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  2. That's just a false analogy. Because you don't know enough math, then mathematics can't model efficient sheep shearing? Harte
  3. Thanks for acknowledging that. Honesty, is a big rarity this days (sincerely). Of course it is not Osiris, this is from Sumer. I just gave you an example how the teeth and orisit would look like. I explained in my theory that the light is not contained only for the Giza, This is what summer would see, but of course they would have their own God that looks like Osiris or Horus, etc but not all of them. " Osiris, you should embrace them (yes, be with them, travel with them). there is none [of them] who will be away from you (yes, they all travel together in the sky in one direction) Father Osiris Pepi, accept, let your throat breathe from them. (not sure about throat) Don’t [you] let [loose of] them, and come to your proper condition" (proper condition means may be be bright in the sky) We can argue about Faulkner, Allen or others, How is that relevant? Faulkner cannot be 100% wrong in his translation, so as others cannot be 100% right. Also, It is still opinion whose translation is better, because Allen's translation is modern does not mean better. Right form the preface, I can see Allen has religious bias. Why would I like that? I do not need a translator to tell me how I should think about utterances (that by itself is a failure). Osiris (light) accept (horus) light, may mean (but cannot say for sure) two light sources travel. This was written my a slight educated caveman, for sure you will not see all that spelled out for you and it they tried that would be in context of goddesses, gods, etc. Again, you are picking on a few utterances, reread most of the PT with the substitutions I provided, and look for a bigger picture than the process of mummification, etc. Sure it is not, but you understand my point, Giza, Saqqara or area close, what I mean it is not Australia or something! That is just make arguments picking on someone else choice of words. "The hereditary king’s two daughters—the red ones upon him in his two boats, the great ladies—have given you birth (Isis and Nephthys?, and yes, almost there to tell you, what they really represented in that time, and sure it is not that theological nonsese people attribute to them)" and "A king-given offering, an Anubis-given offering: your thousand of raised oryxes (a lot of references in the PT text about thousands of beers, breads, orixes placed in the pyramid, I think this is what used to create light see my Maat video ) from the deserts coming to you in obeisance" and "Turn yourself and see this serving that the king has made for you, that Foremost of Westerners has made for you, that you might go to yonder gods (light travelling?) the northern Imperishable Stars" - notice here that the word "king" has many modifiers and none of them indicates "light" and all of them indicate "a person.", where that indicate the person? The king given offering may mean what is placed in the pyramid coffer to create light! I am not sure how you can tell that they mean real boat, just because the boats were found close to the pyramid? The boats definitely had importance to the Egyptians no one argues that but that is all I can say. There are also a number of references to boats travelling in the sky (can give you references if you need ones), the real boats as you know do not travel in the sky. Speaking about time, what time you are referring to? Also, your statement about Horus sons not associated with colors is at least puzzling. I know it is a wiki picture, but you got an idea
  4. Hi Harte I suspect they orbit the black hole of a closed mind. jmccr8
  5. I think this is so very important. "Science" doesn't care about anything. "Science" isn't trying to do anything. It's a process, a study, a method. I keep hearing that science and spirituality are at odds. Nope, again, "science" isn't anything other than a process. I also know many scientists, doctors, ologists, etc. that believe in deities and religion or are very spiritual. THEY understand that one has nothing to do with the other. Nibs
  6. My Gods,.. TeRanginui..Sky Father.. Te PapatuaNukuaKuia.. Earth Mother .. We are all Gods.. We have the Light in us All .. Mo..xx
  7. The Center of the Universe.
  8. Secret Santa the answer to your question is in the video of this post. The one that got this thread started and its on the titled: Wall Marking Analysis. Video and PDF. Enjoy
  9. yes I think it's called a gambler's faith kind of like hedging the bets. jmccr8
  10. Another wall of nonsense garbage, trying to hide the fact that he's absolutely full of ****.
  11. Howsit again. I dont know exactly who CH, is meaning .. My thoughts, The Nasty people or Entity's, in Power, holding Humans in Slavery, through, Legalis Means of Restrictions, Control, Police Enforcement..etc.. Oh and Money .. Uncovering what truth.. That its All a Big Fat Lie ... Mo.xx
  12. What are they orbiting Will? Harte
  13. papageorge1 I know you know and understand the nature of a skeptic but I want to say it anyways. The nature of career skeptic is to offer conjecture, to offer innuendo. They can't debunk anything because they weren't there. Skeptics don't ask prudent questions because a true skeptic doesn't want to know the real answer. truth hurts. Its a BIG pill to swallow to think an entity like this can what Im claiming an entity actually did. That frightens believers and skeptics, especially skeptics. Skeptics hate to be wrong. They fear it. PINEY and Moonman are not here to learn about poltergeist. They could careless about my experience or the experience of others who've dwelt with poltergeist . There only here to play "gotcha" there's "gotcha politics" and their's "gotcha debunking." If I can catch you in a gotcha I've just debunked your claims. Now they've high five, do the Harlem shuffle and tap dance on their key-board thinking they won or that they debunked something but in reality they've debunked nothing. Take their questions to paranormal conference, they'd be laughed out the room. Take their questions to a parapsychology committee they'd be exited out of the room for failure to contribute intellectually. The people who believe me, are the only people that matter. Those people are friends, family, neighbors, geist survivors, believers and the teams that came to the house (and lived in the house) These guys don't matter. They're not sincere and truth be told, they look sort of silly. I mean you must have a lot of time on your hands to constantly be monitoring a board that you don't believe in. Bring my girlfriend here? For what? Bring a witness or Shaman here or give you the contact info to a Shaman so you can ask questions? For what? Piney can't even answer the most fundamental poltergeist question - why would I pivot you to someone who's helped me? They'd view you contacting them as an insult.. You'd embarrass me by saying "hello." They say the emptiest cart makes the loudest noise. You guys are making a lot of noise for something you think is a hoax. Keep on thinking that. In the paranormal community this case is has been accepted,as being well documented and well substantiated. You dont read. You're allergic to BOX accounts and you don't understand poltergeist. I give u credit, you can troll pretty well. You get an A for that.
  14. Well that isn't good. I haven't read of any god/s that aren't jealous, vengeful and/or willing to purge the planet in a fit of pique. Nibs
  15. Plenty of scientists have their own personal spiritual beliefs and their own faith. Those things can't be measured, though, so they aren't something science is designed to address. So science doesn't try to. Harte
  16. Wow, that would go against your prophecies wouldn't it?
  17. Howsit Nibs, Celestine Prophecy, was that Synchronicity ..? Mo.xx
  18. Hi Nibs Will's god can be found in the UB under channeled entries, so for him it includes all gods even if the have different defining qualities that way he can safely claim that he is a brother to all. jmccr8
  19. BS. The only thing shallow is your biased point of view. The IDF turned it over to their Christian militia allies. It was a tactical withdrawal. Arabs haven't won a single war against Israel. This IS a fact! You can dispute the deceitful ways they've won these wars but in the end, history books are written by the victors. Claiming a strategic withdrawal to be a victory without defeating the enemy on the battlefield is as shallow as it gets.
  20. Aquila King

