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  2. acute

    The music is reversible, but time is not.   Turn back!!! Turn back!!!


  3. You know a man by his enemies Ph. The entire establishment has come down on this man, and continues it relentlessly assault. I never thought I’d see the day where a president on either side of the coin was actually real. Now he isn’t everything I’d want in a president, but at least he isn’t trying to destroy us.
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  5. If the flashes are common and not in your head then record them on video and post here for us to see. If you find you can't record them then get to a doctor. Flashes of light can be an indicator of a serious problem, anything from a detached retina to brain issues.
  6. Mars isn't of this world and we have no problem taking clear pictures.
  7. I did not vote for Trump. Nice try. I did not vote for Hillary the Crook, either. Math? Facts? Too much? Keep walking.
  8. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Башчаршија.

    1. Vlad the Mighty

      Vlad the Mighty

      Parking's terrible round there. I'd recommend getting the No. 2 tram

  9. The 'ghost' is also reflected on the floor - interesting photo but it just appears to be a double exposure of some kind. I'm no expert thought so i'll hold back judgement!
  10. Nope. It's me putting you on ignore. I gave up trying to have educated discussions with Trump voters. You refuse to see reality and are therefore not worth the effort anymore. Nothing Trump does or says, matters to you. Only stickinit to the dems. Call me a snowflake, creating an echo chamber, whatever you like. I call it peace of mind where I can read the thoughts of other likewise rational people. Have a good life regardless of how much shorter Trump is making it. Hank
  11. acute

    Why did Prince say "I'm gonna party like it's 1999"?  We all know the new millennium started in 2001.

  12. Well, the significance of these particular discoveries is their location. Philolaus Crater is at 72 degrees north (if it was on the Earth it would be north of the Arctic Circle). This is a part of the Moon which wasn't well mapped until NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter arrived in 2009, and it would probably have taken several passes over the same location to get pictures with suitable lighting. Wikipedia's article on the crater includes a photo of what it looks like from the Earth - so it's not surprising no one spotted these sink-holes any earlier.
  13. P.S. The God you know isn't a God, it's an alien. Can you at least use the correct term?
  14. Did I not correct that to "Reliable Allies" in post#1136? Let me look, oh, YES I did. Not that there is anything other than a semantic difference in the characterisation of these MEP's As to the reason for posting the SOURCE list (something you do not appear to do) it was to add some facts to Vlad the Mighty Post#1120 re: Soros influence in the EU. For those nations not Cuccolded to the EU, such as UK it is important to understand just who is behind the scenes pushing a personal agenda, and those "Reliable Allies" giving succour to this wholly undemocratic interference. So there you have it, as a nation, Eire is fully subsumed into what has become the EU Theocracy and would rather turn a blind eye to inappropriate interference (and seemingly so would the citizens of Eire) whereas others, who have not bought into the propaganda prefer to expose the lies and deceit behind the "Throne" of the EU Commission dictatorship.
  15. 90% of Republicans voted in favor of the measure that would have avoided a shutdown. 90% of Democrats voted against the measure. With Republicans having 51 seats and needing 60 votes, there is no way they could do it on their own. It is blatantly obvious who is to blame. Acosta? Is that you? It's all disgusting, quite frankly. Political parties should be outlawed. They are tiny, bickering, pitiful, immature little babies. If you can't think for yourself on each individual issue and instead rely on political leanings to determine your stance, you are a lemming. Keep walking...
  16. Anyone who believes that any god has at some point bothered to invest time in their life. Is either deceiving themselves or mentally ill.
  17. Today
  18. The tracks are irredeemably faulty.
  19. You really should check your facts and/or stop making things up as the bold above is patently untrue. You are referring to the case of Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck. It was reported that a voice was heard calling for help by one of the rescuers on the scene. Later on when discussing it they all agreed they had heard it. It was not a male voice, it was not recorded and they did not all speak of it at the time. In this case it is hard to separate what may be false or suggested memory as there is no physical evidence of anything actually happening at all and it only came to light in later discussion, not at the time of the event. And sometimes your confirmation bias stops you from seeing the truth. No voice was recorded. Ahh I see, this explains much about you. Once you've gone back and checked your facts you might want to reconsider those last 10 years.
  20. Hammer I ran into Mike Servitus the other day, and he suggested that I talk it over (the Calvisim around which I can't wrap my feeble head) with a Methodist minister. I did, and got the distinct impression there was a bit more to it than that. In other spiritual news, I, too, am fond of hummingbirds. Piney Lots of folks do that, of all popular colors. IRL, I'll never forget the WASPy psychologist I once met who had named his desktop computer after his mother. I sense something significant was going on there . Guyver That sounds important. Xeno Latin for "I don't understand what happened to you, either."
  21. ..And Trump. How is it that everytime a 'new president' is elected, we keep having scores of people who actually believe, are convinced 'this time it will be different', while said 'new president' is the product of the very same slanted, fraudulent system? Like all deceptive presidents - managers of public perception - that went before him. The only position that could rationally be tenable is to suppose several elitist elements are influencing that slanted table, and Trump is somehow the spokeperson of 'the lesser evil elite'. That isnt the case, imo, but its at least somewhat rational. Then again, there also seem to be scores and scores of people who witnissed the blatant lies perpetrated by the Bush admin regarding the WMD's in Iraq, or scandalous the babies thrown out of the incubators lie set up by thesame.. (subsequently engaging in illegal warfare killing and maming hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and seeding the region with DU ammo guaranteeing misformed babies for decades to come.. generally creating a terrorist hellhole on earth). ..And just turn around a few years later and demand the military ousting of 'Evil Assad' on account of his 'WMD' attacks on his own people - based on extremely shallow and questionable - comparably deceptive - narratives. As an icing on the cake, thesame pride themselves in pointing their fingers in disgust at groups like ISIS, even claiming the US is responsible for the defeat of that Wahhabi extremist group. Notwithstanding the fact Trump re envigorated the already closest of political ties with Saudi Arabia, the ideological and financial homeland of ISIS. Welcome to the world of a Trump supporter, yay! Change! Hilarious, if it wasnt so sad, hopeless.
  22. This link might explain why we should at least consider the idea of them being sink-holes: If you scroll down to the bottom of the article (it's only an abstract so there isn't much explanation) the group of photos provide context: these features sit inside rilles - long winding canyons which are the collapsed remains of lava tubes, or, in this case, discontinuous rilles...which means that there are possibly still surviving lava tubes. Incidentally, note that the small shadowed features in the picture are craters, not bumps. The sunlight is coming from the bottom of the picture. Also, note that the dark-coloured shapes in the three numbered features are noticeably differently shaped to the shadows in the smaller craters in the picture - they're much more irregular. So the dark-coloured shapes represent a combination of shadow and hole looking into an uncollapsed lava tube. So while they superficially look the same as craters, the authors are suggesting they're more like sink-holes.
  23. First and foremost, the train has to be properly lined on the tracks that you had laid out presently ... ~
  24. And this thread is still going.....
  25. The only time I show signs of optimism is when its a warm day in hell. If I ever become an optimist its a cold day in hell. Placebo.
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