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  3. But Helen, these people are experts! Experts, people of science, who frequent a forum called Unexplained Mysteries and attempt to intellectually p*** on everyone daring to discuss 'mysteries', they seem to take pleasure in uplifting themselves by degrading others Can you imagine how bleak your life has to be to resort to this sort of self- worth build up? I personally suspect a tirant wife might be at play here. Very, very sad.
  4. What then is the theory behind the finding of the objects where they were seen? I'd say it is not everyday to find coins in an OR, or to find a shoe on a multistory roof. I've been in only a few ORs, I grant you, but none if them had coins laying around. Doctors offices, dentists... no coins ever did I notice... I see hundreds of roofs ever day, yet none with shoes on them. Not actually ordinary, IMHO. The objects and places are not unusual, it is that someone reported them who couldn't (shouldnt?) have seen them. I'd tend to agree. The NDE dont prove an afterlife. And may just as well be regular dreams. I am interested in if either can predict/see things the person normally wouldnt/couldnt. I'd wonder what the statistics are of people dreaming of things in places and then finding the thing was there. I dont ever remember having such a dream myself, though that proves nothing. Seems to me that also would be extraordinary, and not common. So... if you had a dream, where you went somewhere you had never been, and found something, say a gold coin, and then you wrote this down when you woke. And then some time later got to that place and found the coin where you had imagined it... that would not be remarkable? Worth noting? Happens all the time?
  5. Buzz_Light_Year

    US school rebuilt with bulletproof barriers

    How can you equate military barriers to the school scenario? Yeah you can duck down and take refuge behind the barriers but I think you're conveniently forgetting that you also have the ability to return fire and that is the biggest deterrent to someone reaching your position and causing mass casualties. What are the students supposed to do? wait until the shooter corners them behind the barrier and have a free for all? Locking the doors is a good idea until the shooter decides to go on a rampage between classes when the students are in the hallway and suddenly they're locked out of the classroom and left in the hallway. I just see this solution as having too many what ifs to be effective. How about treating the cause instead of the symptoms. Oh what a novel idea. Most mass shooters can be tied directly to the use of SSRI's and hardly anything is being said about it and there's a reason for that. Out of the top 20 lobbying groups that spend the most money trying to influence law makers are.......Well you should have guessed it but here it is anyway. Bayer AG American Medical Association Blue Cross Blue Shied American Hospital Association Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Oh and by the way the NRA didn't make the list just so you know. The other fifteen......... Southern Company Facebook Lockheed Martin NCTA: The Internet & Television Association National Association of Broadcasters Northrop Grumman Amazon Comcast Boeing AT&T Alphabet Inc-Google Business Roundtable Open Society Policy Center-Soros National Association of Realtors US Chamber of Commerce https://www.businessinsider.com/lobbying-groups-spent-most-money-washington-dc-2018-2019-3#us-chamber-of-commerce-20 According to John Hopkins study the third leading cause of death in America are Medical Errors. I really do think they should add the shooters that are on SSRI's and other depression and anxiety drugs to the medical errors list.
  6. itsnotoutthere

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    Indeed, this was going to be my next point. Much play is given to the idea that brexiteers lied over brexit, ignoring the fact that leave did too, and with the one sided benefit of £12million of tax payers money. But in all seriousness how people vote for a party in a general election based on what the politicians in that party tell them, or how many people actually vote for a party on the basis of their manifesto? You'd have to be mad to believe that a party will fulfill even a fraction of their manifesto promises, they never do. No, what people vote for are the basis principles the party is running for. We all know which party we will vote for based on our own principles and feelings. People vote the way they did on brexit on the basic principle of whether they wanted us to stay in the EU or leave the EU based on their personal observations and opinions about the EU after observing it and being part of it for 40 years, they didn't vote on the basis of what was written on the side of a bus.
  7. You can't read minds, only people.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    THIS IS HOW I FIND PEOPLE LIKE ME. Even though I'm defoooo different because I seriously suck at trying to read minds BUT PEOPLE ARE SOOOO GOOD AT READING MINE! (no one will believe us though)
  9. Imagination takes us places.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not anymore. And I did NOT even have to scratch it. Stop being so nosey LOL JK.
  11. Manwon Lender

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    I have a simple question, please answer truthfully does your Butt itch?

