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  2. So where I am denying .I myself is accepting it that I have used only one fulcrum and there is need of two fulcrum. See the sketch there is clearly gap between tubes but it will be very minimal.
  3. No use...but if it gets them hits on youtube they will use anything, there are....get this..... people who believe it. They could just as well use a loo roll, but it does not look as fancy.
  4. Whatever man. I'll take the risk.
  5. This is a good point. Some people see anything that relies on faith as something irrational. So another good example of the falsity of this attitude is to ask for example "Do you have faith in kindness of your friends?" What is really irrational is to deny the fact that in life you have to rely on faith too.
  6. Their motive was not to hold or take the body, their motive was the treasures within the tomb. The robbers could have cared less about the body...There have been some Pharaohs found that have been in pieces due to robbers. There was one major artifact that was prized by the robbers and that was the Heart Scarab....worth a fortune in those days. It was wrapped over the heart. See the link below: The selling of this Heart Scarab by a robber could have them living like kings.
  7. Yeah. That's why we need to come up with a way to make sure they cant vote while we have even the slightest chance.
  8. even your own video shows this is not true! the ball might do this (we can not see it, so we just believe your word on it) but the total arm of the device is clearly not! just look at your own video!
  9. Then twins share a soul and chimeras have two? Your understanding of biology is laughably pathetic.
  10. The us and them mentality cannot be completely eliminated. I think we can eliminate the us and them mentality through enlightenment when it comes to race and religion etc. But, as long as we have humans who abuse others either mentally or physically, then we need to protect society against them. And then work towards finding cures and treatment that actually works, and I think that's the best kind of compassion we can share.
  11. Thing is the "FLPU" is anything but. Historically speaking it is about the most undesirable thing humanity can experience. Difference this time is the left wont be able to disarm us before they begin slaughtering everyone. Seeing how the millennia's children seem to be the most conservative group since WW2, hopefully we are much further away from Marxist hell then some believe. Kids naturally rebel against their parents. Conservatism has become the counter culture. In a way its kind of a shame. Some of the ideas would be pretty cool to see. They are far to violent, authoritarian, hateful, and racist to ever completely take over though. Even if they do get their 15 minutes, once people see what they are really about it wont last long. Heck we had just a small taste with 0bama and look what happened. You guys are just as responsible for Trump as those who voted for him.
  12. Well then what is everyones take on the Patterson-Gimlin film?
  13. But Tut never had a honored pyramid tomb. If Grave robbers took these great pharaohs. Would`nt they sell them and keep their bodies somewhere?
  14. He still had freewill just like Jesus did. They both agreed to their parts while fully conscious in spirit world before incantation. He could have refused and another would be chosen to do the deed.
  15. Grave robbers I would suspect....At some point in the Egyptian Dynasties one of the Pharaohs I do not recall which one had all of the bodies moved to the Valley of the Kings....This was done to better protect and guard them from robbers....Though it did little good to be honest....The one and only reason Tuts Tomb was never robbed is that the entrance to it had collapsed....KV62 was Tuts tomb number....
  16. I share from experience. Ive been to the other side and back. Its understandable if you do not believe me. Maybe check out the hundreds of thousands of NDEs that have been written about.
  17. Where Is Heaven? What if heaven and hell is only on the Earth? Energy never dies just changes form. Could we just die and the same day be born again on Earth ? To me Earth looks like heaven is painted over hell
  18. Only Pharaohs were supposed to be mummified...The Egyptians believed the body had to be mummified, because if it decayed the persons 7 Spirits would be lost and they would not pass to the afterlife. Ever heard of Bob Brier?
  19. Well i see no one has any new evidence of human cloning. I'll check back.
  20. Innocent people panic and say stupid things. It’s the guilty who shut up.
  21. Weve been over this 10 years ago. Test tube babies are not human clones. I thought you knew this. Ps God puts a spirit in to the fertilized egg where it bonds with the body. A soul is the spirit and body bonded.
  22. go and build it then! I don't say overunity is not possible, I only say you are just simplifying your calculations way too much You just ignore all friction and heat etc, just by telling "there is nog use of it in your device" but we never see any mathematical or demonstration proof of that
  23. God puts souls in test tubes does he?
  24. Thats what Monsanto is doing. Genetically modifying and patenting plants and food. And using glysophate to keep bugs out which has pretty much been proven to cause cancer. Many countries refuse to let Gmo's be sold in their country because of this. Something interesting.
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