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  2. I think I've read of several UFO True Believers who say they are atheist, while at the same time showing all the signs of following a religion in their following of UFOlogy.
  3. Yes. But infinitely more plausible than the other two options.
  4. About the same, winter one day summer the next.
  5. Ummmm.... Yeah, the affair with Stormy Daniels supposedly happened in, what, 2003... 15 years ago. John Edwards who was cheating on his wife as he ran for President came in number three behind Clinton and Obama in 2007. And we're told that it is now a High Crime to pay off people to go away. But wasn't it just at the end of last year that it was discovered there was an entire Congressional budget section for doing so? Many of the Congressmen who used that fund were Democrats, and powerful ones at that. Democrats don't really hold the High Ground in any discussion of sexual harrassment, or cheating on your wife. This does not excuse Trump, but it should not be a surprise when people on both sides ignore the issue due to political expedience.
  6. tcgram

    I just did a 3 mile run, 100 sit ups, 100 jumping jacks.   Then I woke up.   :lol:

  7. I know.
  8. Depends. When did our government say that Russia helped Trump win? Is there an actual Intelligence report that the Russians set out to support Trump for the US Presidency? I've not seen one if there is. Please post it. The Russians did mettle, that is for sure. They did promote Trump, and also Clinton, in varying degrees at varying points. Did someone say that these indictments were due to things like the Facebook groups? It is a fact that a good number of those Facebook groups/pages/sites were Pro Clinton. So it is clear the Russians and specifically these indicted ones, did stuff to affect the election. But do we know for a fact they intended to help Trump, or did they simply intend chaos? A point can easily be made that Russia did not intend to aid Trump, or Clinton, but intended simply to cause trouble. In that case, Trump and FOX are correct technically.
  9. At this point of time, I wont make any predictions per se in regards to Mr Trump and what may lay ahead in the long term. What I do wonder about sometimes though, is the 'possibility' that he may eventually resign before any 'possible' impeachment happens due to the overall Mueller investigation. I guess time will tell in whether or not he even gets to finish his first term of the presidency, depending on what arises (fact wise) concerning him and this investigation. I realise that Mr Trump seems to be made of Teflon, with his constant denials and shrugging things off so to speak, but I think that everyone has a pressure point that can only be pushed so far before breaking, or the walls start closing in too much. Also, with the many women whom have come forth with their allegations towards him, of either sexual misconduct, or these alleged affairs that they have claimed to have had with him (Karen McDougal) being the most recent well I simply can't help but wonder how long can all of this go on for before it eventually wears him down in one way or another. Again, these are only my thoughts - irrelevant of whether I like the man or not.
  10. They seem to think so.
  11. Here in the UK, our notes tell us to trust only the Bank of England
  12. Humm.... Yes, the anti-war people like to hear anti-war statements from former officials. Some "experts" are going to say some wars are illegal, and some are going to say it was legal. Regardless, did the UN, or NATO, put sanctions on the US for invading Iraq? If there was no punishment, then was there a crime? Heck, I already said I'd rather we were Isolationist. Way waste materials fighting for/with foreigners, when you could be using them to defend your homeland? I think if we do have to act in other nations militarily, we should do so swiftly and decisively and then leave and let them check their wounds, and decide if what they did is worth the price. I rather liked Trump's cruise missile attack following the chemical weapons usage by Syria. Much better then sending in marines, and trying to hold worthless ground.
  13. How many hair covered, 7 foot tall, feral humans are you proposing are wandering around North America? How many people are you proposing have shot one of the above hair covered, 7 foot tall, feral humans in North America? No, I most certainly have not shot a hair covered, 7 foot tall, feral human and I doubt anyone else has either given how totally ridiculous the scenario is. One example, not a few, just one is all that is being asked for.
  14. Australia and Britain will be connected by a non-stop journey for the first time with the arrival in London on Sunday of a direct Qantas flight from Perth. The QF9 flight, which takes off on Saturday evening from the capital of Western Australia, is expected to take around 17 hours and 20 minutes – depending on winds – and will mark a historic aviation feat by completing the 9,000-mile (14,500km) route without a break.
  15. Listen Ozy If we say its Irish, its Irish . Why are you using facts to support your argument anyway - sure you know facts is old hat nowadays ETA: some Ard Ri you are!
  16. Aside from being ineffective, as others have already pointed out, I also don't quite trust the students not to use those rocks for some sort of horseplay and hurting each other. Why not skip the chase and arm them all with assault rifles?
  17. It is not the same system, I can guarantee that I have no idea what you mean with the above.
  18. Yeah... I think that equates to watching an episode of Cops, where the suspected perpetrator is running down the street, gets tackled, and is slapping and scratching at the police, while all the while screaming, "I'M NOT RESISTING! I"M NOT RESISTING!".
  19. Indeed. Unless Bolton tells Trump what Trump wants to hear, it is likely he'll also be on the "Your Fired" end of future discussions.
  20. Even if religion did vanish. We'd still find that there were life philosophies floating around. Which I suppose might be a better thing??? I mean I hold a nihilistic view of spirituality.
  21. I can admire some for fighting ignorance, while at the same time trying to correct them. Especially if it is basically philosophy that holds religions together. That and ceremonies. I'd only lump religious people in with those others, if they are attempting to do something for you that doesn't work. So for instance if I was to pray for you, I'd understand if you said it was just worthless superstition. Ricky Gervais? I thought he was pretty militant in his atheism? Saying that he is not that bad (Gervais) is like saying Trump's not so bad, IMHO. I'd agree. I just can't seem to find myself being a willing (blindly loyal) follower of anyone. I will defend people like Trump, but more out of legalism, rather then out of hero worship. Though I do listen to the Right leaning Radio channels when I am driving alone in my truck. And I've heard plenty of callers who are flipping nuts in their fanatical support of President Trump. It is unreal. I tend to agree with XenoFish that it will probably be impossible to wipe out religion. It is only possible to shape it to be as little dangerous as possible. I don't think all of humanity will ever be able to be "raised up" to the point that they can accept there being no religion. With Global Warming, Peak Oil, Overpopulation, Financial Collapse... All looming on the horizon, I don't think everyone in South America, Africa, And Asia all being able to live up to European/American standards.
  22. So Rand Paul is bending/spinning facts to make his point, 'going off the rails', when stating these things about these seriously disconcerting developments.. Not the sequential government admin's engaging in unconstitutional, undeclared wars, against international law. Im not sure if you got your priorities of concern straight here. ..In addition, it seems to me the Libyan and Syrian interventions constitute thesame legal quagmire (understatement). Which should concern you, and every American with you.
  23. I'm still open to reading requests! But only for a couple more days...
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