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    If you actually took the time to read both of my posts (especially my original one--THE LONG ASS ONE YOU IGNORED), you will notice I said I can mostly only see personal events. You said this very arrogantly, but I mentioned I can try to prove things to people (it's just not going to be easy). I did notice this is OLD AS HELL, but no I did not bother paying attention to when they "vanished." The poster still appears as a member. Anyway, I advise you read my first post rather than my comment. I do not care what you all believe, but I know I am right after a ton of speculation of my own experiences. I do not see EVERYTHING. That would be extremely time consuming, like are you serious?!?! This is WHY things cannot be proven. People want to come up with extreme assumptions of what the answers MUST BE. Why don't you try keeping an open mind & give people a chance to prove it overtime. Things take time & not much can be proven on a message board. I know you all who disbelieve this so strongly would come up with some many ideas and reasons for our proof to be wrong or fabricated over a freaking forum. Proof works best in person. I mean do you believe every video you see or something? I don't think you guys even care or are even interested in trying to find out the truth of potential possibilities. Relax & let people share experiences. You might even awaken some of your own for yourself. I do not wish for this to be my job to prove anyone because obviously it would be a hard one, but no I do not seem how it would be impossible. I do not understand, however, how someone is supposed to prove they can do AP unless they are SUPER FREAKING GOOD AT IT. I would have to be able to AP into your mind right now & type exactly what I experienced & if I only did it to you then even you might think I'm just super lucky or good at guessing. Also, no one else would believe us most likely. It would look like a set up. But IDK you, & if you paid attention to my original post (not my response to that girl), then you would see that I explained that so far I can only do this to people I know personally or at least that is the only way I realize it's working. Anyway, I do not care who is still with us or reading this & what not, I just wanted to tell my stories or explain my POV. I am super amateur & am not expecting a lot of out this conversation at all, but I like to consider both sides. I doubt my powers sometimes, but I also like to read about others' experiences who do have abilities in case I can learn from them and grow stronger.
  13. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Should all British police officers be armed?

    Yes they should be armed. they should be legged as well.
  14. Dumbledore the Awesome

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    It was just a typical politician's alliterative slogan. No one believed it, just as no one believes any slogans that come out of the mouths of politicians. Boris almost certainly is a liar, by virtue of his profession, but then, so is every politician who's ever promised anything or said that something is about to happen.
  15. LOL I get that............... I like being vague about where I live for a variety of reasons but ill say its in this area around the river This is kinda my neighborhood
  16. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Call to scrap paper and pens in school exams

    We’re rolling out digital assessment here and it’s a dog’s dinner.
  17. So you claim to be able to predict the future but did not realized that the post you responded to is from 2009 and the poster itself vanished in 2013? Teach us, master, teach us.
  18. Hmm... Location the desert, but five minutes from a lake.. Doesnt add up. Somehow I dont think youre being completely honest with us here..
  19. XenoFish

    Religion versus Fiction

    No grey hair for me. It's white and mostly missing.
  20. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    This reminded me of our discussion with people leaving silly reviews in amazon earlier in the thread - Check this one out - look at this review of the book that the fake Ghislaine picture was reading at the time of the photo. *Queue Twilight Zone Music now* https://imgur.com/a/mzqTGZD Oh I meant to let you guys know for info on Ray Chandler try her tumblr page.
  21. RAyMO

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    I know what you are saying. But the second one may yet still prove to be true, and the first was probably a truthful expression of a belief, even if that belief proved to be false. Unless of course he knew another bust was coming on his watch - (I think it was Brown?). Although the first could have been a lie - I don't know what he knew or thought.
  22. Manwon Lender

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    Very true statement.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    I didn't realize AP meant other worldly LITERALLY. Especially since, none of us can agree on an answer for it. I agree with you that it is THIS WORLD RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW (except for the fact that I can predict the future so if I do "AP" at the same time then I may be able to go somewhere in this world right here-ish whenever-ish--maybe even in the past some day. I have similar experiences to you though based on what you are saying.
  24. RAyMO

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    when a politician uses a phrase like "I am the chosen One" or claim to have "saved the world" they will be pilloried irrespective of context or intent. Must politicians know this and avoid uttering phrases that come back to haunt - some don't have the filters in the first place. Gordon Brown for example hasn't yet lived this down
  25. Today

