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  2. Havin' a 'Hannibal' moment there Ruby?
  3. this is a dangerous question. the true meaning of "pie" and "cake"... you have begun a perilous journey.
  4. Does not even want to know what in the hell that is.
  5. I read that as them being human hot dogs
  6. Great, now you wrecked it for me.
  7. Hello. Welcome. First off...we are spread in different time zones so answering when u say so is simply not always possible. Secondly, in this forum we can Decide if we want to continue a conversation... So please respect that. Thirdly. Later on the in thread u mention u are a god believing we give a variety of options for your experience, some of us don't believe in a god...doesn't mean the suggestions we make are useless. Don't limit your answer to what you are expecting us to tell you. Hear all the sides (views/ explanations) and then decide which to accept or not. Hope you enjoy ur stay @ our forum.
  8. I mean, I've got some more stuff in the back. Pretty sure I still have some Pompeii special somewhere.
  9. Technically, I think not.
  10. Lol gritty chocolate
  11. I like pie. Chocolate or cheesecake are tops..... is cheesecake a pie?
  12. Obviously vitrified. You can tell by Mike's Glassys. Harte
  13. Yeah well, you also openly admit to eatin hot dogs, sooooooo....
  14. Just retrain your brain to think chocolate.
  15. In a strange way, that almost looked appetizing.
  16. I’ll keep it in mind not to ask you for pie....
  17. .......pie....... awfully high class mud pies there :/
  18. I thank u all for replying to my post. Let me clarify few things here.. I havent watched any movie or rocket or anything like this. Also I m a god believing person who has started meditating few months ago. So my question is only that was it a spiritual experience. If yes, what is it called?? Obe or what. Note: I do have few experiences during meditation(chanting waheguru) like my body becoming bigger and sometime sensing bad odor, and at other times good.
  19. Anyway, for real. Here's some pie.
  20. Well, now. Before there was such a hue and cry.. Oh wait, were not talking about the pie now?
  21. I have extra chili dogs! It's not made from owl meat, trust me.
  22. Patrone if you have it, if not, tequila.
  23. I visited the Pyramids in October. I"m pretty sure they were just impressive funerary monuments to some super old dudes. I even went inside the great pyramid to the central chamber. It's hot. It's small, it's stuffy, and not magical. LOL. It IS a super impressive pile of rocks though. REALLY impressive. Here we are in the Great Pyramid! The tall guy in the middle is Oversword's brother hahaha. The lady on the left was our guide who we hired through our Egyptian friend Mike, also on the left. Our guide has a PhD in Egyptology and used to work for Zahi Hawass. She had some interesting things to say about that time of her life! LOL. And this is a terrible picture of me. I wish someone had told me that top looks terrifying on me! It's way too big! LOL. Ugh!
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