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  2. I don't believe you

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha good one!!!! ”It was 99 cents” “I am gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket”
  3. I don't believe you

    No no, this song is dedicated to a dear dear dear Professor friend of mine. Who truly is “To Sirr With Love.”
  4. Abortion exceptions

    Should women have the right to abort their babies up and until said baby turns into an adult at age 18? Why not...they haven't really accomplished anything at age 2 or 3...or even 4 or 10. In fact children don't really make any worthwhile accomplishments to civilization. Shouldn't we just post-birth abort all the one's who are up for adoption for over a year? When your kid is 5 you don't really know if it is going to turn out to be a good person or a bad person. At age 1 you don't really know either. And you don't know at birth. And you don't know half way through the pregnancy. Nor do you know at 6 weeks. What do you think a 13 year old would say upon being told it was about to be aborted? Life begins at conception. It doesn't begin anywhere else.
  5. Replace one word in a movie title with Bacon!

    The King's Bacon Riding In Cars With Bacon The Cars That Ate Bacon It's A Wonderful Bacon
  6. Religion versus Fiction

    How does what other people think affect you?
  7. Yes, yes, yes, but please don't feed my doubts, as I'm on an affirmative diet.
  8. Urantia Book Poll

    If they were old mistakes, yes; they were the old mistakes with the science of circa 1935.
  9. Ghosts spotted at Norfolk theatre?

    They may well have been 'decent investigators' and did diligently investigate/consider the possibilities you mentioned. All we got is a glossy news article without details. I tend to give people's intelligence a fairer shake than most around here. Usually claimants have considered the easy explanations themselves. My suspicion is that they feel they can debunk the possibilities you gave.
  10. I mean if you didn't know there was gonna be a launch I could see this being creepy but just like that Russian failed missile over Norway created this wormhole entry to another dimension freaked people out lol
  11. haiku time

    breathing doesn't mean we are alive, dare to dream grab life with both hands
  12. Abortion exceptions

    America as a whole considers the fates of these children as trivial. A good number of the children in the system never get adopted. My agenda is the fact that I think the whole abortion issue is just a political divider issue and that no one- Pro-Life or Pro-Choice truly cares about the children as much as they do about the abortion issue or there would be more publicly known data about the adoption rates and number of children waiting for it. No one is adopting all the children we have now, no one will adopt the million extra either.
  13. You have a nose for these things! However, we must close our eyes to color on these matters.
  14. You have cut me to pieces plenty, or more specifically, my nothings, as you say.
  15. Joe Biden announces 2020 run for president

    You do realize that is Joe Biden wins, Bernie supporters will vote for Trump again. If Bernie wins, then there might be a chance of winning against Trump. As it looks like now, it is going to be the former instead of the latter situation for Democrats. They are going to lose this election handily so.
  16. Urantia Book Poll

    So its not coordinating science with religion, its coordinating some old mistakes with religion. That's basically what you are saying. How is that not illustrating that its nonsense?
  17. haiku time

    bury hate, deep down where it won't make a sound, die a little inside
  18. Glass REFLECTs too, Mr Johnson... They may not be shadows. Those figures, if real (it would be easy to edit such shapes in..), could simply be reflections of some people just out of shot to the left, in the same room containing the camera. If we believe the time stamp, it's ~10:40 pm, and given the lights are on (Why? just for the camera?), one might simply assume there could be people about from an event/film screening, or after it, tidying up.. If 'Ghost Hunters in Great Yarmouth' (who will hopefully google this and join up...) were decent investigators, we would surely have a lot more information about what was going on in that room on that evening, and also some comparison imagery showing what happens when people are moving about as described above, under identical lighting conditions... I'll be delighted (and surprised) if they do actually follow up, and use proper techniques to eliminate the mundane. If they need help to do that, I'm available as a consultant at no cost - I gave a preliminary hint above as to what needed to be done...
  19. Today
  20. I don't believe you

    Just have the occasional look, it is like the Bold and the Beautiful, you can miss a few episodes without losing the drift of the story.
  21. I don't believe you

    To Sir, With Love!
  22. OP, welcome to UM... When you post YT videos, it's considered polite to first declare that the channel is or is not yours, and then ... well, the idea is that this is a discussion forum - so tell us which phenomena you found unexplainable, and why.
  23. I don't believe you

    Lurking, lol
  24. I don't believe you

    Not far away !
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