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  2. Piney

    On the radio while I was hauling a load of logs. I forgot about this song and I liked it.


  3. NightScreams

    "You look into a mirror. Suppose the mirror-you were real (not just an image of you in a mirror, but a physical, mirrored version of yourself), and you merely the reflection. The meaning of left and right would be reversed, and the dials on your watch would move widdershins rather than clockwise, but the underlying physics would be the same. The duality between you and your reflection means we could just as easily describe the mirror Universe as we do our own."

    -Brian Koberlein, astrophysicist and physics professor

  4. This was the Age of Reason likely when people were examining individuals place in the world without the sanction of an earthly ruler. There is a fairly short poem by Robert Burns that sums it up; "A man's a man for a' that." Some went further and dispensed with the deity as the fount of human rights as well.
  5. Where to start? Heres a clue, with the idea of non-separation. Wes, not nice thoughts per se, but a more enlightened way of thinking and acting will help chamge the world. This idea of non-seperation is not a new concept by any means, Buddha spoke of oneness 500 yrs before Christ. All things are interconnected and interdependent, you hold a book and you hold the universe. An acceptance of this idea will improve reality, if thats what you want?
  6. Our soldiers aren’t Nazis. They aren’t going to go to war in their own country that easily.
  7. Maybe if we currently prized rationality, scholarship, and philosophy more highly we might be able to self-correct our current trend. Is education a part of it? Not just that Washington had wooden teeth or Jefferson had a big signature. These men grew up in the so -called Age of Reason they were struggling with just those principles of law, individual rights, the philosophy of man and his place and responsibilities. It might be good for history classes to study ideas instead of names and dates for a test.
  8. I've heard those evps before. They were not impressive, nor were they "unmistakable to anyone hearing them". They ranged from nothing there to being the voice of the person recording.
  9. The population is not organised enough to withstand even a limited response by the Armed Forces. As soon as the smallest pocket of rebellious civilians rose up they would be instantly crushed. The Armed Forces would not be squeamish about doing this because what they were doing would be explained to them in such a way to put doubt out of their minds. They are trained to do what they are told and not think.
  10. That's really cool. Tbh I'd think it'd be worth a lot more than that. Anyone got a spare 40k I can borrow? I swear I'm good for it or you'll never see me again...
  11. Credible citation for this statement? For your edification: .
  12. You were happy enough to gun down your own students who were protesting the Vietnam war.
  13. Its the price of living in a free country peppered with crazy and hateful people that have the power to externalize their rage and whims in a disastrous manner. People have different ideas about how to fix it, but at the root it is our current culture. It seems to have accelerated over the past 30 years. I was living in Texas, preparing to go to the University of Texas when Charles Whitman became the tower shooter. It was an awful and unique event in 1966; incomprehensible and without parallel. Now there are several shootings of around that magnitude every year. Whitman was what would be described as a good guy with a gun who was supposed to stop bad guys with guns. Something happened to him one day that derailed his mind. I know you can fortify schools to some degree, but it may not make things much better. I would rather not live in a fortified compound like the tribesmen in Afghanistan. They don't seem to have a very desirable lifestyle. Even tribal leaders who travel in armored convoys get assassinated. It is easier to escalate offense than defense I think. This shooter apparently set off fire alarms to get people out in the halls. The next person could ambush the gate of your fortified school and shoot people on the way out. So, is some form of mental exam counter to living in a free country? How far can you go without severely diminishing the rights and privacy of the individual?
  14. The idea that you might as well roll over if you can’t win is hideous. Look at the hard time our forces have in Middle East crap holes fighting inferior forces with inferior weapons. You think 300 million guns in this country don’t stand a chance? C’mon.
  15. Our police and armed forces are part of our population. Do you really think in this dystopian event that tanks and jets are going to bomb their own home towns? Seriously though, being an armed population is definitely a deterrent to dictatorships. If that right was removed all others are far easier to remove also.
  16. that's kinda strange.
  17. Several posters in this thread claim that the reason for civilians wanting to keep their guns is to protect themselves from the Government ........ but how exactly would that work? What sort of situation do they see arising that they would be able to solve with their weapons? Wouldn't the Government be protected by the Armed Forces and the Police Force with their far superior weapon power and armoured vehicles? The general population is not organised enough to have any effect against this. How long would the population's ammunition last against that of the Police and Armed Forces? When you stop and really think about it, this is no argument for civilians keeping their guns. Any civilian rebellion would be crushed before it had hardly started.
  18. Where to start? "Seperateness" is reality. "Oneness" is indeed a nice concept. If you and I are starving I cannot eat for us both. To live is to suffer. And enjoy pleasures and any multitude of things. To have an adversary drives team building. And I gave another option, a common goal?? Nice thoughts won't change the world, acceptance of reality and a desire to improve that reality might.
  19. acute

    Do any Old Skool programmers on here still take your finger off the Shift when using the Space bar, because you remember it having a different ASCII value to the lower case Space?

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    2. Piney


      15 minutes ago, ouija ouija said:




      Tell me again what 'shift' is. 


      Not at you, just the whole bloody thing.....

    3. Orphalesion


      Do people actually use the Caps Lock rather than the Shift key when writing capital letters?

      I only ever hit the Caps Lock key accidentally when playing video games... and on an old laptop the shift key was broken without me ever noticing it.


    4. Piney


      I use the shift key and I have one mashed hand.

  20. = Denialism
  21. This is the biggest problem with many Christians. They can get away with filthy things because they are forgiven or absolved. Once a pedo always a pedo.
  22. Whatever Joc I personally dont want any advice from you..I told you before an I ll tell you again I have no respect for you or your empty BS wisdom so l ll leave it there...
  23. Speculating about the Big Bang is not the same as speculating about God. The BB is only a theory, something that apparently happened a long time ago, as you say, just an assumption. But Creation is with us today, we can see and feel and experience it in every moment of every day. So we have a lot more to go on.. What we can say is that the energy that is under, and at the back of Creation, (we could call it the BB for arguments sake), must have come from something, this is self evident. And that life can only come from life, this too is self evident. And that consciousness can only be born from something else that is conscious. Bearing all this in mind, I can quite easily speculate, with some confidence, that "God" is Conscious and Alive. Above this basic understanding I wouldn't like to speculate.
  24. Well, my post disappeared. So I'll be nicer. It time to put all the pedo priests right into the gang units. Nothing lower, another crime my people burnt you alive for.....
  25. Lol that was 8:06pm so not waking up but settling for night at that time
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