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  2. Eh, all criminals have a credibility issue, but they use them all the time in testifying against each other. But it's not Mueller's investigation that has me puzzled. Bannon said he was going to testify for them. It's the not testifying for the political dog and pony show of the Congressional investigation.
  3. It doesn't matter that someone is holding or it is fix on a stand. You say that no external influence and input energy. I clearly mentioned that there will be no need of external influence as device is getting back its original position without any external influence or any other extra energy and have proven it. Input energy will be very minimal due to counterweight but I didn't say that it will be zero.i said it will be almost free as torque is same on both side.but output will be much greater than input. You can calculate input and output using mgh formula.
  4. Lmao. Made my day
  5. In keeping with your previous visits, you have posted ZERO mathematical proof (do you not understand what a mathematical proof would look like?) and frankly, your explanation is gibberish. If you claim to have an over unity device, why do you not just show it starting from still, and then running and getting faster, without any input? Deja Vu, anyone: Stop wasting our time and build a running device. As you will discover, you can't. That's because there's these basic physical laws that you clearly do not understand. These claims that it is 'proven', when all you do is post an irrelevant equation and some numbers that might as well come from your backside, are laughable. The reason no-one is interested and will not donate money is that you clearly are either completely out of your depth, or a scammer. Sorry to be harsh, but someone has to say it...
  6. I'll let Trey Gowdy answer that: This is the same witness that said that members of the president's family committed acts of treason," the South Carolina Republican added. "So he's got a credibility issue. If they're hinging the entire case on Steve Bannon's credibility, good luck to the prosecution. Regardless of what he said, remember he did a 180. So it comes down to credibility.
  7. Yeah I'm sure they really want to spend a lot of money and resources on you. If you're a target you can be safe because their aim must be really terrible. Ray Charles coming at me with a gun would've been more terrifying...
  8. See, that's what I don't get. If a fellow Republican can nail someone like Bannon on "trumped up charges" to the point he has to button up and not say a word without a lawyer. Why couldn't they get Hillary? She did an 11 hr testimony, after all. I mean Nunes isn't even pretending not to be a Trump croney. I figured Bannon would go in there and they could ask him how awesome Trump was and how it's all a witch hunt. Then they could all leave, patting each others backs, and wrap up the investigation with a, "Yup, no collusion. We grilled Bannon."
  9. Probably with a dumb tweet.
  10. Any longtime investigator/researcher of the paranormal will inform you that the rules of engagement are the same as it is for any other tracking or hunting type of occupation where eventually you are going to experience your own close call with a particular element which may, in turn, begin to hunt and track you in return. I had long ago made the choice of combining my interest in cryptozoology, paranormal and ghost phenomena, and those considered ufological by nature. And many have my experiences including the occasional brush or close encounter with the unknown including some which began to be witnessed by both family and friends, which in itself is often the reason that many investigators and explorers did inevitably hang their hat in walking away from any further endeavors of that kind. At one point after having a few to close to home occurrences had I likewise attempted the same but only to have another occurrence which had only enticed me once more back into the field. I have been frequently informed by others in the field on how uncommon it was for anyone to actively pursue reports from across the board covering all the various types of phenomena of which to me had seemed only a natural inclination to do so. in essence I have harbored no regrets while having aligned myself with the fact of having sacrificed a normal life for once having exposed oneself to the unknown can you never again truly drop off beyond the radar of such knowing. This particular photo of which for some may be a stretch of one's credulity is that of what I believe to be that of a true Insectoid which had attempted to conceal itself within a tree or trees in order to escape further detection while having gotten quite uncomfortably close to what had been my standing position. Either that or it was one rather unusually large bug along with its large bug-like bulging eyes which may be distinctly noticed on either side of the creatures head. One thing you learn early on is never to panic when confronted by something which is observing you where a slow and controlled retreat while being constantly mindful is usually the best method of backing out an otherwise uncomfortable moment. Unless you are talking about a much larger apex predator such as a bear or a mountain lion where your best options may be a combination of fight or flight response. Ultimately your mileage may differ.
