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  2. I don't believe you

    None for me either when I started studying the Taoist teachings in Tendai and stopped believing in spirits.
  3. I don't believe you

    I think there is a difference between an educated assumption (belief) and a faith based belief. I do get the emotional appeal of certain beliefs. There value is in the meaning they give, same for purpose. A "higher ideal" in regards to our finite existence. Perhaps it makes the sting of death much easier to bear.
  4. I don't believe you

    I think for some challenging their beliefs is like challenging who they are, their identity and this creates anxiety which triggers the flight or fight response. For me, towards the end of my Atheist stage there was so much of me invested in the stance I don’t think I could see myself any other way. It also like fighting the fight after the threat was long gone, so there is habit involved too. There is an emotional attachment thing going on too, like hanging on to a relationship that you have outgrown. In reality, there were no fireworks when I shifted to Agnosticism. For me, taking Philosophy was cathartic, my take away was I should never allow myself to be so invested in a belief system that I didn’t question it or couldn’t let it go, if I can’t let it go then I need to figure out why.
  5. I don't believe you

    I just thought of something....What exactly would I do with my seminarian certificate? Build a altar out of Lego, make my Satanist chick harem wear nun hats and start the "Church of Cute and Fluffy Murderous Chainsaw Bunnies"? ......wait a minute.....
  6. Game of Thrones

    You have to give it up to the special xf team this season. Their dragon work was spectacular this along with everything else they did. They pulled no punches and I've reconsidered why the second dragon was killed off so haphazardly. There was no good time to do it and it had to be done for the sake of the budget but overall they really delivered.
  7. I don't believe you

    You already have the answer: a challenge to what we hold dear invokes a threat response in the one challenged. No one likes to be told they are wrong, or are making a mistake, so we double down on those positions we hold.
  8. I don't believe you

    My beliefs changed as I learned new things, so I never understood this. I think it might be because I was taught early to question everything and not have blind faith. But people should still have a little bit of pragmatism and see facts but they don't, and I could never wrap that around my head.
  9. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Oh, I completely agree that they not only aren't modern, they're damned near Medieval.
  10. I don't believe you

    I wonder that in some cases another person beliefs "harm" us in some way. I don't mean all the time, but in certain cases and in certain ways. What is it about various beliefs that urk us so? I know that the brain treats belief as fact. When a belief is challenged it creates a threat response. Which usually ends up in an argument about said belief. I know that beliefs typically have an emotional value. In the case of religious/spiritual beliefs it probably purely emotional. But why? Why hold onto a belief so firmly that anything that challenges it, is consider a violation? We all saw what political beliefs can do in this thread. (Lets not repeat that okay)
  11. I don't believe you

    That's why I stopped helping the haunted. You really can't take that avatar serious...
  12. I don't believe you

    Butt burps on a hard plastic chair in the middle of class. That's a winner.
  13. Psychic attack! Need help!

    I think you honestly need psychiatric help.
  14. I don't believe you

    Because they are in the middle of quiet worship in a Quaker Meeting, or during a staff meeting full of prudish yuppies
  15. I don't believe you

    It's like the whole mentos and diet coke thing. How exactly did that happen? Was someone eating a mentos and took a swig of diet coke? Did they drop one in a bottle by accident? Who knows.
  16. Psychic attack! Need help!

    I'm trying to but the thing is i haven't seen him in 3 months the only contact we have with each other is telepathy if that's what it is
  17. That's one of the things I'm trying to say.
  18. I don't believe you

    Why are farts funny?
  19. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Nothing indicates that the divine is real at all. Its a man made idea that some are overly attached to. The only way hid exists is through mags imagination. Nothing in nature at all indicates a god would or should exist. Everything that is know about the god idea is all stuff we made up. There is simply no good reason at all the think the divine even exists.
  20. Psychic attack! Need help!

    but how? we don't see each other at all
  21. Psychic attack! Need help!

    You seriously need to get away from this situation. Whatever the heck it really is. Sounds like an abusive relationship to me.
  22. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Why should he be bothered with it when you aren't? FTM, do you have "proof" it's a false flag attempt? Didn't think so, just a twisted worldview that you expect everyone to agree with because it's YOUR'S
  23. Psychic attack! Need help!

    No. The earth magnetic field dwarfs our own bio-electromagnetic field. Anything "projected" is powerless. Which means no one is reading your thoughts, no one is sending you thoughts. The only things that could possibly be going on is mere suggestion and body language.
  24. Psychic attack! Need help!

    also since we're on friendlier terms since the last few days he wants me to argue with him to "practice" arguing is that a good idea? i think it will deepen the connection and make it harder for him to leave me alone
  25. Mossad foreknowledge 911 attacks

    He appeared to attack or sabotage her highness but in retrospect what he was actually doing was totally EXONERATING her, publicly, for obvious counts of criminal espionage and real obstruction of justice - roughly 31,000 counts of it. Gently please, that rapier-like wit of your's near slays us...
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