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  2. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Is cryptozoology a legitimate science?

    Your 1600's "line in the sand" may include Galileo, but it appears that you think Archimedes, Hippocrates, Euclid and many other notables, are not really scientists. This tells me I am talking with the wrong person. Moving the goal posts so that you can find fault with my example is total bullcrap. I used as an example of abuse to scientists thinking outside the box, as Galileo. I am not wrong about that and your continued rebuttal of this issue using questionable "facts" tells me this sub thread is a total waste of time. the rest is total flipping, flopping, and generally arguing for the sake of arguing, moving the goal post because the thrust of what I sad cannot be found incorrect, but spam - you sure do. You are "debating" for the sake of causing argument, nothing more. toodles.
  3. Right or wrong has nothing to do with winning or losing.
  4. Tiggs

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    That would be the part where you refused to read an article written by a left-wing American talking about her experiences purely because she was published by a left-wing media outlet. As if the publishing medium in any way invalidates her own personal experience as an American. I believe there are a plurality of valid American experiences. E Pluribus Unum, and all.
  5. I still think it had to do with that defect. We aren't finding whole groups of them. Just the random Asiatic skull here and there. Go a few pages back in Rogues Gallery to the picture of me in front of the logging loader and look at the older goober. Even after the helmet he still has a sort of long cone head. The rest of the clan are all "round skulled". Except for me. I'm "bumpy skulled" from all the dents in my head.
  6. RabidMongoose

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    Time to upgrade them to psychotic I think lol.
  7. Nope. Nothing to win or lose.
  8. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    there was never a single doubt in my mind that this was ripped out of context and misrepresented by hysterical left.
  9. yes i expect this law be abused, i do not think they will return your weapons, especially in timely way, i know for a fact if nypd takes yoru gun, you will spend more money for a lawyer to get them back than they worth, and even if you do get them back nypd makes sure they will never fire again, my fathers friend was moving and was dumb enough to let nypd keep his guns for safekeeping, it took him over a year to get them back, and when he did, they were basically destroyed
  10. I will suppose then that you do understand the importance of actual physical evidence of early migrations and interactions in form of DNA from the findings in Hermanov vinograd. I will also suppose you can agree that it's not particularly strange or stupid to show interest in the actual reasons, yet unknown, why different cultures around the world were so determined to keep deforming skulls of their children.
  11. Ok, wow!.... Let me ask you this, is there a paranormal claim that you dont believe in? A claim that sounds too weird, a claim that you absolutely want to see better evidence for before believing in? There is a saying that goes something like this "Having an open mind is like having an open window, without a good screen you get all sorts of weird bugs". Wouldnt it be better for you if there were at least some credible proof to support your claims and stories? A link perhaps?
  12. Sir Smoke aLot

    Iran has seized a British oil tanker

    It seems that you are correct, if this is authentic that some unnamed US officials confirmed that Israel was behind the attacks, after days of speculations. Reported by New York Times, LINK. Story was further promoted on many news agencies but it is not for certain just jet i believe. Another media stunt? This kinda undermines US work and interests in Iraq. It is alarming since Iraqi officials vowed to reply with harsh measures if Israel was behind the attacks. By harsh measures it could imply removal of US troops and presence in Iraq, turn from which Iran directly profits and it surely endangers certain US interests in Iraq, especially things related to certain parts of transitional constitution of Iraq, related to economy. I do not believe in ''where there is smoke there is fire'' kind of reasoning because such logic can be abused to great extent but it seems that speculations are not far from truth. If Israel was indeed behind these attacks it was suicidal move when their interests are concerned. Quite entertaining, if nothing else.
  13. acidhead

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    Context: " THE PRESIDENT: So, the fake news, of which many of you are members, is trying to convince the public to have a recession. “Let’s have a recession.” The United States is doing phenomenally well. But one thing I have to do is economically take on China because China has been ripping us off for many years. President Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama, and others should have done this long before me. My life would be much easier — although I enjoy doing it — but my life would be much easier if I just said, “Let China continue to rip off the United States.” All right? It would be much easier, but I can’t do that. We are winning against China. They’ve lost two and a half million jobs in a very short period of time. They want to make a deal. It’s got to be a deal that’s good for the United States, where they want to make a deal — probably, we will make a deal. But if I didn’t do that — and I’m not doing this — somebody said it’s Trump’s trade war. This isn’t my trade war. This is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago by a lot of other Presidents. Over the last five or six years, China has made $500 billion. $500 billion. Ripped it out of the United States. And not only that — if you take a look, intellectual property theft. Add that to it. And add a lot of other things to it. So somebody — Q (Inaudible.) THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me. Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it. So I’m taking on China. I’m taking on China on trade. And you know what? We’re winning. Because we’re the piggybank. We’re the one that all these countries — including the European Union — wants to rob and takes advantage of. European Union — $200 billion. China — more than $500 billion. Sorry. Q So it sounds like a recession is worth it — THE PRESIDENT: I was put here — Q — is that what you’re saying? THE PRESIDENT: I was put here by people — I was put here by people to do a great job. And that’s what I’m doing. And nobody has done a job like I’ve done. Now, would China rather wait for a little more than a year and try and get Sleepy Joe Biden to negotiate with, instead of President Trump? Maybe. But I don’t think so. You know why? They’re losing too many jobs too fast. They had the worst year in 27 years, but I think it was actually 52 or 54 years. It’s the worst year they’ve had in a half a century. And that’s because of me. And I’m not proud of that. But you know what? They want to negotiate. And Sleepy Joe doesn’t have a clue. Sleepy Joe said, “Oh, China is wonderful.” Well, China is wonderful for China. But I’m wonderful for the U.S.A." https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-marine-one-departure-60/ It was actually quite funny. Trump looked up to the Sun @16.28 when he said, "I am the chosen one".
  14. Wes83

    Defining God/s.

