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  2. ExpandMyMind

    "Gay Cake" row goes to European Courts

    I doubt it, though some might feel that way. Like alcohol and Muslims, vegans aren't prohibited by their beliefs from touching meat (though this can no doubt vary from person to person, since it isn't a universally uniformed doctrine). They're just prohibited from eating it and, I think, using animal products. With Muslims and pork it's specifically about touching it in any way. I should note that this is actually also a Christian belief, though I guess the smell of bacon was just too much for them to hold onto their principles.
  3. Don’t focus on this and disregard the rest of my post. I used to be open to many more things. The believers here have changed that. Focus on that.
  4. There is no logic in assuming that something that always evades scrutiny, is impossible, does not exist. is just a convenient excuse. That is the logic I see on display here, from people who call themselves sceptics, but are really just people trying to have a prejudice confirmed. True science makes no such assumption.
  5. "The Elaine Twelve were a group of black defendants sentenced to death for what transpired in the autumn of 1919, after an all-white jury found them guilty within eight minutes. Black witnesses later testified that they had been tortured into giving false testimonies and the 12 were eventually released – though no white people were ever charged for any crime. "“It was a kangaroo trial,” said Audrey Evans, a retired federal judge, who is part of the planning committee for the Elaine Massacre Memorial in nearby Helena. They are now preparing to commemorate the town’s bloody and largely forgotten past." Full article at the UK Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/18/a-rural-town-confronts-its-buried-history-of-mass-killings-of-black-americans "The Elaine massacre began on September 30–October 1, 1919 at Hoop Spur in the vicinity of Elaine in rural Phillips County, Arkansas. An estimated 100 to 237 black people were killed, along with five white men. According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, "the Elaine Massacre was by far the deadliest racial confrontation in Arkansas history and possibly the bloodiest racial conflict in the history of the United States"." Full entry at Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_race_riot
  6. RAyMO

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    The head of state- un-elected, position restricted to one family (mafia like) The head of government, choice totally at whim of ruling party (communist) Second chamber - un-elected many members hold hereditary positions (feudal) formal intertwining of church and state (medieval) UK democracy is no more than diluted feudalism.
  7. Well, look at it this way: I used to be more open to ET visiting Earth and ghosts and the paranormal etc. As a kid/teenager/young adult. But the believers lacking arguments and the logic of scepticism has changed my views. The evidence believers rely on is heavily lacking. Sceptical scrutiny has not been defeated with all of these claims over the 10+ years I’ve been here.
  8. How can you tell what is bullship or not ? If you have a template in your head of what is possible ? Lots of people around here seem to think that because something hasn't been pinned down, it can't be real. But that assumes it is just another mundane phenomenon.
  9. Wasn't this already hypothesized or proved that at one point there were penguins as tall as humans. Besides that of course, this news is awesome..
  10. "Netflix is reimagining Elvis Presley as a spy in a brand new animated series. Yes, really. "The streaming giant has announced Agent King, which will depict the King of Rock 'n' Roll as a secret spy who battles the dark forces that threaten America. "All the while, he still continues his day job as a rock star. The announcement comes as the world marks the 42nd anniversary of the star's death." Full monty at the Digital Spy: https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a28728900/netflix-animated-elvis-presley-spy-series-agent-king/ And at Forbes mag: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffewing/2019/08/16/netflix-orders-adult-animated-elvis-spy-series-agent-king/#241905b2b59a
  11. Summerin1905

    Could Jack have survived 'Titanic' ?

    plot twist jack was actually a hallucination created to help rose as her life was crumbling apart as she had no choice.
  12. You can change me. I’ve changed a lot. I used to believe, the believers made me a sceptic. I could change back. I just need more than the regular bullish!t. Edit: ’A telling comment’ lol FFS look through my posting history. You’ve been around long enough to know I don’t just post here to sh!t on believers. Work it out and get back to me if you have anything substantial to offer. Still would be happy to have a drink and chat if we're in the same area.
  13. I don't quite remember the details but I think that when they examined the wreckage they didn't find any indications of it having been shot down. Also, I think the hill they crashed into was missing on the map they had of terrain aboard so they were not aware of there being an obstacle there. However, it might be that I might remember some details incorrectly. However, they also brought up that at least one person much later claimed that he had heard radio communication indicating that somebody intended to shoot down the plane. The corresponding documents are however still classified so it was impossible to get out information whether there is anything to it. Anyway, the examination of the wreckage causes me to believe that it was an accident.
  14. Maybe region blocked? I’m in Australia and don’t generally use a VPN. Sad days. Or, the dark lord is keeping this pertinent information from me!!!!!!
  15. Summerin1905


    Trump more like dump gottem

  16. Dauly Mail UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7354573/Terrified-parents-claim-theyre-recording-haunting-images-baby-monitors.html Same report at MSN: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/terrified-parents-claim-theyre-recording-haunting-images-on-their-baby-monitors-but-psychology-experts-say-they-are-just-nervous-for-their-newborns/ar-AAFMVtU At "Singular Fortean": https://www.singularfortean.com/news/2019/8/16/pink-and-purple-hued-apparitions-captured-by-parents-on-cocoon-cam-baby-monitor
  17. XenoFish

