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  2. Yes, that's what training wheels are for. So they can get out of the deep.
  3. Oh sorry, I didn't realise that if the chances of something are minuscule (in your opinion) then we aren't allowed to discuss it. Are you purposefully fishing for a response or are you actually that obnoxious?
  4. Hi Will It is your perspective and it is how you need that to be real in your life for things to make sense to you. For some of us no matter how hard you pound your fist on the pulpit we see it as a limitation of potential. There is nothing wrong for you to have found something that gives you a means of facing each day. Not everyone needs to wear a lifejacket to swim in the deep end because they are confident in their abilities. jmccr8
  5. They're all just pawns in an articulated smokescreen. My bets on the British Monarch, whoever that will be.
  6. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 9h If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!
  7. It is quite obvious that you are not even aware of the nature of your references. This source (in this particular incidence) presents an amalgamation of maps based upon a number of factors unrelated to your primary premise. Many of the maps are based upon hypothetical maximum sea-level rise due to potential climate-related basin changes. Some of the maps are based more upon demographics. Another of the maps is based upon New Madrid fault effects (mid North American continent). One map is even based upon the marine incursions that occurred during the mid to late Cretaceous/early Paleogene and are essentially associated with the latter stages of the break-up of Pangea. Many of these maps post-date the 1960s by many decades. Fail. Again. Edit: Piney, missed your earlier contribution. Apologies for the redundancy. .
  8. Hi Clockwork, The way that you have worded this sounds exclusionary of anyone that is not Christian which I find to be derogatory to those others that do good works and express empathy for their fellow man. Is that your honest position? I now many people of different faiths as well as those that do not belong to a religion that are humble and do good works without seeking reward or recognition because it is just the kind of people that they are. They don't see themselves as special above others either. Personally I see the circumstances that occurred for is to evolve to be unique but do not see it as an intelligent or deliberate act. We give things meaning and will continue to do so, it is how we learn and as we learn the significance of those meanings should also develop in our understanding of what we are. Once one has riden a bycicle at some point the training wheels should come off. jmccr8
  9. Agreed and we have been fighting them since 1917 but somehow they spent millions of dollars buying ads and no one knew until Mueller uncovered it? Really? The NSA, CIA and FBI were all clueless? Obama knew something because he told Putin to "Stop it." Now we are all up in arms because Trump is in office? I saw some idiot on this forum saying Trump should be impeached because he hasn't increased the sanctions for what the Russians did in 2016 and the ass-hat is silent about the actual president who was in office and knew about it.
  10. Why is it minuscule? No one knows what's out there. Like I've said before: faster than light travel to a highly advanced race could be like the horse & cart is to us now= mega old tech. A highly advanced alien race could have technology thousands maybe millions of years more advanced than we have today. so IMO dispensing with the other Solar system life contact thing would be illogical in this discussion.......
  11. Btw, it must be that you're being influenced by the Spirit of Truth to have said that, because it does appear that you've become solemnly aware that sometimes, as he said: "I will judge you out of your own mouth."
  12. Denial of what? The stories people want to tell without a shred of real prove.
  13. Welcome to UM Gemi. Please, take time to check out some threads and take time to read the site rules, found here: We have a full array of beliefs here, I do so enjoin us all to keep within the UM rules while discussing this.
  14. Did you look around for any stones or rocks or foriegn objects in that room? What sort of area was your cousins house in, eg: village, town, city? What is outside it...trees, other buildings?
  15. You are not getting anywhere with dissecting my sentences and putting them out of context, just like science does with nature!! hahahahahahaha!!!
  16. I don't believe in Bigfoot, but I approve of this.
  17. ... revealing esoteric cosmic truths, presumably ...
  18. As always, if you are experiencing a medical problem we advise that you speak to your doctor. As nobody here is qualified to assist in this regard I'll close this down. Closed.
  19. Better evidence for evolution vs adam and eve, the let there be light claim, the creation of planets, the great food, and the big bang. More solid than the assurances of people talking like fortune cookies. In our image right? The resemblences are uncanny Both ordered people to murder in his name I didnt make the silly comment I just illustrated it.
  20. Thank you for your service.
  21. there roof access? Could someone have thrown a rock through it? Did glass fall out of the ventilation window? Could a hunk of glass hit the clock?
  22. OK I laughed out loud at that :D. Great :)))
  23. These straw man arguments (thrown here) are in themselves almost as equally interesting than the report of the past phenomena being reported. It's ad hominem (at its finest)
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  25. Then look for realistic answers instead of paranormal ones.
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