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  2. I've read you pretty good. I've even controlled you.
  3. You are always displaying body language. Be it through pose, the eyes, tone of voice. Mirror neurons allow us to read these impressions with relative accuracy. Also, I'm right about you being irritated. I doubt you have a real ability. Start listening to your instinct, intuition, and learn to observe the world around you.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    I looked this up on a hunch that you were born on a Friday 13th, like me. 03/13/1998 I was right!

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    you'll know if you can read minds! lol but i said many times it's not very easy to prove over a forum..
  6. Manwon Lender

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    I never lie about my powers, because I don't have any. 02/13/1987

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    someone did mention an itch...my bad if i responded to the wrong message. have you not been paying attention at all? lol. there is no body language on this forum. ALSO, people who i have just met read me without me showing body language. what kind of body language reveals major random ****ing **** in your thoughts!?!?!?!? if my butt itches, but i don't move, how tf would someone know that? people i've met will read my mind precisely to full paragraphs of **** because they can definitely do it. i feel sorry for you that you cannot believe it lol. i was trying to give people a chance to learn DAMN. the other ones participating might not give a **** about teaching others because now they are just paying attention to my head & talking to me. many of us with these powers can see auras & feel others with major powers are magnetic. it's very interesting. in case you meant my butt is irritated, yes it must be if it's itching. i'll have to re-wipe!
  8. Manwon Lender

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    It was me, I asked if her butt itched.
  9. And how do we know you're being authentic?
  10. DieChecker

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Ignorance is based on a societal standard. I dont see people jumping all over themselves defending your posts, or even liking them. Perhaps a good look in the mirror is due?
  11. What people read are body language and those most familiar with use know our habits. I didn't mention anything to you about an itch, if anything you're irritated. AP is just lucid dreaming.
  12. I was just pulling your pinky there Farmer.. On a more serious note; beautiful area mate, Im pretty jealous in that sense.. Shame you have such a raging ret*rd as a president. I used to dream of visiting the states, absolutely fascinated from childhood.. Now, not so much. Also, I'd probably get the enemy combatant treatment (ie. all body cavities rudely violated) for all the critical comments I seed 'round here.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    omg maybe I predicted that lol...maybe that's why the scratch went away for me without any more attention hahahahahahha jk because you messaged this first & i don't see how i would see this coming since I can sense a prediction from reality usually & idk you. also hella people lie about their powers so you're totally ****ing with me (by this i mean mind readers act like they can't do that or ANYTHING).
  14. Manwon Lender

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    You are certainly right, no one would. But let's keep this secret between us.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    Sounds like the same thing to me...saying you can only read me & not my mind but then predicting my butt itches makes me feel like you're saying my butt itches all the time (which it doesn'tttttt UGH). I hope I don't walk around with a sign on my face only signs can read that says my butt itches at least! Since I cannot experience or fathom exactly what reading minds or clairsentience is like, I think it might be why I suck at doing it...I can guesss sometimes, but based on what I'm guessing rather it makes more sense that I am predicting things about them rather than what's in their head. As if I am just attaining random knowledge. Other people seem to stay in the present & in other peoples' thoughts better than me. One of my most powerful friends read my mind when I tried asking him about what reading minds is like & I was thinking if he said something else then I would be more certain I can do astral projection because of my own experience. He read my mind when I was asking like are you hearing my voice or thinking my thoughts or (and he said this as I was about to) are you literally there like you're in their head/body just knowing it? So, when I explained my experience in my original post, I honestly wonder if that was just me "reading someone's mind" INSTEAD. But, maybe its inconclusive so far. I have never "astrally projected" myself into space without being in someone's mind/body so MAYBE that DOES mean that I am just reading minds. Either way, compared to my friend's I suck at reading minds because I cannot even tell if I am doing it like WTF &&&& / OROROROROROR I am getting it confused with AP.
  16. markdohle

