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  2. Your inability to grasp the intent of the dialogues is truly puzzling, particularly for one who professes such "deep insight". Your attempts to infuse your personal interpretations (including deliberate alterations) are hardly convincing. However, of greater significance: Your entire premise is based upon the concept that Plato was a "Christian Prophet" well before the referenced belief system was even established. Kindly present your empirical evidence that: 1) Plato ever considered himself to be a "prophet"; 2) That Plato was somehow engaged in early Judaeo-Christian belief systems. .
  3. Then provide links of your own, which support your claims.
  4. freetoroam

    The 50 Worst Cars of All Time

    Great piece, very witty reporting. This could have.come straight out of a Top Gear episode. I will say the worse car I have driven is the Fiat 500. An ugly little thing which I never felt safe in. Visuability was poor and the shape reminded me of a big butt. I had it as a hire car for a week while in France and was happy to give it back.
  5. Michelle

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    The last sentence was, notice the trajectory...
  6. XenoFish

    Schizophrenic or psychic abilities?

    No. You and one other seem to promote this idea that mental illness means that someone is more 'in touch' with some mystical reality. Sorry, no.
  7. openozy

    Schizophrenic or psychic abilities?

    I never said it was.If you believed in yourself more it would be a good thing for you.
  8. Captain Risky

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Don’t mind if I do.
  9. Lenaa

    1 Question FREE Reading

    Can you tell me about my love life in my nearby future?
  10. XenoFish

    Schizophrenic or psychic abilities?

    Mental illness is NOT a super power. Just because you want to believe it is, that doesn't make it so.
  11. Michelle

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    If you hadn't heard, that, too, was debunked with a national news source, like most of this other garbage. If you're too lazy to look it up take a gander through my posts.
  12. Lenaa

    Simple Tarot Readings

    Can you tell me about my love life in my nearby future?
  13. Piney

    Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

    Schist is some fragile stuff.
  14. openozy

    Schizophrenic or psychic abilities?

    You don't have to tell the people anything.Many of these people have intelligence and perception of the World you could only dream of.Just because they don't fit into your idea of "normal" does not mean they are not aware or intelligent.You obviously have little insight or knowledge of this and never will.
  15. Could it be Twilight Zone, "A Small Talent for War"? Woops! Just saw the the previous post!
  16. Piney

    Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

    Lithic reduction experiments with various volcanic rocks we both conducted.
  17. and a city somehow existed when mammals first began to radiate? and this is when it happened https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alleghanian_orogeny and we don't see too many mammals running around https://en.wikipedia./wiki/Carboniferous
  18. Lenaa

    Free cartamoncy reading

    Hi! Can I please have a reading on my love life in my nearby future
  19. {Nerd Alert!} Sorry, but that is not real at all. First up, I know the sky pretty well, and those are not real constellations. Second you cannot have stars and a daylit planet/moon in a single photographic exposure. Third, that isn't our Moon - the patterns on it are incorrect. I have more.... but suffice to say that this image is so faked it almost supports flat earth claims...
  20. Robotic Jew

    Robotic Jew

    Nothing like stepping out in a foreign city to make you realize how completely alone you are in the world. Thanks society. Its good to be reminded.

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  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Greenland_Orogen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geology_of_the_Iberian_Peninsula https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlas_Mountains
  23. OverSword

    Wearable chair lets you sit where you want

    I can. I see obese people riding single wheel vehicles rather than walk when I’m downtown, I can imagine these same people wearing a chair on their ass so they can sit down and rest at will.
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