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  2. They did the test regardless of that article, they came back as human. This isn't even disputed by the person making the claims... Come on, use some critical thinking here.
  3. Hawkin

    Last year I had a pair of Cardinals nesting in my apple tree. I've recently been seeing them again in the tree. If I go out into the yard with a Chicago Cubs hat on, I wonder if they'll fly off too St. Louis?...:D

  4. The sales price was reduced by several million dollars. Adam sold it a year after the deaths. I guess it's been remodeled and is for sale again.
  5. That's where we disagree. I don't find any legitimate argument for everyday citizens to own an assault rifle under any circumstances. They're just too dangerous.
  6. Here's a suggestion. In order to quell the rampant and out of control of behavior of corrupt government representatives and appointees, change the law and make the penalty for betraying the public trust; execution.
  7. ^^^Fascinating that the ultimate conclusion in the above report is that "no DNA tests are needed." DNA tests are cheap and fast these days...and can put to rest many claims.
  8. No but I can produce evidence that the people involved in this case could and probably did fake them and have a history of such hoaxing. Oh nevermind Carnoferox has done the job for me above.
  9. Most of that call has never been made public. The links we have do say Adam left the guesthouse to go to the main house and saw Rebecca hanging. He cut her down and called 911. Why is he acting like he doesn't know her name?
  10. It's certainly a beautiful house but I wonder if anyone would want to live there given that two tragic deaths happened there.
  11. The topic's not really whether or not we should go to war with anyone, or if anyone is already at war with us. The topic's really about whether or not people have a case when they say they're keeping a gun for a SHTF event. I think that report, among other things, indicates that they do. Even just an increase in extreme weather events indicates that they do.
  12. I don't see how having the electoral college really cauterized any corruption in the last election. The problem with revolutions they don't always turned out as planned and you end up worse off, than when you started.
  13. I've posted this in the past threads, and I'll post it here again: English translation: This is the Fake "Alien" Hand that Maussan's Scientists Determined Anatomically Correct and Functional Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi, Ph.D. Department of Vertebrate Paleontology, Natural History Museum, UNMSM, Lima - Peru Associate Researcher, Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History, NY - USA Member of SSH Abstract . Journalist Jaime Maussan has defended the "non-human" authenticity of various remains of mummies from Nasca based on his team of international scientists, after direct inspection of specimens and X-ray analysis. Regarding the hand that I analyze in this article, Mr. Maussan (Contact program, July 2) said that his scientists have agreed that each finger has six phalanges and that the hands are anatomically correct and functional.Based on the X-ray of this hand and using basic comparative anatomy, I identify the bones that make it up and show that (1) the hand is formed by at least two human individuals and (2) that each finger has two (human) metacarpals, an absolute anatomical and evolutionary aberration. This is not an opinion, it is the result of anatomical-comparative analysis. This shameless assembly is the scientific evidence that Maussan's team defends as authentic. Anatomical analysis shows that Mr. Maussan's scientists, including Mexican forensic scientist Jose de Jesus Salce and Peruvian surgeon Edson Salazar, are unable to distinguish between a metacarpal and a phalanx, or do not want to. When one hears the comments of Mr. Maussan, the outstanding Mexican forensic Jose de Jesus Salce and the Peruvian surgeon Edson Salazar, about the authenticity of Nasca's remains, these are quite convincing. This capacity for persuasion lies not only in the passion they transmit, but also in the fact that each and every one of their arguments is supposedly backed up by the knowledge and skill that their professions confer on them and, according to Mr. Maussan, everything a team of reputed international scientists. In this article I analyze the hand that the team of eminent scientists gathered by Maussan determined as authentic and anatomically functional. The result does not speak well of the anatomical knowledge of this equipment. Identification of the bones that make up the hand provided by the French Thiery Jamin. As reference, Figure 1 shows a radiographic image of a human arm with the nominated bones. According to Mr. Maussan, the "alien" hand was provided by the French Thierry Jamin (Figure 2). For the identification and analysis of the hand I have used the radiographic image shown by Mr. Maussan in the program "Contact" of July 2 of the present ( ). The image shows a hand with three fingers. According to Mr. Maussan's scholars, each finger consists of six phalanges and the metacarpals (which would conform the palm of the hand) are long, thin and form a rectangular palm. This analysis is absolutely superficial, incorrect, and is based on the relative position of the bones and not on the morphology of each bone In a human hand, as in other vertebrates (eg, mammals, reptiles, and birds), each finger has only one metacarpus and usually several phalanges (Figure 1). The number of phalanges is variable between species, but there is never more than one metacarpal per finger. The metacarpals are bones with complex joint facets and very different from the simple morphology of the phalanges, that is, it is not possible to confuse metacarpals with phalanges when they have relatively clear images. In the x-ray of Jamin's "alien" hand, the morphological analysis of the bones indicates that each finger is made up of two metacarpals and four phalanges, not six phalanges, as indicated by the Mexican forensic scientist and the other Maussan scientists . All these bones are of human adults. In the figures, the true metacarpals are indicated with "MC" and phalanges with "F". On the other hand, the "long and thin metacarps forming a rectangular palm" (as identified by Maussan's scientists) are actually different bones: two human metacarpals arranged symmetrically (but in reverse), two possible phalanges and several long bones The curious thing is that these long bones do not have definite articular facets and they have the desolate epiphysis (for example, tibia of Figure 2), so they probably are bones of immature individuals, for example, very young children (neonate). The small size of these bones and their morphology would also indicate that they are the bones of the arm and / or the leg of neonates. When comparing the hand of Thierry Jamin with that of Paul Ronceros (Figure 3) a similar pattern is observed. That is, each finger is made up of at least two human metacarpals. The "palm" of the hand includes several long