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  2. Blackened is the end, winter it will send...
  3. Progress by who's standard's? Yours? If that was the case it would be regression. Why don't you try being open minded Will? Life doesn't revolve around Space Jesus. You've looked through that narrow lens to long. No wonder you can't create meaningful discussion. Then again, You've never really been able to do that. That's the result of adhere to strict dogma. It creates a closed mind.
  4. Talking to males? Why would you put yourself through that abuse?
  5. Yet the speedometer says 150.
  6. OMG the biscuits.
  7. Sorry was talking to males
  8. Everyone loves Red Lobster (I'm a HUGE fan of those biscuits). It's a good bet.
  9. We're docking your paycheque!
  10. People drive fast here. The first time I visited Texas I couldn't believe it. Here they have narrow, tree lined country roads and the speed limit is 75.
  11. Ok I'm doing Metallica now.
  12. does youtube know I went to Red Lobster. They're like...sending me ads and it's creepy.
  13. Goodnight see you tomorrow I'm back
  14. That song is so fun to sing.
  15. If it feels good, do it.
  16. Everything's bigger and faster in Texas!
  17. It feels like I should hold my nose while I sing it so it's more nasally like Ozzy.
  18. I can't help it if some people lack critical thinking and take these texts literally, as history. They were probably never intended as such. The Bible is not infaillible. But I do believe the best lessons come from scripture and if you do read carefully, a veil will lift from your eyes.
  19. Just what are you saying about my singing?
  20. It's called "200 MPH tape" around these parts.
  21. Or '100 mph tape' as it used to be called.
  22. We have plenty of duct tape.
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