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  2. Question about perspectives.

    Daenerys and Tyrion "make a complete character," complementary and wildly contrasting along every dimension. The Jungian Image of God is overwhelming (Daenerys), but his "God" also manifests as a quieter Voice of God (Tyrion perhaps). As Jung put in his 1961 letter to the BBC's The Listener: Just musing. You have good taste in gods
  3. reports can be credible, personal testimony and eyewitness evidence is evidence...sorry
  4. MK-ULTRA Mindcontrol

    This reminds me of a book I read back in 2012 called The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon. Is that what you are talking about?
  5. Does that mean they have lost their ability to keep secrets now? Is someone getting fired over this "leaking"?
  6. another blobsquatch and the photographer used every cheesy trick a hoaxer would use, the subject is where you cant see it but the camerman doesnt move to get a better shot, then cutting the camera off right at the best chance to actually show his buddy in a fur suit, saying he was scared for dramatic effect. 99.9% hoax
  7. Word Association from the Last Letter

    entitle -> empower
  8. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    potly -> apyretic
  9. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    What a remarkable discussion! Seriously, as I re-read both current and past posts, the discussion in large part seems to me to be extremely mature. Carry-on...
  10. Weird facts i'm living

    i'm not that kind of person that search a meaning in dreams, also that kind of allucination with my teacher, that after some researches i think it is an allucination of sleep paralisys, don't hurted me. nothink in life can hurt me or let me speechless. but when i were out,, on my body, it was incredible, and something in my mind changed.
  11. Cern and time line jumping

    Oh georgie, you are as predictable as rain i October. If it's far out, you will defend it! But you are off your territory with this one. The Mandela effect is based on the many worlds hypothesis - which in itself is a very weak hypothesis. It depends on another weak hypothesis called super determinism. So you are standing with a double weak hypothesis, but it gets worse! The Mandela effect violates the laws of physics by mixing separated (hypothetical) realities. Realities, that in hypo-theory, are separated by frequencies that cannot be changed spontaneously. Who's in charge of running all these realities and changing the frequencies (just to confuse us!) ?? God? Well, if it is God, then he has a new title to his resume, besides homicidal egomaniac, friendly advisor and cosmic santa claus. He's also an IT nerd!
  12. reports are not credible, they are not proof or even real evidence...sorry i still have my theory events might get recorded by some unknown earth phenomenon and replayed when the right person and conditions are all lined up, but no way are these conscience enities, spirits, of spooks haunting around, i believe people who have to cling to this departed souls idea fear mortality. im not saying when we die lights off thats the end, i believe we are engery and engery isnt lost it just changes form, but not to casper, beetlejuice or any enities haunting around.
  13. Acronym it! (Part 2)

    Voices Inside Teapot Alarms Listener PLATE
  14. Interesting but hardly anything written in stone unfortunately. Next presidential election could change (and often has) everything.
  15. Is this the real deal? What do you guys think?
  16. sure, its been a downward slope for me, im 54 as a kid in the 70s i would wonder could bf be real i only had the books and documentries and my knownlage of that era to go by, so i thought sure, its possible, i was a solid 50/50. but geez when i got on the net and really researched it, so much of what i thought went right into the trashcan. you hit a nail on the head, in the last 10 perhaps 15 years there has been more focus on finding bigfoot than the 50 plus years before it, countless people, money and man hours and my 3 Zs apply, i do see more and more people follow that slope and even suggest that if it was there it would have been proven by now, but lets not forget some down want it proven they like the mystery the chase,
  17. Climate Change is a Hoax

    That's a pretty good Drip there! What is that about a quarter of your yearly average?
  18. Ghost Girls of Elfrida

  19. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    ornament -> potty
  20. Cern and time line jumping

    Just ignore these links "True Believers". I know you will. https://neurosciencenews.com/mandela-effect-9525/ https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human-brain/mandela-effect.htm
  21. Word Association from the Last Letter

    name -> entitle
  22. Climate Change is a Hoax

    For you weather afficionados. The unofficial precip for the last two days around here is 13 inches. Don't know if that's a daily record, but it's not a monthly one. That came from my back yard weather station which won't get included in anything official. Doug
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