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  2. Hah. So many jokes. But we're on poison jokes right now.
  3. You're probably lucky there were no instructions. You know how those read from Chinese to "English": "Situate mighty piece into slot of wisdom sugary."
  4. I understand and respect all the explanations since people take time to answer my post. Everything is possible. I m not opposing anybody here. I think forum is an open place to discuss. And I m also sure that none of my conversants feel disrespected. Hope u take things in more positive light than negative and let people talk freely.
  5. I thought you said you love ALL animals!?!?
  6. I've not heard of that 21 grams claim. I don't remember you specifically linking any information to me specifically, but yes you did make many claims. Such as, you know for a fact that human consciousness evolved or something similar and many other claims. No, I don't feel it's a cop out that I believe it exists but it cannot be measured. I thought I explained myself, but perhaps I was not clear. My opinion of the soul, or spirit of a person is that it's more than brain chemistry and physiology, and that it is a separate thing from the physical world. As I said, and repeat, I know of no possible way of scientific testing to prove or disprove this. But frankly, to be honest; I'm not interested in debating in this thread.....or any other for the time being. Thanks for the reply though, and best wishes.
  7. blah I googled for the recipe. Not a great plan. Returns ranged almost into po-n .....
  8. I choked on pepsi reading that Nah not Roo fan
  9. Even if there were no guns. Diy weapons are pretty easy to construct. Such as explosives, molotovs, even a flamethrower can be constructed. One pipe bomb tossed into a crowd can take many lives. A dirty bomb can contaminate large areas. Ill motivated gun violence is bad, but I can think of worse weapons. Its people. Plain and simple.
  10. Need more info...Where did she see it (in a field, side of the road, in the road)? How long has she been driving, was she tired? What tyoe of wildlife in your area?
  11. It's vegan mud pies.
  12. Then it's safe. I'll stop by. Are you serving kangaroo?
  13. So it's 'stupid' cheesecake?
  14. Now, rashore, you shouldn't call Rockstar that.
  15. Why wouldn't there be plants on them? You need your fiber after all. And a bit of hemlock cleans the pipes.
  16. I mean, I dunno where you're putting your fingers but I'm sure the satellite appreciates your efforts on its behalf.
  17. Why are there plants on them?
  18. I had a similar experience, many times as a child but haven't had it since. It was not in sleep; but in the boarder between sleep and waking (I think). I would suddenly experience the sensation of flying off to space very rapidly, and seeing the Earth far below me but I don't remember hearing and sound or feeling wind. It was just like almost instant travel. It would scare me so I would wake myself up. Now, I wish it would happen again so I could go with it. I have no idea what it means, but I know that it was extremely in seemingly real. FWIW.
  19. I use cream cheese too. It’s atomic because it’s a cheese dense cheesecake.
  20. ^fINgurZ SatLite^ Sorry, that was my cat.
  21. Drink powerade and smoke pot roast.
  22. Okay, now I know it's made from owls. What do owls taste like? I think I know the answer.
  23. Damn straight.
  24. It's them damn TV shows, It's them damn movies, it's them damn vidya games, it's them damn comics, it's them damn mentally ill. No you know WHAT IT IS. It's the freaking guns. What's the common link between ALL mass SHOOTINGS?? Yeah GUNS. Restrict guns and you limit the guns the mentally ill can get their hands on. Oh BTW the Florida shooting, the guy who did it wasn't mentally ill. He had a passed a background check and psych eval. Everything is else is just an excuse, it's that simple. "If it wasn't a gun it would be a knife." Cool, less people dead. That's great! Trying to equate guns to knives is a moronic way of thinking. Yes, people kill people. Not guns but people can't kill as many people if they didn't have the guns. EDIT: Also for the love of (ironically) God. Don't get me started on the church crap being in schools.
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