    Is God Real

    Is god real or myth? Why is the idea of God so important? That's what I want to know.
  18. Dumbledore the Awesome

    "Gay Cake" row goes to European Courts

    Would the same argument be able to be used by vegetarians or Vegans?
  19. ExpandMyMind

    "Gay Cake" row goes to European Courts

    That's no guarantee that during the manufacturing process there would be no contamination of the outside of the packaging. You've never bought meat and had the juice leak out? I know it's happened to me and I know that the outside of packaging is hardly absent of the meat it contains in the first place. I doubt all Muslims would be quite so cautious - I've personally bought bacon from Muslim shop owners on numerous occasions - but to some it would be akin to having a germaphobe-type mentality when it comes to handling pork products.
  20. freetoroam

    Crocs have surprisingly thin tooth enamel

    Here is a hankie to wipe your eyes
  21. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    what kind of a democracy is it when you can't choose your leader? Usually when a country doesn't get to choose its leader and has it imposed by the decision of the ruling party, most people would call that a dictatorship.
  22. stevewinn

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    conspiracy section is over that way ------> through the door marked 'exit'
  23. Today
  24. If you want proof of divine intervention there it is :) I wonder what people of the 18th century would think if they came back and saw all the shaved heads.
  25. RoofGardener

    Beneath troubled waters

    Yes, I WAS being slightly mischeivous in quoting ISIS, but it is worth noting that the quote in question ... ".. we hate you because you are not muslims..", is sanctioned by both the Koran and the authenticated Hadiths in Sunni theology. As for the "explosion that the muslim faith experienced".. that was mostly down to disillusionment with the secular leaders that emerged in the post-colonial period, and the failure of pan-Arabism. It mostly started in the late 60's and 70's. There is an interesting Wiki article about this ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_revival#Contemporary_revivalism Israel is often used as a rallying cry, but this is pure politics rather than any genuine feeling of support for the Palestinians. Indeed, Palestinians are treated with contempt in most of the Arab world. Where they really ? There where about 700,000 refugees in the original "Nakba". Many of these ended up in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Some went to Jordan and Syria, but the numbers where in the tens of thousands. Hardly a catastrophic burden, especially if rich Arab nations helped out. Except... they didn't. Did you know that the Arab League instructed all Arab states NOT to grant Palestinians citizenship ? In Saudi Arabia, a law was passed in 2004 allowing all foreigners - who had lived in the Kingdom for 10 years - to apply for citizenship ? EXCEPT for Palestinians. In Jordan, a large number of Palesteinians where granted Jordanian citizenship, arising from Jordans annexation of the West Bank up until 1967. These 'citizens' are now being stripped of their Jordanian citizenship - about 40,000 so far, and climbing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_refugees#Refugee_statistics So much, then, for Arab support for "The Palestinians". I'd agree. However, far from "jumping through hoops", the PLO has rejected each and every attempt at peace. For the simple reason that they do not WANT peace. They want the destruction of Israel. You're seriously suggesting that Israel has butchered and raped the citizens of surrounding countries ? Israel has never entered Jordanian territory. It entered the Sinai - then occupied by Egypt - and the Golan Heights (then Syrian territory). Can you give me any examples of rape and butchery ? I don't think you can ? Israel has FREQUENTLY offered to return the Golan Heights in return for a normalisation of relations with Syria. Syria has consistently refused, and maintained its state of war against Israel. It is utterly without precedent for a country that fought a defensive war to discuss return of territory when its opponent - the one that invaded - insists on maintaining that state of war. In regards "nobody attacked more countries"... umm.. I don't think that is true ? Israel has only "attacked" twice. Once in Egypt in 1967 as a pre-emptive strike against the Egyptian military buildup, and once in... umm. can't remember... into Lebannon to suppress attacks by Hezbollah. In contrast, we have the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq-Kuwait invasion, the Palestinian attack on Jordan, the Palestinian destruction of Lebannon, and .. gosh.. if we're going back 100 years.... all SORTS of nations vs the Ottoman Empire, and all SORTS of things during WW2. Then there was the Saudi civil war, and - most recently - the Saudi attacks against Yemen (aided by a whole bunch of Arab states). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_conflicts_in_the_Middle_East Umm.. actually... yes they did. It was called Compiègne. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armistice_of_22_June_1940 . I'm not sure how this relates to the current discussion, however ? I doubt that most Egyptians care one way or the other. Ditto Jordanians, and most of the Arab peninsula. Most muslim countries adopt a pro-forma stance of supporting the Palestinians, and disliking Israel, but I really doubt that their citizens care one way or the other, except when whipped up on Hate Fridays in the mosques. That's very interseting, EoT. And yes.. war IS a funny thing, in the darkest of ways.
  26. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    then all will be clear like water gushing out of stone covered with moss
  27. Helen of Annoy

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Banned for asking for too much.
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