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  2. I know this topic has been thrashed already, but two more comments. Pagans were not necessarily dark and grim. Often they had a less neurotic and condemning view of the world than the Christians that replaced them. They might be a lot less harsh and judgmental of other beliefs than Christians too. Consider politics. Pagan gods tended to be more localized, with different names and attributes from settlement to settlement. Often celebrations of a deity were localized, not universal. Unification of people brings unification of gods. Localized pagan priests might disagree on doctrine, or even what god might be important to worship. There was a certain direct connection allowed between man and deity, open to personal understanding and individual perception. Christianity was a perfect state religion. It had a very fixed hierarchy, and a strict interpretation of doctrine. And so useful to the state, it had a human gatekeeper. To get to god, you have to go through a priest, and the priests answer to a bishop. Often the bishop and the king were close allies. If you read the Sagas of the Icelanders, part of the impetus for emigration to Iceland was King Harold. of Norway. He was trying to forge Norway into a modern kingdom. He wanted all the land to belong to him and all the jarls to be his men. Consolidation was going on all over Northern Europe including the British Isles. The Great Heathen Army is a prime example of the beginning the end of an age in my opinion. Calling them barbarians was useful propaganda. Their major characteristic might not have been their religion but their structure. They were war bands, loyal maybe to a hersir of jarl who had one or several ships from a locality. They were warriors, not soldiers in the sense we understand them now. If they didn't think following Ivar and Ubbe was in their best interest, they could pack up their ships with their booty and go back to their farms. Piney could say more, but the Saxons were only a little ahead in the kingdom consolidation game. Rollo came down from Scandinavia and took Normandy. He kept his power through personal loyalties and providing a way to riches. A couple of hundred years later, Duke William came out of Normandy and conquered England. He owned his duchy and everything in it. His knights and liegeman held grants by his permission. England belonged to him when he took it and was divided up to buy loyalty from powerful followers. Christianity and the state were working in parallel in god sanctioned hierarchies, All over Europe there were solidified Christian states and churches that were successful not for an enlightened view of god, but for an authoritarian structure very useful for governing large diverse populations that might not want to be governed. I
  3. If i was a ghost boy would i make practical jokes and vex people.
  4. I was hoping you were going to send a link to all the memos you found between von Braun and Webb. You seemed to find them so quickly - less than an hour - I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Never mind, I will have to make do with the ones I have seen.
  5. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Yeah, this is what happens when solid evidence meets, nutcase climate scientist, they still try to turn it into a negative or say that it isn't true, when it is. This is like the Emporers New Clothes, some are convincing the King and public that it is invisible, but a sane person can say that he is naked, and are you nuts in trying to convince me that he is wearing something. Some have been indoctrinated or brainwashed for so long that this cause is part of their lives, and add hysteria to the mix and you get a drug addict getting down from a high.
  6. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    ....call me paranoid and irrational if ya want....but this "act" makes me extremely suspicious. It "fell" short. No one was killed but it was was a very flame fanning act! Who wants war? And if anybody does...WHY? remember the Alamo.
  7. I need some clarity, can you read me?

    Hi, For you to stop seeing your self through the eyes of others, some self talk would help. When you sense another observes you in a harsh way, Say in your mind "I like to be kinder to myself than that". When you sense innacurate observations about you, say to yourself "That is just not true". In my world, telepathy with the subconscious of others, and your self works well. Try it yourself and see what I am talking about. John
  8. I will be delivering my book in June.
  9. News on kmt_sesh

    One of the better pieces of news I've heard in recent days ...
  10. Music box playing by itself??