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    Hey I am psychic. I know that sounds stupid to some of you. Some people I know are, too. We could prove it, but some things take time & everyone usually just tries to come up with theories to explain things. The best & quickest idea I would have to prove things like that would be mind reading. Someone could write something down & I could read it in my head & my friend could say it aloud. They say some peoples' minds are easier to get into than others, but they get into mine easily. If we performed this, then we could prove that I had no idea what someone was going to write. It could be a string of unanticipated words. I, on the other hand, have not mastered mind reading as well as some of them. Instead, I am clairvoyant among other things, which means I can see the future, but so far it has only been personal--as in my own future or someone's close to me. My specialty are peoples' deaths, but I see plenty of random pointless ****. I do not always remember details & I usually only see/know things that I will find out in the future rather than things that I will never be told. I was in denial about my power for a long time until too many major things I predicted came to fruition. Clairvoyance isn't my only power for I can do a few other things, but I will skip to the part about astral projection. One of the last major things I predicted was someone's suicide. I predicted it at the same time I predicted one of my other friends going on vacation. Like I said, psychics forget exactly what they've seen sometimes, so I wasn't even sure who it would be, but I had a feeling it was a friend we'll call KB & I DID remember what the vacation would look like. It was through a snapchat they sent me when I finally saw it happen. Anyway, the person who I saw commit suicide was different. I didn't see it probably because I will not be there when it happens. However, I felt like I was experiencing what they were experiencing. I felt like I was in the body that jumps off of the building & I believed I recognized the building as a certain someone (other than KB--so we'll call him D). D was chatting me on snapchat before he jumped. I was not controlling him, but my soul had been projected inside him. I was responding to him on snapchat, but I didn't see myself or feel myself responding. Then he jumps off the building & I feel his body's pain when he hits the ground. After this, I had a major headache that didn't go away for at least a day. I know I didn't experience the full pain of this event, while neither did I die or anything, but it felt like it was possible because of previous experiences with psychic abilities. None of this has happened yet & part of me still believes it might have been a dream, but I have tried to reach out to him to tell/warn him that it was a bad idea to do that if he's thinking about it already. Although, I have never felt like I could stop any of my predictions before (especially when I use to doubt them). A few months later, it happened again. I didn't realize I was inside of him until I realized I was texting myself again. I was aware that I was actually just sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, & even though I'm not sure where he was, I felt like my own fingers were typing the text messages that I ended up receiving from him afterwards. As it was happening, I also felt like I was thinking exactly he wanted to say what he was typing before he typed it. All of a sudden, I was focusing on wiping my damn ass again (not literally but you know bathroom stuff & sorry for TMI but I'm just saying). After this moment ended, I felt as if I was in the bathroom for way too long so I hurried the hell out of there & cleaned up & whatever & joined my friend in his room on his bed (my friend there was not KB or D so we'll call him O). When I was laying in bed with O, I checked my phone a few moments later to see the exact text messages I experienced typing, but from D's number who was miles tf away from me!!! I have screenshots of it for myself so that I will not convince myself that it didn't happen. (BTW this was a delicate situation so I did not want to even try to experiment with mind control; instead, I acted out of curiosity & let it play out & I just spied on the situation which wasn't too intrusive seeing as I only saw what he was texting & it was literally sent to me so whatever--P.S. I wasn't even trying to make this happen! I wasn't sure if I could do AP or whether it was real). It's been another few months since these things occurred. I am more sure now that D will at least try or think about killing himself in the way that I imagined he did, but I am not sure how to stop it, and if me or anyone tries to stop it, it will take away from the fact that I predicted & experienced this mostly because then the prediction will not come true. In addition to that, I was only looking this up because I've been wondering if other people have experienced something like this too. I'm wondering if, since I get visions, if I will not even astrally project myself into him when he dies or if I did AP simultaneously while seeing the future like AP INTO THE FUTURE! Anyway, if that isn't true or possible then I must end up being in two places at once. For those of you who already believe or consider souls leaving the body, imagine the possibility that your soul can leave your body & experience someone else's life/POV/death & whatever WHILE also being able to respond to them over a text message or messaging other app?!?!? While I would figure it impossible for your soul or consciousness to be in two or more places at a time, I did mention I was aware of being on the toilet while I was also experiencing writing texting messages from D's phone while he was in a completely different place. Yes, my subconscious could have just remembered where my soul traveled from, but I felt like I was almost literally right there on the toilet writing the messages as it happened from somewhere else. On the other hand, I felt like I was literally on top of an apartment building (which I've never been on top of but know D has the access to because he not only lives there, but works there) during the other psychic experience about his death. So all of this is weird, & it's really frustrating that people do not believe it is possible because if the majority of people do not see it as possible & do not realize the benefits or repercussions it could have, then there will be less & less extensive research on it, which leads to conclusions from small ****ty experiments that it's impossible. Take me for example, I mostly experience very personal evidence for my powers. Therefore, someone would have to pay close attention to me to see proof of my abilities. Plus, only one or a few occasions might not be enough for someone to deem it possible. As well as, only a few people proving their abilities