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  2. And now a music interlude sooth the savage beast.
  3. Sleep well, Aquila. I hope tomorrow goes better for you.
  4. Or the flying spaghetti monster...
  5. Interesting thoughts, tough delivery.
  6. Thank you. It sounds like quite an experience.
  7. Good night Aquila get some rest and no bad dreams tonight
  8. That's what the religious belief section exists for. People can make up all sorts of stuff and not have to show how any of it is valid. Manbearpig would fit in well I expect.
  9. I'd say that's a good indicator. Good thing you look good in a suit
  10. The direct link most likely is whenever the populace of America gets direct info that the GOV is coming for your guns sales spike. It's simple economics.
  11. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  12. Suicides could increase with the higher ownership of handguns, but these mass shooters use high powered rifles.
  13. This would be called a slam-dunk. Kudos jmccr8. cormac
  14. Today's been a rough ass day. I think I'll just go on to bed.
  15. I hear you. You wouldn’t be here if it you felt it has sleepwalking. Any other associated weirdness in the past?
  16. Lol, well did get told I'm like a guy but with girl bits
  17. Yup. Right now I've put my shoulder out in the same spot three times in the last week. Pretty sure that's a hint.
  18. Having a Democrat president always makes gun sales skyrocket.
  19. Most guys are usually ok with that
  20. Will What I was saying was in response to the comments about unbelievers expressing an opposing views and showing it works both ways which you have affirmed with this post. I am not trying to change your faith by discussing other possibilities and you are adamant that I am wrong because your perspective is the truth. This truth has not been shown to be anything more than your perspective as you have not given any verifiable documentation to counter what science has shown to be based on verifiable facts. Because you are unable to effectively counter an argument you resort to the old I know the truth and you are lost because you cannot see my god but my god understands and is using you just like he is usinge to show that he exists because we are talking about him. All this is going on in your mind for your benefit so that you can continue to validate your belief to yourself. No matter what you say you say it for you, I don't care what you believe if it works for you but when you pretend to be a crusader for truth and push your perspective on/at me you are diminishing the strength of your faith in my eyes. jmccr8
  21. Have a good night, TC. Come back to chat with us tomorrow.
  22. The late 90's did see an increase in computers in the homes and also a 71% increase in hand gun ownership. One of these things may have an indirect link to shoitings but the other has a direct link.
  23. sleep well!
  24. Good night TC Have a great day tomorrow
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