    I have heard a number of stories of spirits allegedly manipulating small music devices. Perhaps someone wanted to hear an old toy or give a sign.
  11. I don't believe you

    The ideas shared are given.
  12. I agree. People tend to morph what the see and hear into what they either want to see or hear or what they don't want to see or hear. I'm too lazy to search them out, but I remember reading studies where they put different people in a certain house. Some people were told the house was haunted while others were not. The ones who were told it was haunted reported a far greater amount of occurrences.
  13. I also have video of a sake cup full of water vibrating and also rotating from the pressure of being pushed from underneath. Thanks for posting your experience with similar.
  14. US government covered up UFO incidents

    The idea that revealing the existence of aliens would in some way undermine the social fabric that has been built up is a joke. Aliens have been discussed for over a century. Take Lovecraft. He discusses aliens in many of his books. They really have no interest in humans for the most part. Aliens are mentioned by Welles. For over a century there has been aliens in books and movies and TV. There were aliens in the silent movie era. The president of the US went public about the possibility of ancient life. There is project SETI. There is a constant barrage of reports of new planets. Kepler was designed to find alien planets. And people actually pretend that this is all being hidden from the masses. LOL, time to start looking around and see that there is a very active search for aliens and it is not being hidden from us.
  15. As I've said before it seems just about every old prison, psychiatric institution, hospital, etc. where great physical and emotional suffering occurred over many years is so-called 'haunted'. Too many quality stories that I've heard. I'm a believer. I am thinking emotions and energies carry on and accumulate beyond what we can physically experience.
  16. I don't believe you

    OhOh, I must be stupid then! Cuz I always thought I was smart! Damm
  17. Three times. Three times. There is no need to present the same dreck three different times. —Jaylemurph
  18. US government covered up UFO incidents

    That is a typical CT response. The problem I see is that there is no reason for it. There are people like Assange that would not hesitate to report this. Why haven't they? Another example is Snowden. There are plenty of people out there that would instantly spout off about this. It simply becomes impossible to keep this bottled up. What about when governments fall? If this is so important to the US why doesn't a place like North Korea try to use this as leverage to get what they want?
  19. A Scottish captive breeding programme aims to boost numbers of one of the UK's rarest insects. The pine hoverfly Blera fallax is currently known to only inhabit one forest site in the Cairngorms National Park. Conservationists estimate there are fewer than 50 flies at the location. The Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig, near Aviemore, is raising hoverflies in old jam jars and hummus pots. The first adult flies have just hatched. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-48348966
  20. Cloud7

    Me listening to May speaking...Related image

    1. Piney




  21. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    From May 12, 2019. Lindsey Graham, Senate Oversight Committee member. Go to 6:35 for what should concern all Americans, and listen to Grahams response.
  22. One of the big mistakes people make is their use of personal ignorance. This is used to make a proclamation which often turns out not to be correct. Examples: Civilian planes are not allowed to fly in formation. I have friends that fly into Oshkosh for the air show. They all fly in formation because of the crowded skies. Eyewitnesses provide consistent reports. The Phoenix lights were reported 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 lights. Colors ranged from red to yellow to orange to green and probably other colors. The list goes on and on. The reported duration can be counted on. The Wilmots reported an event of 40 to 50 seconds. The first one to research the ability of people to get duration right was Hynek. He found people did a very poor job. Drake, of the Drake equation, determined that after 5 days the witness reports became very poor. He called them more imagination than anything else after 5 days had elapsed. Flares cannot be the cause of UFO sightings. In New Jersey that was put to the test and the only people identifying the flares were the state police because they carried binoculars. The so-called UFO researchers continued to insist they could NOT be flares.
  23. Light Streak In Home

    I think there are a lot of things we don't understand, normal and paranormal. Join the club with these light and ball light phenomena experiencers.
  24. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    expanding their minds so they don't have to - but will - pay knowledge with scars
  25. Question about perspectives.

    As an agnostic, I can't help you with what God is like for me, but as a Jung fan, I know an image of God when I see one. (Imago deae = someone says God, what comes into your mind?) You could write an essay about why Daenerys appeals so much to both men and women, and about why so many people felt betrayal when she was killed off the other night. She was not a heroine, she was not a villain, she transcended categories. All in a day's work for a goddess. What do you want to bet when Martin writes one more book in the series, Jon Snow wakes up from a nightmare in which he killed Daenerys, and ... Inquiring minds want to know: http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/20/an-ending/ On a point arising, Bet you were good at it, too
  26. Cern and time line jumping

    Naw, went two doors down to where a group of dopefiend Harley pussies hang out front. Grabbed the biggest one by the back of the head, slammed it on the hood of one of the cars and said. "Anything happens to this truck, I'm coming for you. I don't care who did it or stole from it, I'm coming for you". They keep their eye on it at all times.
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