    Mother: *asks me millions of questions every few seconds*

    Me: Answer "I don't know" to most of them since there's so many.

    Mother: "Sheesh, that's your answer for everything. You apparently don't know anything at all."

    Me: "Apparently you don't know anything either since you ask so many damn questions all the time."

  21. I love it when Herr Falukorv and Noteverything grapple. Where I grew up we only ever made fun of Polacks. Variety is healthy.
  22. Pint of gin and tonic, please. (Is that on the house?) Not sure if your definition of Ladies' Night is quite the same as mine. I thought it just meant drinks were free for the female persuasion. Who have you got lined up for the birds to 'pull'?
  23. I have had dreams of 3 people in my life who were closest to my heart. I dreamed that my dad came to visit me when I was sleeping in his family home in KY while I was there for the funeral, I dreamed of a lady who was like my second mom to me, in the dream she was in my bedroom, holding my hand between her hands. When I awoke, my hand still felt warm, as though someone had been holding it. And I have dreamed of my best friend many times. I have never had a dream that she was in my room, but I have had dreams that she was wherever I was going and I was confused because I know she's dead. Waking up from dreams about her are the hardest for me; I awaken with a heavy heart and it makes me very sad. I never used to see male cardinals in my yard. Last spring and summer I must have seen dozens of them, all around. And at a get together to celebrate my daughter graduating college last summer, there were many that were flying about the park. I have always heard that cardinals signal a loved one near. Most likely I'm just noticing them more but I like to think that she's around me.
  24. I'm supposed to figure out what frequency I vibrate at, it will help me learn the truth. Didn't that Celestine Prophecy crap go out of vogue? Nibs
  25. So you are saying it is NOT Odin correct? Not being sarcastic. Seriously, it is NOT Odin correct? Nibs
  26. It's worse than that. Those people don't even know what energy is. It's similar to all the stupid claims about "frequency" from morons that don't even know what "frequency" is. Harte
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