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  2. I don't believe you

    very true especially today BUT No we do not know that most peole thought 'rape or slavery was wrong. Why would the y ? How and why do YOU "know" it is wrong? Only because your society teaches you that it is. if your society teaches you that these things are right and normal then there is NO way for you to form an opposite opinion except where you have direct experience or can observe the effects (and can have empathy for other people not of your own family, tribe or group ) But even then they may be see as normal. There have ben cultures where being a good thief or a good killer were regarded as necessary skills and a persons reputation in the tribe or group depended on then. So no, people don't get this because they are trapped within the paradigm of their own beliefs from their own cultures, but humans do NOT innately know that things like violence rape or murder are "wrong" Those ideas and concepts have first to be e[established intellectually and then taught to the young. There is no innate right or wrong and thus no innate sense, within humans, of right or wrong There is no " normal" good or evil, outside of that which we as humans chose to believe is good or evil. As a reader I guess you have read "lord of the files", which examines and explains this very well.
  3. News on kmt_sesh

    I’ve followed his blog for years and I hope it never stops, I wish all the best. Happy Easter
  4. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I don’t claim a gut instinct just rational analysis. I see the mom’s normal foibles too but that is not the gist of the whole thing. Go ahead and distort what they do and focus on imperfections.
  5. Doing God's will.

    Good point, I think you've summed up a few Star Trek story lines there.
  6. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I don't know about his "pranks" but I'm a hell on cold reader. The woman was a cold hearted sociopath. Not a "grieving mother".
  7. Cryptid_Control

    Is there any information or topics on here about the wreckage believed to be part of flight 19. The last info I could find was from 2014. I don’t want to make a new thread to ask since it was so long ago but I can’t find anything new 

  8. Some of my "ghost" stories

    My comment wasn't a joke Piney.
  9. Some of my "ghost" stories

    So your capable of "reading" people? Sorry, that's my "gut instinct" and I was a really good at what I did. It's comical that when "Erik" "talks" to other dead celebrities, "he" ( actually the fake psychic) gets major parts of their biographies wrong along with known events in history. Actually there is nothing funny about Elisa Medhus. She made me feel "slimey". I'm actually glad you are. Your forever searching for a experience. I stated what my "cop instinct" says. Now lets not derail anymore.
  10. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Yes, Tat, once again, all we have is "wonder". I'll wait until they have substance and then see if they try to do anything about it. Until then, this is all a snoozer for me [ignore]
  11. Doing God's will.

    I think this is where we disagree, I'm entirely at the opposite end, I think it's impossible. I cannot conceive of an experiment design involving someone making a decision where we could all differentiate the result, I don't think there is any, 'if they had free will, this is what we would expect'. I guess I just view Libet type experiments (and there seems to be some legitimate reasons to have some skepticism and caution about what those experiments exactly show) as icing on the cake. You've mentioned many things critical of free will in your posts I think almost all that I agree with, it's essentially being proposed that somehow evolution was able to assemble deterministic forces to make something that is both non-deterministic and under our control, which I agree at this point pretty much requires magic. All of your criticisms 100% apply in the scenario where the conscious mind is the source of decisions, so for me I wouldn't be that much more open to the idea of free will if the Libet type experiments didn't show what they did. Definitely doubtful about the free will part, pretty positive about possessing a consciousness though; sure seems to be something aware of the decisions I'm not actually making. Ha, could be. I'm not sure that mental disorders are a problem for free will, maybe some would be, although since those must have physical causes I'm not sure it's much different than expecting to stop our heartbeat by will alone which we usually don't require under 'free will'. What's weird to me is what the lack of free will means about who 'I' am. 'I' seem to mainly just be an experiencer, I may as well be on a rollercoaster though as far as the control I have over the experience. What's cool is that even if we don't have free will, we're endowed with the absolute top-notch free will simulation software available so doesn't matter much. So what if it's just an ever-evolving algorithm in my unconscious that's pulling the strings, that would only be a problem if I mistakenly didn't consider my unconscious as much a part of 'me' and who I am as the conscious.
  12. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I can hear the attitude so I won’t go on long. I feel I am at the lower end of the naturally psychic scale. I doubt a ouija would ever work with just me. I am very pleased and thankful for what I believe Erik did as a sign.
  13. Doing God's will.

    What do you mean? Seems like you would've said irrational. Instead of rational.
  14. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I can see no emotions getting in your way there as you say, lol. Comically emotional is my take. And I’m sure disputable by a thousand and one facts. She may be just another basically good normal person with normal foibles but that’s as black as I’ll go. I actually read her book and personal story too.
  15. Some of my "ghost" stories

    Well, Papa, if he is around your house and hanging out and all, ask him yourself, if you can keep your mind open enough to hear anything at all that might differ from your belief in those who take advantage of this tragedy. Ask him yourself. *walks away mumbling about Ouija board games*
  16. Doing God's will.