    Is existence and our experiences of that existence not enough to give you reason to be awe inspired in a divine way? Inseparable from the divinity itself, yet we seldom realize it.
  15. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    @Farmer77, my god, can you keep it under 10,000 words? yikes. I only have so much time for internet.
  16. Yet this woman almost certainly was venting her anger in an immature way and once her situation was investigated, it would become obvious that she was just an angry, frustrated person that needed to calm down. I'll be interested to see what enforcement looks like with these Red Flag statutes that are coming. The tendency will be for law enforcement to err ALWAYS on the side of maximum constraint against a suspect so that they cannot be vilified later should they release someone who turned out to be a real threat. What about their property? Do their legally purchased weapons get returned to them in a timely way? Ever? If they live with someone else does that person also lose their weapons? This has the potential for some serious government overreach and dilution of our rights, all in the quest to keep us safe. I'd rather live in a nation where there was less hysteria over being protected from risk and more demands that our liberty be protected. We are where we are because of moral degradation and lawlessness. Taking scary looking semi-auto rifles will change that not at all. If saving lives is the real goal, they need to confiscate all the hammers and kitchen knives: https://checkyourfact.com/2018/03/29/fact-check-hammers-fists-rifles/
  17. I hate to post this, (ummm, not really). And Greta again... A few truths in this video, DeCaprio dripping with Climate Models, (no not those ones) on his yaught, to give his inflated ego a daily massage. Greta taking a year off from school and ending up rich, and if you read the YT comments, what the Germans think of Greta, (l won't say it here).
  18. The fact of the matter is that the ship was huge. As far back as 60 years in Soviet books on astronomy, they pointed out interesting flashes on the Moon that must be kilometers in size to be seen from Earth. Given that the Moon is always facing us on one side, they can move freely on the dark side.
  19. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    True that, hammer. I just can't believe that people were so willing to elect that life long criminal that was caught doing two despicable things in her run for the office - cheating against Bernie for the party nomination, and having the illegal server in her home. And exacerbating all that, Hilary would be dragging her serial rapist husband back into the white house with her. And she still damn near WON! What's wrong with the Clinton supporters in this country. They want more young white house aids diddled in the oval office again?
  20. Desertrat56

    What's causing the mass shootings in the USA

    Just as an example of how this can go horribly wrong, a unit I was in in the army had a sergeant who did not want women in the army and took upon himself to get as many of them out as possible. He also took it upon himself to identify gay men and get them out, even it in involved lying. And once a man who was not gay, stupid drunk, though he was, got in a bar fight with a german in a german bar and the guy who he fought with went to the C.O. two days later and told a story that he was worried about this guy as they had been lovers for months and now the guy would have nothing to do with him. It was a lie and it worked. The sergeant zealously did an "investigation" and discounted the fact that the soldier had not met the guy he fought with before the night of the fight and got him kicked out of the army. This kind of thing happens in civilian life as well and if authorities become overzealous in their "protection" of the public, many people will be thrown under the bus with no recourse.
  21. I do believe that as more and more professionals come forward and talk about their NDEs that it will become harder to discount them. In a physicalist, universe these kinds of experiences would be impossible. However, I do understand that "Confirmation Bias" However, I do understand that "Confirmation Bias" can be an issue with any conversation that deals with seeking the truth, I suffer from it. Jeffery Long has actually stated that the NDE proves the existence of God and the afterlife. Here is a site for his book, a good read. Not sure I agree with him, but I do believe that these experiences have always been with mankind, and that is the reason that belief in God and the afterlife has developed.
  22. You think again within the framework of human knowledge. God combines where man sees opposites. One must learn to contain opposites. God is not this or that it is the Other that generates all kinds of life forms, therefore it must be higher than the Immutable and Movable, although it remains the same Absolute as it always is.
  23. The Scythians and Sarmatians were bouncing back and forth between Poland and China since the Pre-Roman Iron Age and the Silk Roads were wide open until the disfunctional Children of Abraham took power. The Chinese Annuals talk about a interaction with Romans, Greeks and Persians. People moved around more Pre-Dark Ages when it became unsafe.
  24. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Obama judge :WI to pay for reassignment surg

    There in lies the rub. Your condition was not seen as "medically necessary" but a guy who is unhappy with his own penis finds it "medically necessary" to remove it...? I don't think this man got ridiculed because he had a lump bulging from his crotch, that's normal. No, Only a liberal judge would interpret the two situations that way. I remember the embarrassment and ridicule I went through when my hernia popped out of my navel like a big fat thumb. Gad. So glad to get that fixed. So anyway, I think the thrust to all of this is - who is determining medical necessity, and the answer is, as the thread suggested, an Obama Judge, say no more, IMO
  25. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    and i said they were not? funny, i do not remember saying that or even implying, can you point where I said that? and you do not see how you doing exactly the same thing?
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