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  2. Flips long curly hair and kicks up the voice an octive....”Is that a broom handle you’re weilding or are you just excited to see girlies....” scootches towards the door.
  3. I don't know man. I was having a personal private conversation with a member here. They mentioned they were going on a trip. Soon as I left here I was getting adds to go to the same exact place. They were aware of my personal private conversation. That's freaking creepy as all hell. Don't think we aren't all being labeled and put into political boxes over the things we say right here.
  4. I've got a terrible hangover. Was I in here last night?
  5. The crypt keeper is the host of a horror show that lasted 2 seasons? Maybe three. He was a zombiesh type puppet. I’m sure if you googled him his pick would show up.
  6. He needed lessons from Gene Simmons on how to walk in those things.
  7. Thank God.
  8. The U.S. already put one up there according to some sources. But it's pointed downward.
  9. I live just up from there and know quite a few of those affected. Thankfully no-one seriously injured and they have the person responsible; charged with attempted murder now.
  10. TV News is saying the bomber blew himself up when surrounded by law enforcement. At this time authorities are at his home and have sealed off a perimeter due to possible bobby trapping. Also, suspect is dead but there still could be other bombs out there, so the danger may not be over quite yet.
  11. Everyone suspects that Newbloodmoons dentures are not what they used to be. Hes put it about that he prefers his packet of salted peanuts crushed into small bits.
  12. I`m thinking, so called Big-Macs have gotten smaller.
  13. Star Trek Discovery is good too if you haven't seen it. It's a Netflix original, only season 1 showing so far, 15 episodes.
  14. *wields a broom handle* This pub must be the only drum on the manner where the locals go barmy for a packet of rejected dry roasted. Visits to my cellars are on a invitation basis only, John. Its normally the ladies that find such dark and damp places of interest anyway - not blokes! They prefer to stay above board, sinking pints and moaning about cows, tractors and hedges. And anyway...I dont want to give the Drayman, the willies.
  15. I try lol. Looking back at my post I make it sound like I've had no progress. That isn't true. I've been on many adventures since last we spoke, its just not as consistent as I wouldn't have thought it would be by now. I just recently started practicing lucid dreaming to fill in the gaps. Now I wish I had been doing it the whole time. I'm usually good for remembering one to two dreams a night. I become aware I'm dreaming maybe once or twice a week. Its strange, I'll become aware, but not completely. I often get tricked into going back to being unaware I'm dreaming. With all this one thing I have learned is patients. Like the other night I became lucid and found this amazing looking sports car. So I go to get in it, completely aware I'm dreaming, when this guy comes up to me and convinces me that we had to go over the car before I could drive it. Had me checking the oil, and all this other stuff that took so long I never actually drove the car lol. I got a good laugh over that one when I woke up. That kinda thing happens to me a lot.
  16. Please. McCabe wasn't fired because of anything Trump did now was he? Are you saying that the IG is "on the right side of the fence? Harte
  17. Little Brother you are hurting yourself here. I work alongside museums and archaeologists as a Yuwipi Wicasa. @kmt_sesh is a scholar of the highest caliber. When he tells you something is bullcrap. It's bullcrap.
  18. Today
  19. Next time try to roll your eyes upward. That usually breaks the paralysis.
  20. Could you find some more nerdy priest?
  21. Experience proves nothing. Wisdom has nothing to do with Deities. Beliefs have little to do with the actual truth of a thing and are generated by fear and superstition, which itself is generated by fear.
  22. Somthing not dissimilar to this...... by dissimilar I mean not quite as nice and shiny
  23. Coming in from the Sun makes them harder to spot...The Cheblinsky meteor is a fine example of that.....And I agree I am sure they would build more than one.
  24. Another one this time it's one of East Germanys finest
  25. You're Walkers representative now? His official spokesperson?
  26. susieice

    It's white outside. Heavy snow doesn't start until this afternoon. I'm going back to sleep.

    1. Piney


      It's covered with ice outside here, and so was I when I came in yesterday. I still have my truck hooked up to the log trailer but that's probably icy too. So I'll wait till sunrise

    2. acute


      Look on the bright side...... More ice for your cocktails!

  27. Slow? Sure, they're slow with things that have to operate in alien environments, and for which there isn't any significant problem if there's a delay. Project Apollo shows how fast NASA could operate when they only had an artificial deadline and buckets of money. If there was an asteroid Earth-bound, I think the purse-strings would be opened even more, and NASA would be even faster. In any case, I'm pretty sure NASA wouldn't stop at building just one such spacecraft - what's the harm in building two...or even ten? Nothing like a little redundancy when civilisation as we know it is on the line. Finally, any object large enough to cause catastrophic damage is going to be fairly easy to spot a long way away. Plus, I suspect (though I might be wrong) that most Earth-bound rocks are likely to be in some sort of elliptical orbit around the Sun, meaning they're likely to make a few passes by Earth before they actually collide. That gives us more time to spot them while they're close but not going to collide.
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