may not deem it very possible rather it might just sound rare & make everyone else think other people are full of BS. Or that the participants were crazy religious people. I am not very religious. I was raised nearly atheist despite my most of my grandparents being somewhat religious from what I can tell. I'm only mentioning it because some people see religious signs, messages, or symbols in their experiences or believe it's all a part of a greater force or higher power like someone's fate or destiny. You do not have to believe in any of this. I do not want to speak on my spiritual experiences where I may or may not have experienced any representation of the divine because I would hate to feel like I'm bringing down other religions even though I'm not worried because I know no one will believe me. I don't think this was a part of my subconscious because things happen when I am keeping a fully open mind & are allowing things to come to my third eye. Nevertheless, some people I have spoken to (those people being police about something I predicted that came true that needed justice to be served) proposed that I am a prophet. I refused to confirm this because I have not been told that I am a prophet & like I am saying, do not want to affiliate with a single religious belief while trying to prove powers because I do not think you need to be religious or connected to that sort of thing for it to happen to you. Also, I don't believe any of my stories were meant to be held to the standards of religious stories because I cannot compare them really. Basically, I do not want to interpret them incorrectly if they are so. My advice would be to just ask questions, do not propose answers or assume anything that many people believe can be proven possible or impossible. If you propose answers, you are more likely to be convinced you were being biased & created a delusion out of your subconscious, etc etc etc. Then you will be confused & in denial like I was until I met other people who are more experienced & possibly more powerful than I am that can prove what they can do. I let my life go when I was confused about my abilities. I did not believe they were real & I was upset about what I knew or was seeing. So, this is another reason I get upset about nay-sayers who will not even consider the idea just because they cannot reach the level of consciousness or spirituality that some of us can. I can never get those years back, but I know I would never let that happen to someone else if I can help it. I thought I was going insane & I see other people feeling that way about their abilities & they just try to ignore it or rationalize it in some weird way--which can actually be pretty bad in some circumstances if the only rationalization is that you're crazy (when you're not) or that something already happened (when it hasn't) or that something happened to you specifically (when it was actually someone else) or that someone said something (when they never revealed that aloud) ETC ETC ETC. If this HAD been proven a long time ago or at least more widely accepted & experimented on (which I totally believe could happen in the future maybe even somewhat soon while we are all still alive), I wouldn't have worried about it so much. I'm going to write a book about big events in my life pertaining to this & other entertaining things just to add context, but I'm going to do it anonymously under a different name because I do not need some type of recognition or whatever. I'd actually rather less people know. You know how less people know, the better sometimes. I wonder if the government knows & thinks the same thing. Because I doubt (if you can actually fathom all or any of this) what else could be possible. Imagine what all evil could happen & whether we would really be able to control it or if those people would just control the world themselves. Doing whatever they want, whenever they want. **** THAT. The only people I'm cool with knowing are the ones who can also understand & do this themselves. Other than that, most people do not believe me & I usually do not spend a lot of time trying to convince them. I do not know exactly whether you can keep a body for life if you try to & I'm not really interested in doing so because it sounds like cheating. & unless you keep doing that & never die, which sounds exhausting TBH & ****ed up, I do not wish to find out in case there are repercussions that will either surprise us & be unstoppable so that we do end up dying & possibly being punished for it or just giving us consequences throughout our journey in life BUT IDK MAN LIKE NONE OF YOU ARE MENTIONING THAT KIND OF **** SO SORRY. Just some statements for clarification: I do not think you can die during AP. I am not yet good at experiencing AP WITHOUT being in someone else's body probably because I seem to be best at it when someone is already thinking about me PLUS idk how to imagine my soul trying to leave my body without being in a body of some kind or especially not in an area I am not familiar with so idk where I would even want to go if I had a broader choice. Like I am supposed to try to float/fly around random places that I am not sure are even real or should I start my journey in a place I know?? I do not have a huge interest in a lot of people or places that I already know, but those are the easiest ways to prove that it actually happened. However, maybe some people would say it would be more obvious it is real if it is a place you've never been to or person you've never known that you could end up contacted or going to to prove that it could have been real (this would be hard because you would need some trustworthy/genius connections). Anyway, I am wondering if I might have proven to myself I can AP into the future, why not the past? And if I can AP into the past, would it change the future or present? Or would the present/future have already foreseen that I would do so in the future so that it doesn't change anything, but makes it harder to recall because in the past I didn't believe in this & during the time I believed in it, I have not already had a strong suspicion that I was from the future but experiencing the present (or is that exactly why I know the future--is future me AP into the past all the time now & telling me things I think I need to be aware of slash warned about?). Now that I am fully interested, I will see if I can time travel into the past & eventually maybe I'll have an experience I think will differ from my clairvoyance & actually relate more to feeling like my soul from the future has taken over to tell me about some things. Are you following?
  27. itsnotoutthere

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    Indeed, see my comment above #50 & #54 ("an end to boom & bust" springs to mind, and also "this is a once in a generation opportunity" Nicola Sturgeon Indyref 2014 )
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