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  2. Too true...
  3. I actually like fiery weather.. Good for the skin.. How bout you learned friend.. Do you think gods real..?? Mo..xx
  4. Nah. Unicorns playground. Honing the horns of wisdom.
  5. Well maybe we can all profit from God at some point Profit of God maybe? Something like that but one thing I know where you find a god there is often profits not far behind them
  6. Mmmm Interesting... Yes...why would he create Atheists..?? The Balance you think..? Mo..xx
  7. Oh so you've been there too? Weather's rubbish isn't it
  8. That's just how God types roll Ask and ye shall be ignored Or something like that
  9. And you my learned friend.. Do you think gods real..?? Mo..xx
  10. Of course. Why would he create atheists if he isn't????
  11. Anyway Mr Argon.. Do you think gods real..?? Mo..xx
  12. I don't buy your theory. Dr Dre comes off very non-violent type. There was an altercation about a stolen chain at Las Vegas casino and from there it's simple "beef". You step on someone's toes, it's going down and the way they handle things is not fists, but guns. One aspect of the killings is how each of the rappers talked about being killed or dying in their songs. It's like the "secret" of putting it out there assisted in materializing the deaths. I've never looked deep into this so maybe there's a lot more I'm missing out. Suge Knight ran over someone to death and in jail. He was the real death row thug, not so much dr dre, tupac.
  13. Nooooo not ferrari profits.....its alrite I sell it.I know someone looking for one..
  14. Yes.. Like..... Psyche and SIKE..!!!! Hahaha hahahaha hahaha.. Mo..xx
  15. Yea Miki is equiped with the special edition of BAZOOKA for Ferrari Profits!
  16. Sometimes the same thing..........
  17. Your getting confused.... Jezebel only has one horn I have two....... DRAT. that last bit was my outside voice wasn't it...... Nope nothing to see here I don't have two horns in my head or anything like that.....
  18. Good luck I hear Mikki carrys a rocket launcher around to fight off westeners beleiving in false Gods an prophets..
  19. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha....... Okay...voice of reason.. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha.. Lols.. Mo..xx
  20. Almost nothing has been about the second event which you all the 10 PM event. More people saw event #1. Event #2 was only seen by people high enough on the mountain side to look over the range to the south and see the flares. The planes in event #1 followed the interstate which comes down the valley where Phoenix is located. PS I know how much UFO believers love to claim credible witnesses. Symington was convicted of a number of felonies while governor of Arizona. Just saying
  21. And .....AOTEAROA.. the TANIWHA...... Mo..xx
  22. Posted here
  23. And if we don't we can just make it up like everyone else for the last few thousand years or so Its the in thing to do
  24. LOL..xx Yes, Dark side of the moon.. Mo..xx
  25. Nah I'm going beast to impress Mikki who knows Jezebel the Unicorn God.
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