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  2. I personally have no problem with your solution. However, your solution has been around for decades and was routinely mocked on this very forum. I'm sorry if it hurt your feelings, but I felt it necessary to point out the irony.
  3. I thought I remembered this happening here in the US as well. It happened last spring in Virginia: What the heck is up with shaving cats?
  4. I wish I had some of what you must be smoking.
  5. It seems you can find Problems with Solutions but can't find Solutions to Problems. I don't think you were serious in post # 22.
  6. Scary thought. No. The Universe may suck, but at least it is.
  7. yep, soon as corporate law came into being removing responsibility for wrongs from any one person, the race was really on. Before that they had to be a bit more cautious.
  8. The McDonalds Big Mac had two previous names: the 'Aristocrat' and then 'Blue Ribbon Burger'. The name 'Big Mac' was created by Esther Glickstein Rose, a 21-year-old advertising secretary who worked at McDonald’s corporate HQ in Oak Brook, Illinois.
  9. I'm sorry but, having read stuff like this over the last year: I can't help but laugh. We had this big push against the liberals and their "Anti-bullying industry". And now with these shootings, everyone is rushing towards it as a solution to the problem, when we spent the last few years ridiculing it.
  10. Lucid mate.. cap the beakers you have bubbling because I think the chemicals are effecting your brain..
  11. Isn't that the one Ford Prefect and Zaphod Beeblebrox slept with?
  12. To be fair, a person could also have been doing any number of dumb things that see pedestrians killed every day. Only yesterday in my local paper there was a driver convicted after a hit and run, where he was enterering a date's address in a Sat Nav. To make a reasonable comparision, cases such as the OP need to be compared to all human driving skills, rather than just the best. Honestly, I don't hold a particular stance on regular driving versus driverless tech, but I do know that it's a pretty moot point, as driverless vehicles are going to become standard in the coming years. The best we can hope for is continual development and improvement of safety.
  13. Just out of curiosity I looked up labor unions in Nazi Germany. Guess what all of you people who doubt that Nazis were democratic socialist? Link That's right, Nazi Germany was a democratic socialist paradise ticking every box on the meme in post one of this thread.
  14. They eventually drain themselves. But they bring others down with them.
  15. Whenever the Police investigate themselves, the results are going to be for them and not the other party.
  16. I don't see how you equate my idea with a safe place. It seems your idea is the safe place by locking them up.
  17. The Indian brain is wired to believe everything thrown into it. It's why my woo works so well with them. I just shake my head in shame and think to myself "It must be the English".
  18. Then when their own socialistic efforts to "improve" it or make it "fair" have undermined it's effectiveness they blame capitalism.
  19. you are free to use facebook or not.. no one forces you to.. so basically if you use it.. then you get to play by their rules..
  20. clear the dust in specs no secrets in mystery words as pure as heart
  21. Sure, turn our schools into jails and don't let the kids leave till they graduate. No one gets in or out to shoot them. Parents can visit and talk through glass. Problem solved! You might think I am being sarcastic, but it seems we are just a few steps away already. I'm willing to give your safe places and counseling idea a try. (Still going to snicker about the irony, though)
  22. Instead of creating an environment of opportunity, confidence, and quick turnaround for the unemployed, the government blindly throws money at a problem. Because Progressives do not understand the power of the free market.
  23. Good grief! Sleeping on the job here.
  24. Exactly my thoughts as well. I will repeat that a large population of such a huge animal would have recognizable effects on the environment they would occupy. The fluidity of claims about the creature further strip away any sense of probability. One group says its a human cousin, one says a large ape descendent, then on the fringe they claim multi-dimensional beings. Great stuff to tell around campfires for entertainment, but in no way ever proven to be real.
  25. Bomber has been ID'd.
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