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  2. The article and photography was insufficient for me to say what happened. I was going by what the guy that was actually on-board said.
  3. Hi StarMountainKid Yeah sometimes a little break is a good thing, I take mini breaks every now and the too. Will be looking forward to your posts. jmccr8
  4. what about this from the OP article: The vessel was Admiral Nelson's flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar and Nelson's wife is said to have regularly visited him during his time as vice-admiral.
  5. There is a couple of pebbles and ..376 trillion grains of sand....approx.
  6. Well this is not exactly a routine case You don't think LE would have jumped on the fact that Rebecca had misrepresented herself as being without children. (Jonah makes the comment that she didn't have children of her own in his recent interview) That she had deceived Jonah. The same detectives that are trying to convince everyone that Rebecca was unstable enough to commit suicide in that ridiculous manner are going to dismiss the little fact as a so what ? !!! There is one way that I can see that happening and that's if the ME was doing the inept job in the autopsy that I think he was doing. Maybe he was more focused on not seeing things than in seeing them.
  7. I haven't made any assumptions. I simply asked you questions regarding Putin, based on your input in this thread. What am I supposed to think though, when your answers can be summed up with... No proof. Warmongering West. Criticism of Putin is like pulling teeth. You say lack of proof. I choose to believe that the entire British Parliament, the heads of allied nations such as the US, France and Germany, along with NATO aren't lying to us - the people that are privvy to any actual evidence, unlike the rest of us. You remember why NATO was setup right? The Berlin Blockade and all that? I absolutely believe in evidence, but my initial response in not seeing it - hardly surprising given that this is highly sensitive information on production of a chemical weapon - is not to assume that my own elected government are lying their asses off, while someone with a proven track record such as Putin is the victim of a mad conspiracy theory. If evidence is your main concern though, maybe you should ask Russia's EU ambassador for his evidence that this agent was manufactured at Porton Down: Russia spy row: UK lab could be poison source, says ambassador A pretty imprssive deduction, given that Russia apparently don't even know what the agent is... You, along with others, seem to have put plenty forward to back your views on Western actions. I don't see Western nations as free from blood on their hands, but I also don't see the point in putting all the focus on Western actions when we're talking about an attack on British soil. It's like blaming someone for getting punched in the face, because they've been involved in fights before...
  8. Piney

    Big sister's recent pilgrimage. I didn't get anything exotic this time. Just a little book and a tee shirt

  9. Thanks, as well. Was good for me to get away for a while. Nice to be back.
  10. Last night I was laying in bed watching TV when this black thing with tentacles came right out of my freaking wall!!! I have never ever seen anything like this in my life and it freaked me out completely... When this thing came out of the wall it came from up by the ceiling and it came out past the tv and floated towards me with these black tentacles moving really slow like it was just floating through the air and when I turned the light on and about 5 minutes later it came back and I turned the light on again and it disappeared again but then I noticed that it was like here were more of these things but they were different. These things were more like spider webs but these things had purpose to them and would come towards my face!! Hope to never see this again!!!!
  11. Didn't go through a wall, walked behind a bulkhead or wall. And they seem to have a Mans gait.
  12. Brennan's current job is as a CNN commentator. His role as CIA director has ended. I'm looking for reasons why any remaining omnipotent power he has is even remotely legitimate. Got any?
  13. Unblurred image and video here:
  14. Grandpa Greenman

    You're reading something and you think, is this a crazy conspiracy theory or is this for real?  How do you know anymore which is which. Whom do you trust?

    1. seanjo


      I don't see anything remarkable about the story, companies have been collecting personal information for marketing and electoral purposes for decades.

  15. FCS man, read up on your hiatory. She NEVER went on his ship. And which "she" do you mean?
  16. Yeah me fake can you get, can't believe people fall for this hucksterism.
  17. That's the one.
  18. It's been found again!
  19. Too late advice. The topic is 3 years old so we have to assume that the OP got eaten by the mirrors already. Horror!
  20. No, but let it be a warning to you not to forget your anniversary again.....or you could be the one shifting, out the door.
  21. Exactly what I was thinking.
  22. I was always told I'd be amazed how small it was in real life. I got there and it was ******* enormous.
  23. Hi StarMountainKid How have you been? Haven't seen you for a while, good to see you here again. I hope all is well with you. jmccr8
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