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  4. A lot of "Mystery Cults" in the Roman Empire were contemporary with Early Christianity, including that of Isis and Osiris, but also many others. For those interested; some online articles about the (possible) influence of the Mystery Cults on Christianity The focus of is almost always on The Gospel when comparisons with Mystery Cults are made. The Book of Revelation is almost never considered. I'm not saying l agree with the author of "Egyptian Origin of the Book of Revelation", that the Book of Revelation is based in it's entirety on AE texts, but the similarities between Revelation, chapter 4, verse 5-11 and the second department of the Duat are to blatant IMHO to be just coincidence. There's definitely some influence here and maybe more than just in the example from chapter 4, verse 5-11. A collaboration between a Bible Scholar and an Egyptologist specialized in AE religion might shed some light on this.
  5. I was in the Alan Seeger old growth forest in western Pa Taveling in our car up through the hilly forest ,when my passenger and I the driver witnessed a fuzzy snake like creature in the middle of the dirt road. We noticed it was moving back and forth maybe 8 or so inches off of the ground. While approximately a foot of it was still on the ground kind of wound up . Driving Towards this thing, we maybe had 45 seconds before we drove over it. I said to my passenger do you see that ? He Responded yes what’s the blank was that? Stoped the car and searched for it, but it was gone.
  6. That's generally the way it works. Federal indictments lure people into exhausting their financial resources with bail arrangements, et al, until it's easier to confess than it is to continue to fight. Mueller releasing a superseding set of charges on Friday is basically him just trolling Manafort, at this stage.
  7. I went through 6 Years of Art College in Fine Arts and Art History ... East and West ... its a tiresome debate for myself ... ~
  8. Thanks for this Third Eye. Certainly people do seem to attract what they are hoping for. Excited kids sneaking a Ouija board to see if it works and hoping to be scared, going into a house you are told is haunted and hoping to find something or be scared. It can be found Thanks for the info on Hungry Ghosts. It reminds me of some of the Ghede Breakouts in Haiti, though I do not guess these ghosts possess anyone. I will have to see if there is a youtube of any Ghede. The best films I have seen of this are not public :/
  9. Fine.. good luck with creative or imaginative thoughtful computers. Whatever.
  10. Oh dear ... its that same predicament with someone Propositioning unverifiable Speculations as Science and what is Verifiable Speculations as Science That is what escapes you because you rescinded intelligence from general beliefs ... ~
  11. Don't believe that would particularly matter. If GCHQ can't remotely exploit an individual phone within the US in a matter of hours, I'd be very surprised. Also believe that they've had the ability to do so, for quite some time, prior to 2016. Perhaps you missed the whole Snowden affair. There's a hint of what I'm talking about, buried in this article. Agreed. That's definitely the official public position on the matter. I believe that the "special arrangement" is special in the way that neither party would ever publicly admit to its existence. Not least because of those legal entanglements you mentioned earlier. Hence -- in my entirely theoretical example -- the pressing requirement for Mueller to secure a cooperating witness. Thank you. It took me ages to get the shape just so.
  12. Splitting hairs and ignoring general point of the post?
  13. Talking of a pit of snakes, do you know what the only poisonous snake in Britain is? I know, you say, it's the Adder isn't it. No, it's the Grass Snake. But all the reputable books say that the Grass Snake is harmless to Humans, you protest. Ah, I said poisonous, not venomous. It would be poisonous if one was foolish enough to bite it, as its skin secretes a that's poisonous should anyone, as I said, be foolish enough to try to bite one. Something is venomous if it bites you.
  14. If you listen to radio 4, every one of their comedy panel game programs, or sketch shows, is ferociously anti-Brexit. Urbane trendy "with-it" comedians all sneering away. Listeners have even written in to the weekly complaints show about it. But the BBC denied any problem and sneered at the complainers. (I'm not kidding). Oh.. and Donald Trump. Every other sentence.
  15. You are confusing 'Creativity' with Imagination Psychology Today link ~
  16. To have imagination means to create things which come out of thoughts . Computers don't have thoughts just programs with set of instructions which can be randomized. It is funny to compare it to imagination. If computers have thoughts they would do something of their own, perhaps shut down internet or something, but no they just follow instructions, randomized or not.
  17. Reply to toast-- Our own methods of protecting against harmful microbes are rather crude and limited. For example--the injection I received this Fall against influenza is now thought to be only about 35 percent effective, based on the circulating strains of the disease, this season. It seems that we should expect much better disease control methods of a civilization that has progressed to the point that it is capable of travel between the stars. Extraterrestrials may, indeed, have to take their 'shots' before visiting Earth. They would also presumably have to vaccinate humans who came into contact with them, against their own communicable germs. This might amount to something as simple as breathing anti-infective agents dispersed in the air within a visiting space vessel.
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  19. An interesting perspective I learned from those 'Spiritual' mediums here in Malaysia is that it all depends on ones state of mind and emotional state. An old Chinese saying goes along the line of 'Man fears ghosts 3 (30%) ghosts fears Man 7 (70%)' So if one is fearful of the 'paranormal' , the 'good/nice' will not be appear as scaring Man is just bad for 'them' while the bad ones will use the opportunity presented to scare and instill fear to gain, whatever gains that may be. Its just a different manifestation of emotional 'energy' for lack of a better definition. Wiki link ~
  20. That's the only thing that makes no sense?
  21. the emergence of the drugs is only the start of it. Then they have to do the paperwork !
  22. I think it's been suggested that accounts of some celestial events from the 1st millennium AD might have found their way into the Annals of the Four Masters. As for the events in remoter eras, though, I would think it most unlikely. What evidence is there that accurate chronological records were being kept that far back?
  23. well he must be drinking water at least. why doesn't someone drop a few laxatives into the water?
  24. And they make fun of people who believe in God, but go on to believe that a machine can imagine. By golly, imagine that. Lol
  25. In that case i have a better painter than that. And it is called digital camera.
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