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  2. To rule out anything physical, you may want to consult your Doctor.
  3. I'd be happy with this. He's got a little experience as a head coach. Then he went back to New England for 5 years.
  4. Comet Discoverer Thomas Bopp (1949–2018)
  5. I always hated writing things out even before I knew home computers existed, and I certainly don't miss getting graphite and ink on the side of my hand from my writing position. I tend to think faster than I type though and sometimes leave a word out here and there. I've always remembered things better by hearing them though.
  6. It is very interesting to say the least. It seems the laws are becoming lest restrictive in some places.
  7. I'd rather be able to talk to the dog then vice verse. Like telling them 'come wake me up in the middle of the night, instead of crapping all over the rug.'
  8. 1. Karma: If you can't remember the previous life and the bad you did you should not be held responsible for that. Suffering or punishment only have meaning when you have perspective and would accomplish nothing without it. 2. God's will: In my opinion God's will is not for our success or happiness in this world, but for us to be in union with him in spirit. Thus making the suffering and happiness we experience here irrelevant, uninfluenced by God and just part of life. Sometimes when our spirit yearns for God and truth, the flesh resists and causes us all kind of fleshly destructive desires and unhappiness. This is how our spirit exposes the meaningful and meaningless things in life. 3. Karma doesn't hate you and God doesn't hate you. You are not a victim (you are just living this life of ours, good and bad......i mean there are many children that die, if they could talk what should they say?). If you are not careful and pick yourself up you will always have karma, god and yourself keeping you down. Hope you find courage to face this surprisingly random life we have. All the best!
  9. ps, big jim, slavery is not always evil or immoral ALL human behaviours ethics and moralities are situational and variable. I already explained this in another post, but you might find this article informative The first verse to notice is Exodus 21:16: “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death”. Paul alludes in 1 Timothy 1:10 to this verse when he says that God’s law opposes slave traders. It shows that God’s word was always against the white people who captured Africans to work on American plantations, even though tragically those white people took centuries to realize it. One of the early rumblings of the movement to end the slave trade was a pamphlet published in 1700 called The Selling of Joseph, drawing attention to Exodus 21:16.
  10. It's always the dumbest threads that drag out. It must be because of their entertainment value.
  11. It never ceases to amaze in how NASA keeps forging ahead with the astounding work that they do concerning space and technology.
  12. I'm going to poke around in there. Might be fun if there are any Frank Colin followers.
  13. Yes in christian doctrine all humans were cursed by original sin but all humans had that curse washed away by the blood of christs sacrifice and everyone was garbed in robes of righteousness The new covenant is between god and every human, and belief in (even knowledge of ) christ is not needed ALL humans were saved from original sin when christ sacrificed himslef From that point we became responsible for our own individual imperfections and sins, for which we must confess, repent, ask forgiveness, make restitution and do our best not to recommit. it is here that the bible is important, as it tells us how to live, and how to gain forgiveness for our own individual sins. But it is not essential A good man will try not to sin They will try to make things right, and they will confess and ask forgiveness from those they hurt this just requires conscience not Christianity And so, to me, all humans are equal. All are saved by Christ's sacrifice and all are clothed in new robes of righteousness. BUT then each individual decides what sort of people they wish to be, and how to act. It is not my place to judge them as humans, although i may be required to judge their behaviours. A thief is not the same as an honest man, and a murderer not the same as one who saves lives. I do not have to treat them the same, but i cant judge their souls. God judges a mans heart and mind. Many Christians will not be given eternal life, and many atheists and non Christians will be. Many humans from before Christ will be given eternal life, many who have never heard of him also Yes i know that some Christians and especially traditional Catholics do not read the bible this way That does not make them right and creates a god more evil than good Ps this is my reading and understanding of the theology and beliefs of Christianity it does not mean that i believe it as a reality. I don't believe in a literal heaven, and certainly not hell, which is not even biblical . I dont have any contact, or experience, personally with the sort of rabid Christianity you speak of, despite many of the Christians i know being biblical conservatives. Of course as an historian and a student of the bible I am well aware of the form of Christianity you refer to. To me it is an evil corruption of the true word of the bible, which tends to drive people away from god . God is love. it is just and merciful , caring and protective. Thus it CANNOT be the way some people want to portray it; but more significantly, that sort of portrayal is clearly not intended, because it would drive people from god not bring them towards him.
  14. The only accident I was ever in, in 33 years was when I was struck by a drunk driver 20 years ago. I've driven full size pickups ever since.
  15. I did find this and I didn't know some US states are legal now also. As of November 2017, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia,[1] Luxembourg and Canada[2] Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC,[3] and California.[4] South Korea is also set to join as a euthanasia-legal country starting from February 2018, both active and passive. An assisted dying scheme in the Australian state of Victoria will come into effect in mid-2019.
  16. Safety panel raises concerns about Falcon 9 pressure vessel for commercial crew missions
  17. When I'm sending a personal letter I prefer to write it by hand. However I do find that my brain works faster than my hand does and I end up rushing to jot things down while fresh in my head, with the result that sometimes my writing suffers and becomes a scrawl. One advantage of typing means letters are easier to edit which is very handy, and for some reason my thoughts flow better when sitting at the keyboard. So in the end I usually settle with a typed letter which I then print out and send in the post, that is if the recipient doesn't have email.
  18. Edit: Need to study a little more here.
  19. Yes it had to be for him. Sorry if you have said something about this before but is there any countries that you know of where Euthanasia is legal?
  20. Really thinking about it, there are many other jobs that require drivers, even for regular vehicles. I guess they join folks like myself who will be fighting for some job they aren't qualified to do, or are over qualified and will be massively under paid. If you are among the lucky few that find such a job with thousands entering the unemployment line.
  21. Check this out! This is talking about the article from CNN...
  22. NASA Team First to Demonstrate X-ray Navigation in Space
  23. acute

    You will be pleased to know, my new kettle is ready for collection!  I will post more details after I shoot the unboxing video on Thursday. :yes:

  24. That could be it! Apologies for rash intervention.
  25. Very true
  26. It’s a great forum. And it is good to see people having fun.
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