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  2. I don't believe you

    And I always feel more intelligent after reading your posts.
  3. Notre-Dame cathedral

    I really think you conspiracy mongers are way misrepresenting the alleged "automatic blanket of denial".
  4. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    It just goes to show you can be sleazy and despicable and still not break the law.
  5. I don't believe you

    Some still are. Strangely more of my uni professors than my high school teachers . Might say something about he comparative stresses of either job. Don Hopgood and dean Jaensch (politics) are still allve Graeme hugo (geography died recently. Not sure about others A couple of my high school teachers are still alive terry krieg for example, but many have died Those names are quite googleable and they are all interesting characters
  6. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    1,372 people are talking about this Kinda funny at the same you posted that I was posting this in another thread : QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton’s Arrest
  7. Notre-Dame cathedral

    there was nothing automatic about it..... it's one of the logical possibilities... Notre Dame Cathedral having been targeted and threatened before.. and the timing being Easter... a logical possibility strengthened by the automatic blanket denial by officialdom... before any investigation had even begun...
  8. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    1,372 people are talking about this
  9. AG Barr confirms spying on Trump campaign

    QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton’s Arrest
  10. I don't believe you

    Its hard to judge the level of education /general knowledge OR the nature of people on line. I don't understand the way Sherapy totally misrepresents many things i post. It is either from an ignorance of the facts OR, less charitably, deliberate ad hominem commentary. She rarely challenges factual statements, just attacks me for making them. eg "slavery is always evil" Well no it is not. NOTHING is always evil Now i appreciate this can debated on philosophical grounds, but that is not her approach. It is her way, or the highway, on almost everything I see jmcr8s comments as genuine and coming from very little reading of history but a genuine empathy for people Yes it is a fact claim that slavery was sometimes the only VIABLE option, given the socio economic, political, military, and technological realities of specific times and places. I am sure you understand the meaning of viable and how it narrows the claim Some societies could have stopped slavery but might have collapsed, been defeated militarily, or created great hardships for ALL people in the society it is a fact claim which can be debated using facts and figures (and can be found in may places online ) and i am happy to debate either side of the claim and the arguments for and against. Up to a point your comment about being better off to be free than enslaved is true, but if a society collapses when slavery is removed, then the worst hit people will be the ex slaves, although everyone will suffer A slave is not better off if freed, but then starves to death. (Unless you take the slogan, " Give me liberty or give me death" literally ) Indeed while the ending of slavery in America was an overall good thing, many ex slaves conditions worsened based on objective criteria. It seems that the preferences of the ex-slaves and those of the planters differed widely and that slavery failed to educate the slaves for the market economy after slavery. The choices that the freedmen made resulted in more personal freedom, but at the same time in a decline in their standard of living, their life expectancy, and their educational progress. https://www.history.ac.uk/ihr/Focus/Slavery/articles/emmer.html
  11. Vlad the Mighty

    Meghan Markle baby BOMBSHELL claim!


  12. Climate Change is a Hoax

    @Doug1o29 @Doc Socks Junior, these (15 um photons) are like the peak temperature you see in Antarctica where people show water freezing when poured in mid-air. https://www.theloop.ca/watch/life/you/antarctica-is-so-cold-that-food-freezes-in-mid-air/5848945037001/6006908301001/your-morning
  13. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    and why might Saudi Arabia be so enthusiastic about supporting Clinton, even though she was a woman..? my guess... is that there was some backroom promise / deal to enable the creation of a Saudi Lead Islamic State in Syria - the Obama administration appeared to be covertly arming, training and supporting IS / ISIS / Al Qaeda affiliated groups in the region and Clinton was probably going to carry on with the direction of that support.... (the establishment of an Islamic State being part of a stage of the Globalist Agenda...? ) but I digress... compared to the potential scandal that could be exposed about Clinton - and Saudi Arabia - and Syria etc. the Trump Russia Collusion Report is just a political diversion... a smoke screen.... IMO
  14. Waspie_Dwarf

    Ah, the Easter holiday...

    Because nothing conveys the horror of death by crucifixion like chocolate and fluffy bunnies.

    1. RoofGardener


      Silence, cynic, and pass the chocolate eggs :D 

    2. ouija ouija

      ouija ouija

      Waspie, the Eastre holiday is to celebrate the arrival of Spring, new life, therefore: eggs, baby animals and Spring flowers. Later on, Christians decided to appropriate the festival by remembering Jesus' resurrection from death. The crucifixion happens before Easter. :) 

  15. I don't believe you

    I see, you can't think of any major wrongs that need righting, that exist today, but will be frowned upon in the future. I suppose that sort of excuses those that were similarly blind to the evils of slavery.
  16. I don't believe you

    That's the risk we run when we discuss history. Lucky thing that you and another poster have managed to avoid it.
  17. Today
  18. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    you gloat as much as you see fit.... the 'usual suspects' deserve it because I don't even think they themselves thought there was Trump / Russia collusion and it is just used as a political weapon.... and something negative about Trump for the Media to fill it's time and copy with... me saying I wasn't going to gloat......... was me having a tiny little gloat The best form of defense, as the saying goes.... is attack... and the whole collusion bs took attention away from HR Clinton - whos election campaign was said to be (illegally) funded by Saudi Arabia - 20% of it !!
  19. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    I agree. There are no logical arguments for it. Every logical argument arrives at the opposite. That we merely have the illusion of free will. Experiments support this idea also.
  20. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Don't know, I don't know anyone does.
  21. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    Not being religious, i see the bees as far more important to our planet than any jesus symbol.
  22. I don't believe you

    Which is exactly what it is, pumping your tyres up by making yourselves look like superior moral beings as compared to you-know-who. How about telling us something interesting, like predicting what is seen as acceptable in society today, that won't be in future times. This is just being wise after the event.
  23. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    It really doesn't matter though. Unless you can explain from this how physical matter can have "free will".
  24. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    Really ? I hadn't heard that before. I thought his symbol was the Fish ? Still, it's nice to hear that they survived.
  25. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Cheers * Slides a large whisky with soda down the bar *
  26. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Large whisky with soda water please, Tiggs Oh.. and have one for yourself. Here's my reading of the situation.. from 3000 miles away. The American Public where told by the MSM (well, the left-wing part of it anyway) that the Meuller Report would reveal Trump's Collusion With The Russians. For almost two years. They where adamant about this... there was no room for doubt. It WAS going to happen because the President WAS guilty ! Now the report - in essence - says "no collusion. Well, that's not QUITE what it says, but I think that is the message that most people will take away from it. However, the left-wing media will continue to bleat that... "no no no.. you've got to read between the lines. Anyway.. OBSTRUCTION". I think the American Public will regard this as a desperate attempt to re-spin the facts. In light of the previous assurances from the MSM that "Trump will be found guilty of collusion", I predict a significant reduction in the credibility of the MSM news outlets. This could even translate as an increase in support for Trump on the run-up to the 2020 elections. The more that the Democrats try and expand this "Obstruction" meme... the more that various democrat-controlled committees start distorting their purpose to "get Trump", the more that public discontent will grow. Once more, this will likely translate into support for Trump in 2020. The Democrats - with help from media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and the Washington Post - are committing electoral suicide.
  27. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Hmmm......this conversation sounds like an invitation to pallidin to pop up with his theories about the "beyond" operating through the agency of quantum mechanics. If "indeterminism" is in the equation, it is indeterminate what effect it has, as well. One gets the sense that we can't step back from this situation to evaluate it, because we are immersed in it. Like a fish trying to understand the concept of wetness.
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