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  2. That's okay, I didn't take any offense.
  3. REGULAR CUSTOMER???? I predict your next visit as being April the 9th at around 8pm.
  4. Didn't meant to like that. I'm sorry to hear!
  5. Work wasn't bad but I came home to find out my hubby is sick and we may have to head to the ER.
  6. I apologize. That's partly my fault. Consider this post the last of the off-topic banter.
  7. @RavenHawk I began dissecting everything that wrote in response to me, but stopped midway due to many things that truly disturbed me... I've decided to start over with my response from scratch because I feel that I need to clarify a few things with you. I find a number of the things you've said here utterly contemptible. In fact, words simply cannot adequately express how disgusting I find some of these things. All I can do here is appeal to your mind. I cannot appeal to your heart. Words are rarely ever capable of reaching someone who lacks any care or empathy for others in many of these situations. There's nothing I can do or say to make you give a damn, or to truly feel the gravity of these abhorrent positions you claim to hold. In these particular cases, my objections are moral objections, not mere political 'disagreements.' So instead of dissecting your post point by point, I want to just condense these main few problems down to this one quote and then go from there. Most of the rest of your post is just some snarky back and forth, and I don't really want to stoop to that level. As I read through your post trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to respond to you, I realized that so many of these positions (mainly the ones all posted above) are so deeply divorced from any kind of objective facts, understanding, care, or empathy, that there really is nothing I could ever say or do that could ever get someone like you to understand. These positions of yours... Words just can't fix... I can't reason with someone who lacks basic compassion... I've honestly never been so depressed when responding to someone like this... I might as well be trying to explain to someone why rape is a bad thing. What you've said literally reaches that level of absurdity, and I'm honestly not quite sure whether this rape example is even an issue with you in some cases either. After all, you support murdering innocent women and children who are often forced into marriages with terrorists, and support legalized torture of all things. I mean, I really can't think of an example I could use that's more morally bankrupt then that. I'm not exaggerating here, I really can't. So I'll just leave you with that. We've ventured off the topic of gun control and into the realm of general politics anyway. I share in some of the blame for that (sorry mods, my bad). I think I'm done arguing with people today...
  8. Here is a link to the first page of an article on the subject in JSTOR According to a new book outon the subject, around 50,000 witnesses reporting seeing the plane. That's a lot of witnesses especially for a plane that never existed.
  9. What is the aim of your meditation? What are you trying to achieve? You need to communicate a clear goal to us if we are to tell you if you`re going the right way about it.
  10. Good point, but aside from that not being possible with all products, it can't be applied to products already in stock. The main flaw is in the idea of labels to begin with. It won't change anything except to add more bureaucracy and regulations. Just like with smoking and other labels they will be almost universally ignored. They may induce guilt in some people but they won't change usage patterns. If I'm going through a drive thru and they give me a plastic fork, regardless of my political leanings I have two choices: use the fork or use my fingers and end up wearing half my lunch. It's the same for most other products. There's often no alternative or at least none that are practical and that will be widely adopted. Do you want a label on your shoes? Your dashboard? Your keyboard? What will you use instead? (the generic you, not you.) But if it becomes law there will have to be fees and taxes to support it. Agents to monitor compliance. Fines for scofflaws and courts to adjudicate the accused. Where is the advantage?
  11. More witness reports. The Worcester AeroPlane
  12. In 1909 an inventor named Tillinghast claimed to have built a plane that could fly 300 miles at 120 miles per hour. He went on to tell people that he was testing the plane. Soon people began to report the plane flying overhead. They heard the sound of the plane. People saw the plane. Some people even reported that they saw the pilot. Reports came in across the test area of New England. Credible sightings were made by policemen, businessmen, politicians, and judges all reported seeing the plane. In fact, reports drew in foreign dignitaries that wanted to determine for themselves if this plane would boost their own country's economy. Below are some of the wonderful witness reports from that time. New England Airship event of 1909 This falls under the category of the mystery airship.–1913
  13. I need to find out myself whether it works somehow or not and, fortunately, I spent little money on the components to make an orgonite so there won't be any waste (most stones are keepsakes from grandma). Orgonite won't be used for meditation, though.
  14. This thread is hilarious..
  15. Unreal! Great read, thanks.
  16. This one looks like it will explode in a bad way.
  17. Moderator Note: Reminder. 5a. Personal attacks: Attack the point being presented, not the person who is making it. Rules
  18. Friend of mine posted this video to Facebook, since it featured Hawking. Auto tune isn't really my thing, but I enjoyed the music back when I first heard it. Hadn't really heard of these guys before seeing the videos and looking up who the scientists were that featured in these videos renewed my interest in science and history.
  19. Thank you. I taught high school chemistry for a year, back in the days when it required a degree in that particular subject to teach that subject in high school.
  20. He taught high school science for 8 years before becoming an an engineer (minored in chemistry) with a Masters' in math. And he just finished rewiring the entire house to function on smart switches. Your confidence in what others know is misplaced, in my humble opinion.
  21. Reminder to All posters that the topic is gun control. Please remember to argue points and not attack other members.
  22. We are born free. Without meaning or purpose, both which we must event. To some satisfactory level that gives out lives meaning. This meaning or purpose can be simple or complex. We can pick a meaning from the Mcdonald's menu of ideologies, or have it our way. Even though all meaning and purpose's that we might event are absurd by their very nature, we should embrace this absurdity. Knowing full well that whatever meaning we invent isn't a true meaning. It is something that solves the only real question in philosophy.
  23. Now that's priceless coming from the master magician who used liquid paper on the Medina's insurance claim list to white out any item that didn't fit into a backpack. What gas trimmer, Sly? What rolling tool box, Ismith? What recon edger, Booth? What hedge trimmer, Harry? What 24" toolbox, David? What second safe, Criss? And I presume there were training wheels on that bicycle to prevent Todd from pitching over sideways after stuffing the the rest of the items on that list into his Giant Jansport Backpack.
  24. Police Officers never do wrong. Someone else is to blame. He was justified in that shooting. Same, old excuses, and yes he probably will walk.
  25. I wouldn't blame all of it on Obama. We've been getting hosed by these establishment politicians for quite some time. Harte
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