    I think every individual person is the only one who can definitively tell themselves that they know the answers to the question of whether or not there's a meaningful purpose to the struggles of living. To me, everyone else I know, everyone else I encounter, the fact that some are willing to share what their struggles are with me, all of those things are the evidence that the pain I suffer is worth bearing. That it isn't for nothing. That it doesn't end in blackness. All of you are the evidence of that to me.
  17. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Nope, if impeached, he certainly won't be convicted, not enough votes as you say. If his lawyers are smart, as I'm sure they are, he didn't falsify his returns. He said he couldn't release his forms because he is under audit, but that excuse does not seem to be true. So a little white lie on his part to avoid releasing them. Somebody starts to wonder.
  18. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I don't know either of you.
  19. The Bats ghost theory....

    i had been up about 20 hrs had to rack out a few, that is very well said, i basically am right there with you for the most part, ive always had an expected perception theory, you know guy says im gonna go into the woods and see bf and does or says im gonna see a UFO and does i feel this happens a lot with ghosts and people who want to see them and do, every mist, vspor, orb and camera anomaly becomes a haunt. unexpected sightings of other stuff later means something to the viewer, do you mean in memory or recorded as they are different to me, i find most of the videos where someone says i was watching this later and saw xxxx bs. ,ive never seen an honest experience that the subject wasnt aware of ooga booga, think about how many accounts start with "I never believed in xxxx and now i know its real" that person no matter how they want to posture had preconceptions in their minds, to me that intro kind says i was actually hunting proof and found it, its still a bias, and most times such videos are very crappy. now you and i part ways with i do not believe any conscience spirits ghosts demons etc exist in any realms, If they did then of course they cant cross over or we would have our deceased loved ones and friends popping in to say hye, we would have as another member pointed out armys of demons and of course we dont, my they simple do not exist theory fits just as well as the true believers excuse, "it doesnt work that way" or even your theory of only some people have the mind to see them, if you mean they are just in that persons mind then i can perhaps by that, but yeah, no theory is better than the last or should upset anyone. afterall if we go into the woods to see bf, or the haunted house to see a ghost or look in the sky to see a UFO and you suggested thats just peoples thoughts, so that would also cover hallucinations, imaginations and misidentification, im right there on board with that. and while i dont believe in haunts we agree for different reasons if they exists they could not be filmed, i believe you called the videos bs at one time, which brings us up to what papa posted, thanks PG, i will take it since you posted those that they are what you consider the best, i am guilty i prejudge click bait made by bored attention seekers, but moving past that i noticed the one narrator had his captions saying things that support my idea this is a natural accurance and recorded and played back, rather than conscience haunts he also mixed what he suggested was real or unexplaned accounts with what he suggested were hoaxes, which makes me wonder why he couldnt find a whole 5 mins of what he believes are real accounts, click bait is like that. george, i am trying so darn hard not to make you have to say "told you so" to me but its also very hard for me to place much merit on it, there are no sources listed no provanance, no follow up, for example the one of a lady walking in a field, looks stagged, the cameraman isnt good at trying to fake it and we have no investagation that its likely a real live women talking a walk and likely a faked video, if you rate it high show me how and where you ruled out real lady as the modt likely explanation. thats a very honest question if a person wants to get to the facts and not just jump to "nope, its a real ghost girl". dont get me wrong PG i enjoy the videos my mind engauges since i dont jump to they must be ghosts i try to come up with ways to do such a video, in the end for me they are just not something i see as evidence there are ghosts. cue in your, " i told you so "
  20. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Google the Teapot Dome Scandal, Andrew Mellon, When the "committee access" provision, as it's known, became law in 1924, Congress had been dealing with taxpayers' information in the Teapot Dome scandal afflicting the Harding administration and in a controversy involving former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. Like Trump, he had served in government while refusing to avoid conflicts of interest by letting go of his holdings. The committee access provision has rarely been invoked, but here's how it would work: For the party in control of the House or Senate, making the request is easy. It would come from the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee (the House panel that writes tax law), Senate Finance Committee or Joint Committee on Taxation. Democrats have been badgering the Republican chairs of those panels to act since February 2017 without success. Once a request is made, no floor action is necessary. The request would go to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who oversees the IRS — not to the taxpayer in the Oval Office, who would officially be out of the loop. Yin said the 1924 law "gave the tax committees the unqualified right to request the tax returns of any taxpayer." What would happen next is uncharted territory. Based on recent events, Trump might deploy Justice Department lawyers, and perhaps private lawyers, to fight the request in court. The process might resemble the not-infrequent legal battles over congressional subpoenas for executive branch documents. But the committee access provision has never been before a federal judge. Were Congress to get access to Trump's returns, it would be easy for lawmakers to disclose the information, despite various privacy protections that exist for taxpayers. The chair or committee with Trump's tax returns could submit them to the full House or Senate if there's a legitimate legislative purpose. At that point, the returns would very likely quickly become available for the public to see on the Internet.
  21. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    This is really all such a bunch of bullsh!t. Even if the caught Trump breaking the law, he'll never be convicted in impeachment. Not now. 2.5 years of democrat party deception will never go by without prejudice. 2/3 majority in the Senate...? nice try dems, ain't happening.
  22. Some of my "ghost" stories

    Oooh, this is THAT Eric? We have worked so many cases and consulted with each other that I did not make the connection, Bro.
  23. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I'm serious as a heart attack. I'm not a "healer" I'm a "hunter" and when I'm "working" I do not let emotions get in my way. If I was still a Tribal cop with Texas Ranger connections I would have them run her down. That woman is evil. I went through everything she broadcasted. Watched it for hours.
  24. seaturtlehorsesnake

    it walks these hills in a long black veil/ it visits my grave when the night winds wail/ nobody knows/ nobody sees/ tomorrow's recipe

  25. Doing God's will.

    That's why I understand your pain and frustration so well. I'm not trying to be melodramatic, but every morning before getting out of bed, I find one reason (just need one) to carry on. So far, I've found one. Every day.
  26. Doing God's will.

    Maybe we should just put shock collars on everyone. So that any harmful impulse is zapped out of them Pavlov everybody.
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