claims.
  3. The only thing extraordinary about "The" Exodus was its timing: it began after the New Moon in the month of April. Expeditions to Sinai, of which there were something like 300+, usually began in October so as to avoid the furnace-heat of the Sinai. Departing in April meant they were travelling during the hottest part of the year, so there must have been some unusual reason for that date. I believe that reason was the Pelest threatening the Sinai copper mines. They had to get a military expedition down there to protect them, so why not resupply the laborers while you're at it? The departure of expeditions to Sinai was a completely boring event, not worth mentioning in Egyptian records. There is no evidence of a battle - maybe a relatively small skirmish at Avaris/Piramesse (not the Red Sea), but maybe not. But a slave revolt forced Seti to abandon his building project at Piramesse. Seti would have attacked, but fear of a curse threatened by former priests stayed his hand. Josephus tells us that Seti waited out the thirteen-year curse, but there aren't thirteen years available in the time line. So maybe it was seven or eight years. At any rate, Seti eventually attacked Avaris/Piramesse, only to find the slaves gone. Not a very glamorous tail, but a more-likely one than a confrontation at the "Red Sea." And it also explains why there was no effect on Egypt militarily. If you're looking for someone to be the Pharaoh of the Exodus, I nominate Ramses I. He died of an ear infection. Did he catch it after a swim in the Red Sea? You should read his story. Ramses I came to America - alright, he was dead; it was his mummy that came to America. The Carlos Museum had a donation of an Egyptian mummy. The curator noticed the arms were crossed as befitted a royal personage. After some serious digging, he figured out that it was Ramses I. His mummy was repatriated with royal ceremony. Under this time-line, "Moses" (Osar-Seph) would have been dickering with Seti, the heir apparent, over the release of the Israelites. Because Ramses I was not yet dead, Seti didn't have the authority to release them. When Ramses died, Seti released the Israelites. He eventaully did follow them - it was a full-out invasion of Caanan, not just chasing a bunch of escaped slaves. Could Seti's mention of "troublesome Shosu" on the north wall of the Hypostyle Hall be a reference to these escaped slaves? At any rate, there is lots of room for a reconstruction of the story between the known facts. Did it really happen my way? I don't know, but it seems a more-likely explanation than the traditional one. Doug
  4. The reign of Amenhotep II places them, as an alleged though otherwise unattested discreet body, at about 200 to 250 years before the earliest attestation of Israel having existed (i.e. the Merneptah Stele) circa 1208 BC. Not once has it been shown that the Israelites can be definitively equated as being Hyksos, Shasu or Habiru so I see this more as an attempt by the early Hebrews to rationalize themselves and their alleged importance on history into existance regardless of the actual facts. Using the Bible to validate a Biblical claim or Josephus, who was so far distant from the Hebrew origin story as to effectively know nothing, is meaningless IMO. cormac
  5. I'm not sure about that (within the context of your beliefs of course) just because I don't know why the mind can't be a mechanism within your belief framework. Part of the reason for that is because it would depend on specifics on what qualities we think the mind has and what functions it carries out, which is undefined for me since I'm for all practical purposes a materialist at this point. That's possible and really goes back to part of my quote. I really don't know what this non-material something even is or defined as, I seem to get different answers depending on which non-materialist I talk to, I just know logically that critics of materialism are I assume claiming there is a non-material something. I don't see any evidence for anything literally spiritual at all, I think decisions are born in our physical brain and am thus several steps removed from any discussion of 'resurrection'.
  6. @ChrLzs is the go-to guy for most photographic enigmas posted here on UM. Hopefully he will be along soon. Can you save the photo to your phone and adjust the horizon and contrast? That might give the 'face' a different appearance, and help solve the mystery. Looking at it again, I see the reflection (if it is a reflection) is reflecting off of non-reflective surfaces (the window frame) with equal intensity, so 'reflection' probably isn't a valid answer. I'd suggest looking at the advertisements on the train next time you take a trip, and observe how/if the ads are reflected on the windows. That would at least eliminate or confirm my 'reflection' hypothesis.
  7. How would I know if it gets serious though? And how would I find someone with psychic insight?
  8. I think in 2013 or 2014 sitting in my apartment around sunrise drinking coffee heard deep trumpet sounds but not as deep as in the above video coming from the distance. Lasted about five minutes each time. Also heard sounds like strings of firecrackers going off or hail on an aluminum roof daily which I assumed was related to construction going on until I read somewhere that, that sound was also being heard widely by people around the world. Don't know what it was but I don't assume aliens.
  9. I was talking to the OP, not you. Now that I see your story, it sure sounds like you're paranoid, and that paranoia has made you think the creaking the house makes as you walk to the bathroom is actually someone else. Or possibly, since it's a townhouse, the neighbor has gotten into the roof crawlspace and is walking around up there, possibly spying on you. It's common for townhouses to have a shared roof crawlspace. Either way, if you really want to know what it is, you should go up into that space and look around. Maybe set up a camera, like they say that's the #1 way to get phenomena to disappear.
