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  2. Goonight see you tomorrow Goodnight see you tomorrow
  3. Look up 'hypnic jerk', 'vibrations before going to sleep' (go down to the serious sites...), and just 'sleep disorders'. These effects are quite common, but there may be an underlying disorder, so talk to your dr.
  4. Goodnight. I think I'll do the same.
  5. I'm calling it a night. I hope you all get a good sleep and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I think this critter is a bunny, but whatever. I sleep just like he does.
  6. I can't tell if this is supposed to be serious...
  7. Simply document it. Make a diary of what you dream. Because without some sort of verification, this just sounds rather like the common way our brains re-organise memories to make them fit better to what we might 'want'. Also bear in mind that in a world where very large numbers of people can get together and share stories, there will be - must be - lots of coincidences, ie dreams that match up, roughly, with actual happenings. I would imagine that over a lifteime you should expect maybe 10 rough matches, and 5 quite good matches... That is based on nothing but my loose observation that dreams/nightmares tend to be of dramatic/cool/scary/events that are more or less realistically possible, and they are often recurring, so eventually they are likely to come true... Eg on a personal basis,. there is someone in my family who isn't the best driver, and I've had a few dreams about possible consequences of that - I do hope they do not come true, but ..... What is the medical diagnosis for your headaches?
  8. I prefer this look into Biden's work myself:
  9. I'm just waiting to see this in the Alternate History section:
  10. I just want to watch.
  11. Northern Territory have Salties the meaner of the 2 types
  12. Pedantically, no. Oil is from plankton and stuff. Very little dino
  13. Basically every post above quoted me, so I'll just respond to them all with a 'yes'.
  14. Ok so you're in with Shadow and I for Dino rides? Yay
  15. You have lots of crocs in Australia, right? That's pretty close.
  16. Hence the smiley; but one of us will be proven right, and the other wrong, by then.
  17. Hell yeah. < Look at my avatar.
  18. No , it only happens to me
  19. No contradiction. You just aren't getting it LOVE is not a chemical attraction. That is lust or desire or a physical attraction or the chemicals released when a human looks into a baby's big eyes, which evolved for just ha t purpose. Those things exist in most animals. But humans have a special quality conferred by our self aware intelligence. We can LOVE ie build physical constructs in our neural networks which are love which bind us tie us and shape us for life A parent might bind with a child because of the chemicals released a t birth and soon after, but it loves its child for life because it learns to, and builds neural patterns of love in its mind that bind it for life We can love an idea or an ideal, love a character in a book or movie , etc And love people without any release of any chemicals Human love is an intellectual construct which conditions our mind's neural pathways .
  20. Me I'm with you on that ride the dino
  21. Cool idea because then you get to keep their toys.
  22. Yeah, I'm sure there are many who would like to restrain him in a headlock. Keep it for your desk top ..
  23. "Hey, Clem, I'll give you twenty bucks and a Budweiser to kiss that mean ol' Teeeeee-Rex right on the mouth."
  24. A few drinks? I'd clamber up an apatasaurus before you could say, holy crap is that an apatasaurus? Instead of cookies and milk, you just leave out the kids.
  25. Just think of me as the insane (penniless) great uncle that you never got to meet.
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