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  2. I can't imagine being pregnant at my age and I'm nearly 20 years younger....
  3. Skulduggery

    I went on a date yesterday to see the Han Solo movie. Firstly, the date was really amazing!! Not something I'll ever forget. Secondly, in spite of my skepticism about this one, the film is actually really fun. It's really enjoyable. Before I went into the cinema to see it, people kept walking out loudly vocalizing what a good film it is. That got my hopes up. It didn't disappoint. It's not, like, a legitimately GREAT film by a long shot. It's not that type of epic film of major historical and artistic significance, BUT, it IS really entertaining (maybe moreso than some of the other recent ones--way better than Rogue One), and the new actor did a remarkable job emulating Harrison Ford as Han Solo. It's very convincing. Plus, the Lando dude was spot on, too. There is a great spoiler in the film. Loved it. All my skepticism disappeared within the first half hour of the film.

  4. Well the birds which survived were the fortunate ones, that thing wiped out the dinosaurs fgs. As the article says, it was down to what could adapt after...and it was not big dinosaurs.
  5. I agree.When we consider the millions and millions of different species that inhabit and have inhabited this planet it would be naive to consider Earth life as unique. Life takes hold in the most hostile enviorments. Its resilient and seems a natural consequence given enough time
  6. Short prison sentences do not work

  7. I'm offended

    oh what privilege you have!....haha
  8. Expanding Earth

    You truly are the Supremely Educated Knower of Everything in Existence.
  9. Pardon me, but is there anything you missed in making up this goulash? How about the kids game: Red Rover, Red Rover? Or the AC/DC song: Back in Black? Or the character from Harry Potter: Sirius Black. Right there that should throw a monkey wrench into this mélange.
  10. There was a lot of death following that, so sure, why not? It was a massive punch into the planet.
  11. I'm offended

    yep, exactly- goes without saying really, doesn't it
  12. Short prison sentences do not work

    Is that why Tommy got thirteen months for exercising his free speech rights(?)? I like some British members on this forum, so I will refrain from saying more on this matter at this time. I just shake my head at what is taking place in the land that birthed John Locke and Adam Smith, two of the most profound influences on the success of my own country. They may even think of themselves as honorary Americans now that their country has embraced the path to totalitarianism.
  13. I'm offended

    Opinions are still free. It's a personal judgment call for when to express them. I'm not going to go into a gay nightclub with a shirt on that says "I hate figs". That would be suicidally stupid. (yeah I changed the word for the forum and filters sake.) But you get my point, right?
  14. Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un

    I'm afraid I was partly responsible for that. It was fun to see you think I had lost the plot.
  15. I'm offended

    maybe you shouldn't have said it then!? my stupid analogy i aways use in situations like this: tottenham & chelsea are rival football clubs. i have the right to wear any T-shirt i like== but it's probably best not to go into a chelsea pub wearing a tottenham T-shirt!
  16. Poll...... Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

    while I would love to meet one and have a long discussion on life, the universe, and everything. (no, not the book) the best I can say/believe is MAYBE.
  17. Ash K is #500 in line, but unfortunately in March 2012: Virgin Galactic officials have said they hope the first customers will ride in 2013 or 2014. The flights will launch and land from the new Spaceport America facility in southern New Mexico. Ashton Kutcher Buys 500th Ticket for Virgin Galactic Spaceship Ride
  18. Russia probes kick into high gear

    He likely has the same outlook on bugging people when they *spy* on them. "The cameras and microphones, as well as the computer hacks and the telephone taps, were mere informants of the non-human kind. They were not eavesdropping devices." He's a semantics magician with linguistic sleights of hand.
  19. most likely for the same reason I go into the mountains to target shoot. it is no longer allowed in their neighborhood and or there are no target ranges near them.
  20. Free Tarot Readings

    Hello /Cloud7. My name is Wyatt, and I reside in Texas. If you have time, may I ask will my life be unnaturally shortened, in the near term? If possible, also, will I have a hand in my demise, whenever it occurs? I understand you are giving opinions, not facts.
  21. XenoFish

    Yeah, ha-ha
    Finally, someone let me out of my cage
    Now time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age
    Now I couldn't be there
    Now you shouldn't be scared

  22. I Think I'm Becoming Psychic, Help Me

    What is often called psychic is just our underused instincts being used. Mostly through our own subconscious nudging. Psychic in the hollywood sense doesn't exist.
  23. Are chemtrails real?

    In 1972 in Rapid City, South Dakota under project Skywatch under sponsorship of the Bureau of Interior seeded some clouds with over 500 pounds of nucleating salt. A massive storm followed which killed 238 people. They denied that the cloud seeding was the reason for the storm. http://www.weathermodification.org/publications/index.php/JWM/article/viewFile/166/212 http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a283033.pdf page 14 Unclassified military document with General Electric about weather modification experiments. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/006880.pdf Project Gulf Q formulating Cumulus clouds http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/878774.pdf Project Stormfury and Hurricane modification: how to stop a hurricane http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/730016.pdf National Science Foundation document about funding and about the importance of weather modification for the nation and world. Also has some information of weather modification programs. https://www.nsf.gov/nsb/publications/1965/nsb1265.pdf NASA document asking for funding of weather modification, and a special panel for it, also information about weather modification. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents/19680002906_1968002906.pdf NASA cloud formation in the upper atmosphere From 2009 https://www.space.com/7315-eerie-cloud-created-nasa-rocket-experiment.html and 2017 http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/05/30/nasa-to-release-artificial-clouds/
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