  10. The plot thickens. Well, I can't resolve all that but working on relaxation, stress reduction and mental health is always beneficial. If it gets really serious you may need to see someone with psychic insight.
  11. There's only one way to tell.
  12. The gunman is dead, along with three victims: France hostage crisis: Police shoot supermarket gunman "Armed police have killed a suspect who shot dead three people dead in a shooting spree in southern France. The gunman hijacked a car and then took hostages at a supermarket in the town of Trèbes. The man, named by ministers as 26-year-old Redouane Lakdim, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group." Things have been relatively quiet, since the fall of the last ISIS stronghold in Mosul. Sadly, this is a reminder that nations still need to remain ultra vigilant.
  13. Glad to hear it is over.
  14. I'd like to know how the mods allow you to post on here if all you're ever gonna do is be an annoying little troll...
  15. This might sound a bit weird but how would I know it it's in/attached to me specifically? When I first discovered this picture as I was sending it to my friends and talking to them my tv screen went off 3 times in a row. I've also had multiple electronics explode around me in the last few months and have also had a really bad stomach.
  16. Imagine if you were a flat-earther and you said this ^ to a round-earther. See how ridiculous that sounds given the proper context? The same applies here. My refusal to accept your delusional BS has nothing to do with me being 'unable to put myself in other's boots', or my inability to see alternative points of view. It has to do with the fact that I actually care about what's factually correct, whereas others (like yourself) continue to perpetuate a proven lie. Yes, I am unable to see the flat-earth theory as being the least bit correct, because I know damn well that it isn't. I can give you a million and one reasons as to why it isn't right, and even more reasons as to why it is flat-out wrong. The same applies to the issue of gun control. I know damn well that more guns = more gun violence and that stricter gun control laws will for the most part solve this mass-shooting problem here in America, because all of the statistics bear it out. I have presented said statistics from numerous sources again and again, over and over, and it does no good. You people continue to believe whatever the F you want to believe regardless of whatever objectively verified scientific facts and data is presented to you. You don't care about facts, you only care about whatever political ideologies you already have, and how best to perpetuate them in spite of the evidence. If you want to call me 'closed-minded' or 'unable to see other points of view' for refusing to acknowledge that 2+2 could ever possibly equal anything other then 4, then so be it. I am closed-minded to any possible alternative to already scientifically and statistically objectively verified facts. If you expect me to ever consider 'your personal opinion' on the matter to be anything more than just straight-up delusional, then I'm sorry, but that just simply will never happen. If you truly believe that more guns and less gun control laws will lead to less mass-shootings, or that lax gun control laws are an irrelevant factor in regards to mass shootings in America in spite of all the data overwhelmingly proving otherwise, then you are just simply delusional. It's as simple as that.
  17. Ahhh, I read this all wrong. OK, that is a weird one if it looks like no one on the train as you say. Almost like a bird spirit animal on her head too. I'm going with a spirit girl caught checking out a good-looking guy. Busted. That on top off the picture getting inserted mysteriously only later makes this a real Unexplained Mystery. Multiple unexplained things are hard to write-off.
  18. Ohelemapit

    Really... colonise other planets?.. we cant build on flood plains on this one without catastrophic consequences.. 

    1. Piney


       My people didn't build on flood plains. Just farmed them. We understood what happened.

  19. Peer review before publishing is never a bad idea....
  20. Highly nutritional also, some not so palatable but others can be quite tasty, the brown ones, Blue kelp and giant kelp are literally all carbs and can not be digested, a massive stomach upset will follow with that stuff..
  21. I'm not sure what you mean, I know the person in that shirt, I'm trying to find out what that thing in the window is.
  22. To clarify the basics here: Are saying this person in the brown shirt is the mystery person?
  23. His explanation doesn't necessarily belittle the phenomenon. Tell me about your experience?
  24. Not my face and I don't want my the person in the pictures face online
  25. I'm not in the picture nor did I take the picture, I was sitting next to my friend whom took the pictures. I saw him posting all the pictures in real time except this one, and I never saw this picture when I checked the groupchat a few months ago. I recently just went on it and saw that this picture was also posted in at the same time as the others, however I can't explain why it was in the groupchat after a few months. This might sound a bit weird but my friend also said the picture was deleted off of his phone.
  26. Did you Maybe mean pareidolia? Just a guess but I wouldn't call it that as the face is clearly an actual face.
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