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  2. Let me add. IMHO, the destiny of the human being is to participate with the further creating still yet to come beyond what's already been created in space and time. That's if the particular human being would like to do what will qualify him for such a privilege and not ever decide to give up working on this qualification.
  3. Strange that...
  4. No, it doesn't matter how it happened. But that's exactly what happened.
  5. I've searched the BBC website and Sky and guess what no mention of it.
  6. Will, lets assume that there is only one God. That God might have many names, the question is, does that matter? God may have differentiated ITSELF into millions of smaller unites (gods), again, does that matter? And God may have appeared to different folk in different cultures in different guises - again, does that matter?
  7. Science does explore, but it tends to shrink from non-measurable and non-5senses interpretation of things, it shrinks from philosophy, and interprets everything in terms of measurable/visible reality. So i ask scientists in plain words to say for example - What is time?
  8. Err so people now have spirit versions of themselves before they die? Well that's a new one on me.
  9. Will The is an infinite amount of space around that yes care to fill it in some. jmccr8
  10. In Britain in 1800 there were almost 250 crimes that carried the death penalty. Crimes for which you could be executed included: Being in the company of gypsies for a month; Damaging Westminster Bridge; Impersonating a Chelsea Pensioner; Being a child aged 7 to 14 of which there is evidence of "strong malice within them"; Being outside at night with a blackened face; Stealing from a shipwreck; Writing a threatening letter; Pickpocketing; Destroying turnpike roads; Stealing from a rabbit warren; Begging without a licence if you are a soldier or sailor; Being a woman who has been discovered to have concealed a stillbirth. This was known as the Bloody Code.
  11. Illyrius

    “Time is an illusion.”
    Albert Einstein

  12. And I suppose that all came about by accident? And even if that isnt some kind of mathematical impossibility, it still doesn't account for life itself. Unless life were present in and after the Big Bang? Life cannot come from non-life, there has to be something that engendered life, I call THAT God, you may wish to call it something else.
  13. “Time is an illusion.” ― Albert Einstein
  14. Offended? Not in the least. I find it more amusing than anything. Let's look at the first paragraph of your response here. I'm, I, I'd, my, my, my. Six times you refer to yourself, as if you are the benchmark or litmus test all others should be compared to. And your assessments aren't even accurate. Lack of critical thinking skills and being impressionable...this coming from someone who supports a murderer and who opts to ignore everything that Peterson said or did when it hurts your theory. You buy into this man's "I had nothing to do with Laci's disappearance" and yet I am impressionable? You see nothing wrong with his story AND make excuses for every action he took and yet you are the superior critical thinker? Appears you might share some of Peterson's narcissism the way you wall off anything you don't believe while continually repeating the same thing over and over again. Riddle me this...for someone so eager to offer their expertise on others, how do you assess yourself? Bet it's somewhere between A and A+. I'd place myself a B to B-, depending on my energy level and attention to detail based on advancing age. A bit of cynicism and apathy these days. Probably don't give myself enough points for putting myself out there more than most are willing to do. I've answered every question you've asked, so stop with the "you won't do it" because it's a flat out lie. I've even admitted that according to your standard (and that is what it is, your standard, not the state's or the judge's, YOURS) that there is no "reliable inculpatory evidence" or now "proof of murder" as you require or define it. You ask the question what is my proof of murder and I've given it. "None of it is proof of murder". "Can't prove a single element of this case". To you. Why do you think you are superior to Delucchi? Your theory is the judge was bowing to public pressure and all kinds of other rhetoric. You act like your purpose is so much more pure than his. That you are a better gauge of the law than he. The fallback is only taken as a last ditch effort to let you know we really don't give a rip about your incessant portrayal of you being the authority in this case. Others like Diechecker have it right, when asked to prove that California law or the judges instructions require what you ask for, you rely on semantics. There is no clear expectation in Cali law or Delucchi's instruction that meets yours no matter how many times you tell folks you've posted otherwise. At some point, you'll realize what this entire case is really about and that is, whether or not the law permits CE convictions on murder one. I am comfortable knowing that one person such as you could permit a killer to go free because there was not a video of the murder the killer conveniently left for the police and jurors. Or someone like Janey or Marlene who are infatuated with the accused who would never vote to convict. Too bad Geragos miscalculated, as I feel he thought Nice was just such a person. Big miss there. That is the system and I feel it gives murderers an unfair advantage, but it is what it is. You think twelve people agreeing with a respected judge who affirmed the verdict and sentence is wrong. Go picket the courts and legislature to change the law. Sullying the judge and 3-4 jurors is your right, but it doesn't change the result. I've answered about the twine. Nothing exonerating about it. Who tied the knot? Why did they tie the knot? Why did they choose the particular material? What was the process taken by alternate killers from Laci's abduction to Conner being found in the bay? You've spun testimony by Brian Peterson and photos to believe you've found something that matters. I've looked at your theory on both and I disagree. That's not disappearing, it's tiring of you badgering people after they've answered your questions but you not accepting the answer. Again, always about you. Peterson never said the knots were tied by human hands, Wecht offered a theory that helps you, yet didn't testify. Answer the four questions and I'll consider the twine/knot again. Lastly, please don't portray our pursuit of justice or the truth in the same sentence. It's a false equivalency. The boat cover may have been the "proof of murder" that you seem to desire. It made the trip to the bay and it ended up wadded up under a leaf blower with the gas cap off in the far shed within 48 hours of Laci's disappearance. Your complete disregard of this tells us plenty. You want proof of murder, yet when the possibility of it might exist, you whitewash it with "this couldn't possibly be it". <---That is why I took a break, you ask for something, you get it, you ignore it, and start asking again. I can only tolerate the insanity for so long before I decide to so something better with my time.
  15. Should be a Guinness World Record for that!
  16. Is that really all the video she got?
  17. God is a mystery - yes. And yes, I realise I am saying the same thing as those who believe in the Big Bang, that was the point! "Some sort of energy in the void", right - give it a name, I choose "God", you may choose something else, only God is Inteligent Living Mind, so this belief opens up so many options. Instead of the materialistic view that life and consciousness are basically accidents. And there is evidence, your life force for one must have come from this place, you may wish to deny it, I don't.
  18. Your assumption is that they use radio waves. Maybe they moved on from that technology long ago. Or maybe they would like to remain undiscovered and are implementing a jammer to prevent us hearing them. Who knows, these are all wild assumptions. Nobody knows, especially you.
  19. Lets first agree on what is space and what is time or space-time, so we know what we are talking about, there are various definitions.
  20. Hi Will Can you show that space isn't infinite? Can you show that the universe did not exist in another form and just evolve like we have and still are? jmccr8
  22. why do you say that is impossible? You usually advocate for all sort of things like that.
  23. The ball will not fall down untill the device get back it's initial position after first impact due to latch pin. But I try it.
  24. There are always at least six ravens (with clipped wings) kept at the Tower of London because, according to legend, "if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it".
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