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  2. Atamarie again Miss Dooright.. I Love Laughter, This is The Best Medicine, and it is Free, we should all Laugh More, its good For The Soul.. Ok, Blindfolded, and Led into another Place, would I DEFINATELY know and Describe My Environment? Well, firstly, I must give Consent to being Blindfolded and Led, I am the Boss of Me..,Secondly, I would not know, unless I tried it, so it is only a hypothesis for Now, however, I have the Utmost Faith and Belief in Me and My Power within and without, and Knowing that the Auric Field, picks up the Information First, before the Physical, I would Say.....YES..I COULD..!!! I Believe In Me...Doubt is a Killer of the Power in Each of Us... So I will Never Doubt Me, I Am my Best Friend, I know Me better than Anyone... I Love Me... And I know I Am What I think and Feel I Am.. I Am Beautiful and Powerful.. We All Are..!!!! Peace again to you friend..xx Mo..xx
  3. Good on you Katy, Dark entities are thieves they take what is not theirs..They take without consent..They are real..If good exsists, bad must also ..if you believe in light, dark exsists also..These battles will always be.. They are masters of trickery an foul play.For that is how they gain power.To deny their exsistence is simply foolish..We shouldnt dwell in the thoughts of them that is foolish also...You must realise that they have a realm where they reside, Think very carefully before going there, Beacause they will know you are there.. You did great Katy, More power to you an in my view it was the light of Goodness that was there for you reguardless how its percieved or acknowledged it was there,So well done you Katy..
  4. Trump = Prosperity $$$ Dow 26,000 +
  5. Billions $$$ returning to the USA! Apple brought back $252 Billion. They will pay $38 Billion in taxes. 20,000 Jobs created in the USA. Economic Stimulus!
  6. I've just stumbled across this information and the warning sirens are going off....... From what I've heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership this could be a huge betrayal regarding Brexit - where one trade straight jacket replaces another one.... and corporations have legal powers over the laws of sovereign nations..... (sounds familiar..?) I haven't researched it all (the TPP) in any depth but like the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) I think it's thought of as a big move towards Globalization and the One World Economy and currency thing --- which would form the economic bedrock of the (New World Order) totalitarian future that many politicians are secretly working towards -- The first thing Trump did when he became President... on the first day... was to cancel America being in the TPP group - because he didn't think it was in the best interests of the US --- job creation or industry -- of course because it was Trump and the Globalists have an Anti Trump campaign going full speed THAT gets brushed aside by people who were against TPP and TTIP... because it doesn't fit in with Anti Trump '''' narrative'''' that they are indoctrinated into -- but anyway... Bernie Sanders (who campaigned to become the Democrat Presidential Candidate) was also against America being part of the TPP trade agreement -- come to think of it perhaps that's a big reason why '''they''' made sure he didn't become the Democrat Candidate and Clinton was earmarked for the job -- but that's another story and I digress -- this is a random choice of article bringing up the subject of the UK and the TPP--- How real the possibility is I've no idea - but .......
  7. Oh that the current public school systems were so oriented. Unfortunately, many cannot even produce moderately literate students. You would be shocked to read some of the college freshman "work". However, you are quite correct. The demand for competent writers will likely continue to trend upward and the ability to stimulate fledgling professionals in any field would be a boon to future generations. It would be interesting to assess various curriculums in this light. .
  8. Zogby Analytics thinks it IS relevant.
  9. Atamarie Ma'am, Thankyou for Your Response.. Ok, First Words...You can not Understand... So therein lies the first Clue.. I however, Do Understand.. I Think and Know, how to Control My Emotions, , It is With a Mind Directive... Instinctual, .. Yes, this is the Solar Plexus Energy, It is Orange , that Feeling in the Gut that tells You something's Not Right, or Danger may be ahead etc...INSTINCT...!!! Now, this Instinct, is picked up first In the Auric Field, then it is felt in the Physical, Because, I work with Energy, and Am Very Aware of My Self in My Surroundings, I feel out this Energy, and then I act Accordingly... Our Emotions are the Effect of What we Think, and Feel.. If we think and Feel, that they are the Ruler of the Physical, than that is what It will Be...for You.. I know the Emotions are Not the Cause of the Effects, The Cause, or Creator of Said Emotions, Is You....And if you so wish, You can become Master or Mistress, over them, And not the Other Way around.. Peace to you and yours SD xx Mo..xx
  10. You've not seen the full plans, the end of tunnel's going to turn onto the bridge back to France.
  11. I made that commitment before Bill. After the fact you begin to notice 'problems'. You know why spiritual matters can't be proven? Because they are psychological. You can show the electrical activity in the brain, but you can't show the idea behind it.
  12. Yes, Bruce Wayne has had these for years. So once again science had made science fiction real.
  13. It may appear that way before you make the commitment. That's the reason we evangelize. It's impossible to prove spiritual matters with material tools, so we tell people our experiences, and we try to show how our lives have changed as the result of God's grace.
  14. Being able to make something float is anti-grav as Seeder mentioned. A tractor beam drags something toward you or holds it in place so you can tow the object. Great discovery, though. Will it eventually make all the hover boards work?
  15. I think he already won, did he?
  16. Yes, would agree. Most of those involved in this range of literature are purely technical writers, myself included. There are, of course, individuals with a natural flair for less clinical structuring. Sagan comes to mind, as does one prominent archaeologist with an almost folksy style. .
  17. Vlad the Mighty

