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  2. Yea Miki is equiped with the special edition of BAZOOKA for Ferrari Profits!
  3. Sometimes the same thing..........
  4. Your getting confused.... Jezebel only has one horn I have two....... DRAT. that last bit was my outside voice wasn't it...... Nope nothing to see here I don't have two horns in my head or anything like that.....
  5. Good luck I hear Mikki carrys a rocket launcher around to fight off westeners beleiving in false Gods an prophets..
  6. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha....... Okay...voice of reason.. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha.. Lols.. Mo..xx
  7. Almost nothing has been about the second event which you all the 10 PM event. More people saw event #1. Event #2 was only seen by people high enough on the mountain side to look over the range to the south and see the flares. The planes in event #1 followed the interstate which comes down the valley where Phoenix is located. PS I know how much UFO believers love to claim credible witnesses. Symington was convicted of a number of felonies while governor of Arizona. Just saying
  8. And .....AOTEAROA.. the TANIWHA...... Mo..xx
  9. Posted here
  10. And if we don't we can just make it up like everyone else for the last few thousand years or so Its the in thing to do
  11. LOL..xx Yes, Dark side of the moon.. Mo..xx
  12. Nah I'm going beast to impress Mikki who knows Jezebel the Unicorn God.
  13. Very generous indeed hahah
  14. No no no.. He had Links... Hahaha hahahaha.. Mo..xx
  15. Nah Aussies are from Australia Feisty's are from Feist.
  16. Horns of your two Unicorns know you very well, and they know the both sides of you! Divine beings! They already know what is what!
  17. Arggghhhh... Nooooo...!!!! Hahaha hahahaha hahaha.. We know what's what and who's who.. We know all... Mo..xx
  18. How's Frodo with that? I heard he had some kinks
  19. Well my Unicorn will show both of them what's what!
  20. I hope not your referring to my Jezebel as a im offended
  21. She knew that when she let you steal it Insightful and generous be the gods yaknow
  22. Hahaha hahahaha.. I'm sure she will.. Aussies are feisty... LOLS..xx Mo..xx
  23. Do you believe that the Bible is a direct revelation from god? I don’t, I conclude the Bible is many men’s tales of speaking on behalf of something that is beyond human comprehension. It is not considered fact in any academic standing, if one believes it is gods word they do so on faith. I think the only viable bit is 1Corinthians 13:13, love is not.... but the author was Paul, not god. I don’t beleive anyone ever that lays claim to the fact that they know god and can speak on behalf of him, her, It etc. etc. etc. Simply because we can’t know as we have no way. We can only be agnostic on the matter, this is the most honest position.
  24. I think he did that Split with James McAvoy.
  25. 15-17 people out of 26 have RSVP'd or likely will come to my party. That's not too bad
  26. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha... Tupaks my cuzzy And yes we let em know...!!! Mo..xx
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