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  2. Imaginarynumber1

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    It speaks volumes that some think tiny toddler trumps outbursts are secretly a way to "own the libs"
  3. markdohle

    When God talks back

  4. Pristine wall art and delicate pots have been found inside a stunning thousand-year-old imperial tomb unearthed by Chinese builders of a school sports field. The underground chamber - believed to be one of several rooms - was located underneath Xiaojingyu Elementary School in the city of Taiyuan. The school field was undergoing renovations, with workers sinking new foundations when they unintentionally punched through the ceiling of the burial chambers. They are believed to date back to the Tang Dynasty, one of the greatest empires in the medieval world that ruled from 618 to 907 AD. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7379091/Pristine-wall-art-delicate-clay-pots-inside-underground-imperial-tomb-China.html
  5. Essan

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    And what's to fear from Muslims anyway? They like Christmas, unlike some Christians. We haven't forgotten Cromwell
  6. Essan

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    The point is that Christianity didn't destroy us. We still dance round the may pole and burn effigies at Samhain (or a few days later). And drink cider.
  7. Piney

    Biotech firm successfully creates male kitten

    Only instinctive ones. Not learned behaviors. Cloning pets is a waste of resources and disrespectful to their memories.
  8. Pet owners in China hoping to cheat death could soon have their wishes fulfilled as scientists in the country claim to have cloned a cat for the first time. A kitten named Garlic was born inside the laboratories of Sinogene Biotechnology Company in Beijing, according to reports in state-owned media. The British shorthair was born 66 days after an embryo was implanted inside a surrogate mother, Sinogene claimed during a press conference. It means that, when a beloved pet dies, an exact copy can be created to replace it - and the firm hopes to one day pass on characteristics like personality and memories. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7378595/Pet-lovers-CLONE-cat-29-000-Chinese-biotech-firm.html http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1161960.shtml
  9. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    The number of people who are in the news everyday that are being arrested for pedophilia is mind staggering. Teachers, coaches, policemen, priests, scout leaders, online predators...young and old...and I doubt the US is alone in this. Makes me really worried about all the missing children we see in the news everyday. That trial in 2008 had a lid slammed on it. Too many people in high places bringing pressure. Epstein had it real easy and still kept up his usual practices while he was out on work release. Apparently not much supervision was involved. He had thousands of victims.
  10. aztek

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    sure, that will be 1,8 Quadrillion, will it be cash or charge, lol
  11. aztek

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    and yet dominant religion during Romans was paganism, then after Rome fell, Christians took over by installing Christianity, just like when Muslims get to certain % they will turn your country into theirs, and Islam will be dominant religion. if not the only one allowed, i'm not sure what you comment was supposed to do? contradict my theory? it only supports it.
  12. Desertrat56


    Has Adele hit 30 yet?  Her 20's seem to be the pits.

  13. RoofGardener

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You forgot to mention the Plague of Frogs and the Murrain of the Cattle ?
  14. I think that's what they mean: everyone is confused as to why anyone else would ever think it's a rabbit .... Next week: internet is confused as to why anyone thinks Mount Everest looks like like Donald Frump
  15. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Let's see if Wexner and Barak's names magically pop up LOL
  16. RoofGardener

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    ROFL... the figures are WAY higher than THAT ! We've had three or four times that figure as migration into the UK . These figures are risible.
  17. freetoroam

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Some are already there.
  18. Totally horrible......
  19. RoofGardener

    Starvation in Venezuela is on the rise

    Weeeell... perhaps @Earl.Of.Trumps. However, the political instability and corruption has been going on for 100 years. This is somewhat prior to the US economic sanctions
  20. freetoroam

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Maybe its time to change that now this has happened. If an animal had bitten their hand off, the animal would be put down. The distance would protect the animals against the idiot humans.
  21. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    Butt or lap?

    1. RoofGardener


      Lap is more durable. . 

      Butt is "quick and dirty". 

    2. freetoroam


      If using wood, go with a butt joint.

    3. RoofGardener


      Yeah.. right.. only if you want it to fall to pieces when you pick it up ! 

  22. Essan

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    We said the same about the Christians, the Romans, the Celts and the Beaker Folk. We're still here
  23. Iilaa'mpuul'xem

    Zoo visitors scratch names into rhino's back

    Oxygen Thieves... What makes someone think that is funny or a good idea... people make me sick.
  24. I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about when you type - from the right wing perspective evil disappears from the world when discussing mass shootings. I never heard anybody say these mass shootings are not evil and just shooting people without any kind of proved justification (like self defense) is pretty damn evil to me, despite whether mental health issues have anything to do with the mass shooter or not. So maybe you just assume that, because people don't say it enough? I don't see these events as unavoidable, but I also don't see it as - we need to take away the guns from law abiding citizens - when there can be different ways to prevent these events and right now, the FBI and local state authorities are currently proving to all of us, that there is a different way to handle this issue, by finally getting off their butts and finally going after potential mass shooters. Hell, I'm watching the news right now and they just arrested a 29th person in Long Beach, California as a potential mass shooter since the El Paso and Dayton shootings. If the FBI/local authorities currently keep going after potential mass shooters , like they are doing right now and keep it up, I don't see that happening. That is going to make a big impact. More needs to be done of course, like fixing our mental health care system, not just because of all these shootings, but because of the growing suicide rates too. Red flag laws are still not a bad idea either. And I wish the FBI had started preventions with previous potential mass shooters like Cruz/Parkland, when the FBI were warned about him before he went on his killing spree. The discussion about mass shootings probably would have faded away by now. When in reality it's a case of lack of education about firearms, fear, paranoia towards law abiding gun owners and their emotional knee -jerk reaction to horrific events, all the while, not logically thinking for themselves and just looking for anything to blame instead of the lunatic who pulled the trigger and caused the event? Well, that's exactly what it logically looks like to me, when I'm in my shoes. The easy availability of high capacity weapons - man this is the worst typical lame totalitarian anti-gun talking point I've ever heard said. That kind of logical reasoning is heavily flawed. Because it's like blaming the ease of availability of pills, ropes, bridges, cliffs, knives, razor blades, yeah and even guns, for suicides when it's the individual themselves, the logical prime reason, who is committing the action with their own hands. You do know the basic law of physics, right? Action causes reaction? Human pulling gun trigger = equals firing gun? Come on, Farmer...you can use less flawed arguments then this one.
  25. aztek

    We missed 240,000 migrants.

    how long you think you can keep your culture and way of life? cuz those 70% who give birth want to change your country to fit their culture and way of life. which contradicts yours. and i have no doubt it was not missed, they knew exactly what was happening, they just felt, you do not need to know
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