bones. In this case it is more evident that one of the bones of the palm is a radius or ulna as a child. In addition, in this hand some metacarpals are mixed between the phalanges, without any anatomical sense. Even one of the fingers has an upside-down phalanx, that is to say oriented in the anatomically incorrect sense . In summary, the hand considered authentic by the team of Maussan scientists has two rows of human metacarpals. The bones of the so-called rectangular "palm" are probably the bones of arms and legs of newborn human individuals. The hand presented by Paul Ronceros also has more than a row of human metacarpals and also metacarpals mixed between the phalanges and even a phalange inside out. None of the hands has anatomical, functional or evolutionary sense and have clearly been armed from more than one human individual. It appears that both hands include bones of the arm and leg of neonates in the area of the "palm" of the hand, so I presume that the same author built both hands by mixing long bones (ulna, radius, tibia). According to Jaime Maussan the hand presented by Thierry Jamin has been dated (with Carbon 14) in 1200 years old in the Autonomous University of Mexico. These results are indicative of the archaeological character of the remains used for the construction of this hand. The modifications of the "María" mummy hands described in the previous post were also made on archaeological material, which demonstrates a systematic destruction of patrimonial remains in the area of Nasca. This noxious activity can be increased if irresponsible false evidence is still presented as analyzed in this article. This subject can become even more delicate if some of the human bones belong to non-archaeological skeletons. The outstanding scientists of Mr. Maussan, among them the Peruvian surgeon Edson Salazar and the Mexican forensic Jose de Jesus Salce, have not been able to distinguish phalanges from metacarpals. Their convincing statements about the authenticity of these remains are not based on scientific knowledge and leave a bitter taste on the true reasons that underlie this shameless farce. In relation to the mummy of Maussan, denominated "Maria" ( see previous post), I would like to add that the "non-human" evidence is so poor that no computerized axial tomographies or DNA tests are needed to determine that it is a human archaeological mummy. Comparative anatomy (not Photoshop) shows that hands have the shape and proportions of human hands after the described alterations. The bones of the foot correspond to human bones. The deformed, elongated skull has been documented in human mummies of prehispanic cultures of the area. The rest of the skeleton corresponds to that of a human. What would be the result of a DNA analysis if the anatomy corresponds to that of a human? If the phenotype (the anatomy) is a result of the genotype (the genetic information), the DNA would be closer to that of a human than to that of a chimpanzee. What extraterrestrial evidence are we talking about? To this anatomical evidence of fraud, we must add that no one knows the exact origin of all these remains, that is also unknown to the discoverer, that all remains remain hidden, and that alterations on archaeological remains have occurred previously in the area of Ica and Nasca . In addition, Mr. Maussan has previously defended "alien" evidence that has been proven false and lives on this activity. Author's statement. I am not colluded with the government, nor do I respond to greater interests. I simply can not bear to put up a lie of this magnitude through the manipulation of scientific evidence.
  14. Reminds me of a while back when a couple of kids I think came out with photos of the body of bigfoot in a freezer, and it made national headlines as legit (for all of about 2 hours or so) before being proven to be a bigfoot suit covered in ice. Boy, the bigfoot fanatics went wild over that one.
  15. Ha ha you forgetting you’re friends with me?
  16. Can you show a historical example of foot binding producing 3-toed feet? I mean, some questions just have to be asked.
  17. Your link, while passionate in it's assertions, provides only speculation with zero supporting evidence. In particular, DNA evidence proving an assemblage of parts from different individuals would be conclusive, yet is utterly lacking in the livescience report. In fact, the only claims which are supported by DNA conclude these bodies are complete individuals. *sigh* Yet another standard-bearer of "science" completely abandoning its actual meaning.
  18. IMO, that's the same kind of logic used to support the Iraq war. But I digress. You and I both agree not to elect big orange mad men president, so I won't push this topic much further.
  19. I'm not a scientist performing a scientific experiment. I'm just a forum guy reading the evidence as it is presented to me. So far that evidence points to them being human and humans used head and foot binding regularly throughout history and still now in the modern day. If you consider it a massive leap of logic to think they might also bind hands then you don't understand logic. Get back to me when something changes otherwise there is nothing more for me to discuss. You think they're aliens and I don't, it's that simple.
  20. Again, why does he say 'I got a girl hung herself in the guest house'? Rebecca was not in the guest house, she was hanging from a balcony! Plus, he's running to get a knife from the kitchen, dragging a table to stand on and cutting Rebecca down during the 911 call!!!!!! I always understood he claimed to have come out of the guest house, saw Rebecca hanging and ran to the kitchen, got the knife and cut her down and then dialled 911. Thirdly, he says in the call 'I just woke up' ..... I thought he'd been watching porn immediately before leaving the guest house?
  21. Someone was really dedicated to that prank. They said the thing was pretty heavy.
  22. The picture, of course, couldn't link right. Scroll through. There are several good ones.
  23. Most turn out to be just that. I swear, it's like they intentionally try to find the lowest quality cameras for half this paranormal stuff.
  25. All these beautiful animals. Mama cat had kittens about 6 months ago, one survived, but was blind. I used to play with it with a fabric mouse on a string. It knew the house, where its food was, litter box, etc. It didn't know it was blind.. As it grew, I'd take it outside in the yard and keep watch on it. It played in the grass as if it could see. It was a wonderful young cat. Then one afternoon it got outside without my knowing, and was struck by a car. Of course, it had no knowledge of these things. Unfortunately, I have no photo of it. "Make haste and celebrate my tragedy, With fitting strain resound ye woods and fields, Sorrow is dearer in such case to me Than all the joys other occasions yields. If I but love that virtue which he was, Though it be only scented in the morning air, Still shall we be truest acquaintances, Nor mortals knew a sympathy more rare." - Henry David Thereau
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