    Well guess who I haven't mentioned at all today for the second day running!! 

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    2. acute


      3 minutes ago, RoofGardener said:

      mm.... is it John Erskine, 11th Earl of Mar ? (famous Jacobite revolutionary, immortalised by the song "11th Earl of Mar" by the band Genesis, on their album "Wind and Wuthering")


    3. RoofGardener


      No ? Are you SURE ? I mean..... it's got a GREAT song. Nobody has ever written a song about Henry Bolton ? 

    4. freetoroam


       Is it the 'orange' one?

  18. Neither am I. My dog Maggie is left pawed. I've also had cats that batted their toys with their left paw.
  19. Yes the cross indeed looks interesting. It seems to me that it might have been worn by someone who was either middle class or poor, rather than someone of the nobility who could afford a more expensive one. I want to watch the new special on the Templars after Curse of Oak Island.I enjoy watching Curse because I've heard the story of the place, and its really interesting what they keep finding there. Most people know of the Templars from what happend in France to them. But they were also in England, Spain, Portugal and even Germany which is something I didn't know. That's of interest to me from a history and family standpoint. My father's family has always served in the military in Germany for centuries, so it is possible someone might have joined the Templars, certainly someone may have belonged to the Teutonic Knights. Some cousins of my grandmother, the von Lilienschilds, actually fought in the crusades and belonged to the Livonian Knights of the Sword. They were a group headquartered in Riga, Latvia.Later on they were absorbed into the Teutonic Knights I can't wait to see what the guys find next.
  20. acute

    Hello everyone!  Tonight, I will be dissecting Frogs.

    Then, I will send their plasticated carcasses back to Normandy, in return for the Bayeux Tapestry.

  21. Its my psychotic powers.
  22. Why would they choose to go to that far into the future. Too many unknowns. I think going 75 years from now would be amazing.
  23. But you're following a path created by other people under the guise of religion.
  24. Glad to assist. Most sorry to learn of your library situation. Disheartening to say the least. Should there be any material within my means to forward your way, do not hesitate to request such. As to the download, the URL should be rather stable. Saving the bookmark would likely suffice for the time being. .
  25. Footnote on wind: SAFETY. The greatest risk around a wind farm is somebody falling from the nacel. Everybody has safety harnesses and the like, but accidents occasionally happen. I don't know of any wind-connected injuries in Oklahoma for the past sixteen years and that's most of wind's history here. How about oil? Just this morning a well blew up southeast of Tulsa. Three people with critical injuries, five missing. There are normally about ten people on a well, so that's nearly everybody. It's a Patterson well. Same company had another well blow up out near Edmondson about four years ago. Nobody killed or injured that time, but some private cars got burned up. And a couple months ago a derrickman fell from the top of the rig - wasn't wearing his safety harness. About the same time we had a rig tip over - no injuries, but some underwear had to be changed. The crew was setting it up - it wasn't running yet. And we almost had a guy killed when they took measurement-while-drilling gear out of the well for repairs. The power was off while the work was being done, but nobody told the new guy. He noticed the power switch was off and knew it was normally on, so he flipped it. A 50-foot electrical arc shot across the site. Luckily, the repairman had just stood up and wasn't touching anything hot. All businesses have some sort of risk. It's dangerous out there. Doug
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