  11. Its a Plonk-O-Bonk, a historical Indian musical instrument.
  12. Just curious.. what's going on why are you saying this???
  13. And an example of that 'deeper truth' relevant to this thread would be....? And in what way (please give an example, the best you can think of) does that 'Deeper truth' manifest itself itself in a way that is unexplained by science? And if it doesn't manifest itself in a meaningful/measurable way, may I suggest ..... it might as well not be there.
  14. Constant discord between nations and within nations eventually leads to diplomacy by "other means". Today the settled order of international relations has been turned on its head and the leaders are seeking a new equilibrium. Underpinning it all is a global movement toward unity under one leadership structure. At the same time, economic factors are limiting major buildups of forces. The nation that decides to strike first will be the best fixed, economically and with have a form a government that is essentially unmoved by public or global opinion. My guess is that we will stumble into this conflict. My bet is that we slam NK and the Russians but receive a near death wound in the process
  15. Hear hear, Stereo & Psyche. Fila, you are just showing yourself to be a newbie who refuses to do the hard yards, yet you expect everyone else to go off and do your work for you. I think it's fair to say that those of us who HAVE spent the required time to look into the ACTUAL reports are getting mighty sick of this, especially when repeated over multiple threads. Clearly you did not bother to look up past threads on this topic. WE are not making the extraordinary claims. The UFO's were, almost certainly, aircraft and flares. To date you have shown NOTHING to suggest otherwise, except a few (NOT thousands, NOT even hundreds) bits of poorly transcribed anecdotal testimony - testimony that is in direct contradiction to other testimony, and thus USELESS. UNLESS, of course, you wish to deliberately mislead this forum.
  16. LOL, they've been warning about "extreme weather" due to AGW for decades now. That next year, or the year after, will see a marked increase in hurricane frequency and/or intensity. That all this is because of man-made global warming. Yet, as with their climate models that never come true neither do their warnings about extreme weather. North America has not had a category 5 hurricane hit the US mainland for 25 years. Thank God cat 5 hurricanes are rare and remain so. So how about those predictions of increased intensity? NOT! What about frequency? According to NOAA's data on hurricane frequency there is no meaningful increase in the frequency of hurricanes over the past 100+ years either. So to the climate scare mongers just saying that there's an increased risk of weather related catastrophe does not make it real or true. Only measurable science and observation makes it true. I think AGW should be re-refereced as Anthropological Global Whining.
  17. I see tremendous hypocrisy You are yet to provide any more than your opinion Again, it's all here, been done to death, your just regurgitating failed arguments
  18. List the names of the thousands thanks Your a stickler for information so you best start providing some instead of getting everyone else to repeat themselves simply because you are too lazy to use the search function on this very site. They would be able to identify a sound just like a decent mechanic can pick an engine problem by listening to it An experienced pilot should be able to even identify the type of plane by sound just as a car enthusiast can pick the type of engine that just drove past Then email phoenix Airport and ask for them Your the only one doubting that there was air traffic, if there was a massive UFO in the skies it would be a hazard to a busy airport but I don't remember reading about air traffic warnings or diversions to avoid the claimed craft You are a hypocrite, you make wild claims with no backup and demand mountains of evidence which is already here via the search function I think you just like ordering others around
  19. Why does the video show someone holding it if this seesaw is meant to be balanced? The video contradicts your statement of no external influences and input energy.
  20. Lol, yup. That's how it goes.
  21. If I had a smart phone I'd check in periodically at least, but no. I have to take time to go to my computer to respond, so any distraction means ghosting. Don't mean to, just what happens.
  22. i need to play minecraft again. build a castle. throw eggs and chickens off the top of the castle. that's the life.
  23. I am thinking it more likely a relative of the Dover Demon.
  24. this must be some highly idiosyncratic usage of the phrase "highly anticipated" with which i am not familiar.
  26. Today
  27. GEIPAN is. It's the UFO bit riding the reputation of CNES. What are you proposing that GEIPAN has done to further knowledge with regards to the UFO subject? They are all here in their own threads try the search function Its what this part of the forum largely consists of Including yourself What are you proposing then Yet we have tracked them All across the world from Hessdalens lights to our own Australian Min Min lights it's obvious that UFOs are natural phenomena. If you really were interested in the phenomena you would be studying meteorology not trying YouTube and UFO websites for tall tales about aliens.
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