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  2. Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    Here's the thing, Hollywood - 'Bloodshot' (merc gets kidnapped by secret program, gets turned into super-soldier) - is NOT such a distinctive concept that you couldn't have just made exactly the same film, called it something else, _AND NOT PAID VALIANT COMICS A F THING._

  3. ExpandMyMind

    What's wrong with Search?

    Wow. Thanks. That's actually amazing.
  4. OverSword

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    so it's happy end occurred on the seventh day asteroid impact
  5. PeterPan1980

    Ouija board

    That's him! Still give me the shivers, brrr creepy
  6. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    Let's talk history

    There is a theory that says his hair is like that because he is being abducted very very slowly.
  7. Piney

    Need some help

    Mine was sold and destroyed, your's was given away. I can really sympathize.
  8. Piney

    Need some help

    @Swede and @Mellon Man can probably get you PDFs from their Unis. @jaylemurph too.
  9. papageorge1

    Ouija board

    I posted the Imgur photo above. So, getting half-serious for a moment, let's assume neither Charlie Chaplin nor Hitler was at PeterPan's house. What are the chances this is some entity versus pareidolia?
  10. Not A Rockstar

    Need some help

    I have picked up some surprise finds at https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeEBOOKS/ Most are fiction or random things but mythology and history topics come up now and again, though are generally more contemporary and who knows? Maybe you would enjoy a few of the fiction works Hugs your way Fave Mummy. Love you, man.
  11. odas

    US softens position on Israeli settlements

    No, it's a steal.
  12. ExpandMyMind

    Need some help

    Give me a list of the books you want, or just a few, and I'll see if I can find them. If I can then I'll sort you out.
  13. If it's any help biggie don't believe in celebrities
  14. You know me too well.
  15. My 2 wouldn't even of moved until I told them to......but on the other hand we've never encountered anybody dressed as biggie so I can't be sure
  16. bee

    UK General Election -

    I'm not making a judgement one way or another on Corbyn himself and the Labour Party policies under his leadership.... just saying that if he had given strong support to leaving the EU properly he wouldn't be in danger of loosing large numbers of working class voters - but he's caught between a rock and a hard place really because the Labour Party is now more a party for Left leaning Middle Class Intelligentsia and they would favour remain so he has tried to do a juggling act and sit on the fence... as much as possible.. like.... leaving but not leaving
  17. Noteverythingisaconspiracy

    New Nasca Lines discovered

    Make me. Your mean. I thought about reporting you to a moderator, but then I remembered that @kmt_sesh can be just as mean as you are.
  18. odas

    What did Mao -Stalin & Hitler have in common?

    Or you can keep your money by not paying what you owe or declare bancrupcy so that the general folk is forced to pay your debt, like true socialism - all for one, one for himself.
  19. Matt221

    Ouija board

    Thin man in a hat if I squint at it i can see Charlie Chaplin or hitler
  20. kmt_sesh

    Let's talk history

    I don't have much experience with such tablets but been pleased to find I'm really enjoying it.
  21. BrooklynGuy

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    I'll bet we can all guess what they were watching.
  22. susieice

    Need some help

    Check out Thriftbooks. They have tens of thousands of used books that are in great shape really cheap. So is their shipping. I think they have ebooks too. Their ancient history/history selection is huge as are most of their categories. I use them a lot. https://www.thriftbooks.com/?&mkwid=sr4MySh5u|dc&pcrid=230560015175&pkw=thriftbooks&pmt=e&slid=&plc=&pgrid=8775931272&ptaid=aud-305373123344:kwd-3186334350&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6eDIoeT25QIVhZ-zCh1R0gX2EAAYASAAEgJAf_D_BwE
  23. papageorge1

    Ouija board

    https://imgur.com/fJMkzlU Here is Dirk. I lightened up the dark picture some. This is certainly an interesting image suggesting a guy in a hat that seems to fit what @PeterPan1980 claims to be seeing. It's far from perfect but we probably shouldn't expect perfect from a non-physical entity. Anything at all is amazing. Papameter 54% Non-Physical Entity 46% Pareidolia/Hoax/Natural
  24. ExpandMyMind

    US softens position on Israeli settlements

    Some of them, at least. Though I'm not sure of your point? There have always been Jewish Palestinians, and they have mostly lived peacefully alongside Christians or Muslims. That's never been up for debate. At the time the Europeans invaded Israel, around 10% of Palestinians were Jewish.
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