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  2. I don’t do any studio work as I don’t currently have access to one or props and all that. I knew a gal (more like acquaintance than friend) who would shoot a lot of erotica as in was the principle photographer and I have seen a few of her portfolios etc. That was never really my thing as I generally tend to do landscapes, city scapes, nature stuff etc.
  3. Interesting and true. Costumes etc seem to help bring out different sides of people
  4. Yes I have had to learn to read peoples body language and cues. I have also learned to seem obliviouse to things so people act more naturally. I have photographed people at Cons like Comicons, Animecons, faerycons etc. I love doing those because you don’t have to direct them to pose etc. The photos come out better imo because they take on the persona of that character.
  5. normally when i have recurring dreams i soon after learn something that was hidden/withheld from me. maybe you're going to hear something new.
  6. Ex's fault and loss. So you'd also know how to read people to a point to
  7. Ya I kinda figured, I do alot of photography so I tend to often look at people from a perspective of catching that great photo that just pops and tells a story. That with alot of the writing I do lends itself well for people watching.
  8. Completely made up number Doug! That includes burning of fossil fuels and aldedo change by timber cutting, land clearing, grazing and agricultural operations. Fixed that for ya.
  9. Just for the record.... Gaza, Palestine, and the whole Middle Eastern area has been "on the brink" since 1947...........
  10. I meant I can look or touch others, not that I am or wanting to touch many.
  11. Well I can do both as long as they’re my wifes, so no complaints.
  12. Smart way to be. Where as currently I can do both.
  13. Well yes, my wife says I can look but no touchies and I tell her the same.
  14. Haha man of many tastes
  15. Boobs is boobs, small, medium or large. I don’t discriminate.
  16. Another one you missed while you were being a hater because CNN and the Bill Kristols of the world told you it was "over". The FIX NICS bill which was passed expands and modernizes the background check system for firearms purchases. It FORCES local law enforcement to report arrests for an entire list of things that would make it illegal for you to purchase a firearm. Here's a list of things that bar you from buying a gun. Things that now MUST be input into the database. -Convicted of a crime that received a sentence of over a year -Discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions -Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution -Is illegally or unlawfully in the United States Record scratch. Say what? Are you saying that the State of California MUST indicate that someone is in the US illegally to the NICS database in order to be in compliance? Regardless of the City or State's "Sanctuary" policy? Yep. That's what it means. The local law enforcement, must report anybody that's here illegally to the NICS. The NICS is maintained by the FBI. It's not like they are reporting them to ICE anyway. Except for the fact that ICE issues green cards, and green card holders CAN purchase firearms so the NICS database is also accessed by ICE to validate those green cards. So now, the Feds can fine, withhold funding and take other, punitive legal action against cities that do not comply with the background check system. A system that will be used to locate illegal immigrants. -Leigh Scott for Senate California!
  17. Your moment will come an all deserving spackle time to hide that crack
  18. trajectory is far too flat after piercing the clouds. id say its an aircraft of some kind. prolly an older fighter jet like someone else has already pointed out.
  19. Free to pretty women only right
  20. Thats why I carry tan lotion (shifty eye movement) and offers free cancer screening. but in all seriousness folks, check for that stuff and consult a real doctor.
  21. yeah, but what a great tourist idea and money spinner for the state.
  22. the only reason I go out during the day as a graveyard shift person is because the sun reveals a great many things ha!
  23. They are secret double probation files or did I hit the wrong button. Hmmmmm?
  24. Well yes sensory overload. I would probably have a stroke.... the brain kind
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