    Death gives context to life

    Indeed, you can say that, and who knows, if someone thinks you trustworthy enough they may believe you ;-). It could be true, but for me, probably not. However, a deep question? How do you house train a dragon? Even a house size dragon could have a lot going on inside, all of that fire etc. Or does he just go where he wants to, and you get a plow to gather it up. Then what do you do with it? Of course, a nice pile of **** would be proof enough for most. Jeffery Long has been studying the NDE for many years and has interviewed perhaps thousands who have experienced them. He has found that unlike a hallucination, the long term effects on people are permanent. The majority of atheists (not all by any means) drop their atheism when they have an NDE. They experienced the impossible. They had a full-blown NDE even when there was no blood being pumped into the brain. Their experiences were not confused, in fact, they were very pointed in their content. Then there are the NDE's of children, which are very interesting, as well as convincing to many who study them. Here is a short clip on his book “God and the After Life” Based on the largest near-death experience study in history, involving 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, God and the Afterlife presents startling evidence that a Supreme Being exists—and there is amazing consistency about what he is like. In his bestselling book Evidence of the Afterlife, Dr. Jefferey Long showed us that there is a strong scientific case for life after death. Now, he goes further, revealing evidence that God is real. At the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Long studied the stories of thousands of people who have journeyed to the afterlife. Though there are a wide variety of differences in how people experience NDEs—some see a bright light, others go through a tunnel, still, others experience a review of their life—he discovered that many of the accounts shared a remarkably similar description of God; a Supreme Being who radiated love and grace. Expanding on his analysis begun in Evidence of the Afterlife, God and the Afterlife is the first intensive exploration of the people who have reported going to the frontier of heaven, met God, and have returned to share their journey. Groundbreaking and profound, it provides new insight into the human experience and expands our notions of mortality, offering possibility, hope, and comfort. Apart from having an NDE, I doubt the above (the book) will convince anyone who has strong beliefs that differ from the authors. It is like the arguments presented to ‘prove’ the existence of God. They are not proofs in a scientific way, but they do give reasons for believers to see that they do have good cause to believe in God, and like Jeffery Long’s book, to also hope, believe, that there is an afterlife. I do not think that belief in an afterlife is based on wishful thinking for most people. It is something that they may take for granted. I do not. Even though I am a man of faith, and seek to live it, I know I could be wrong. We could all be wrong LOL. Not in the sense of ‘less’, but that there may be much more. The deeper I go into my own faith, the deeper the mystery becomes for me, and the less I actually believe I know. It does not water down my faith, but makes me appreciate the journey we are all on. Many will disagree with me, but can any belief, or any statement be made without many, or most not agreeing? Thanks for your comment my friend Peace Mark .
  17. Manwon Lender

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    The only reason I asked was because I wanted to make sure your not in my body.
  18. acute



    This video is not available in your woonhooft.

  19. But Helen, these people are experts! Experts, people of science, who frequent a forum called Unexplained Mysteries and attempt to intellectually p*** on everyone daring to discuss 'mysteries', they seem to take pleasure in uplifting themselves by degrading others Can you imagine how bleak your life has to be to resort to this sort of self- worth build up? I personally suspect a tirant wife might be at play here. Very, very sad.
  20. What then is the theory behind the finding of the objects where they were seen? I'd say it is not everyday to find coins in an OR, or to find a shoe on a multistory roof. I've been in only a few ORs, I grant you, but none if them had coins laying around. Doctors offices, dentists... no coins ever did I notice... I see hundreds of roofs ever day, yet none with shoes on them. Not actually ordinary, IMHO. The objects and places are not unusual, it is that someone reported them who couldn't (shouldnt?) have seen them. I'd tend to agree. The NDE dont prove an afterlife. And may just as well be regular dreams. I am interested in if either can predict/see things the person normally wouldnt/couldnt. I'd wonder what the statistics are of people dreaming of things in places and then finding the thing was there. I dont ever remember having such a dream myself, though that proves nothing. Seems to me that also would be extraordinary, and not common. So... if you had a dream, where you went somewhere you had never been, and found something, say a gold coin, and then you wrote this down when you woke. And then some time later got to that place and found the coin where you had imagined it... that would not be remarkable? Worth noting? Happens all the time?
  21. Buzz_Light_Year

    US school rebuilt with bulletproof barriers

    How can you equate military barriers to the school scenario? Yeah you can duck down and take refuge behind the barriers but I think you're conveniently forgetting that you also have the ability to return fire and that is the biggest deterrent to someone reaching your position and causing mass casualties. What are the students supposed to do? wait until the shooter corners them behind the barrier and have a free for all? Locking the doors is a good idea until the shooter decides to go on a rampage between classes when the students are in the hallway and suddenly they're locked out of the classroom and left in the hallway. I just see this solution as having too many what ifs to be effective. How about treating the cause instead of the symptoms. Oh what a novel idea. Most mass shooters can be tied directly to the use of SSRI's and hardly anything is being said about it and there's a reason for that. Out of the top 20 lobbying groups that spend the most money trying to influence law makers are.......Well you should have guessed it but here it is anyway. Bayer AG American Medical Association Blue Cross Blue Shied American Hospital Association Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Oh and by the way the NRA didn't make the list just so you know. The other fifteen......... Southern Company Facebook Lockheed Martin NCTA: The Internet & Television Association National Association of Broadcasters Northrop Grumman Amazon Comcast Boeing AT&T Alphabet Inc-Google Business Roundtable Open Society Policy Center-Soros National Association of Realtors US Chamber of Commerce https://www.businessinsider.com/lobbying-groups-spent-most-money-washington-dc-2018-2019-3#us-chamber-of-commerce-20 According to John Hopkins study the third leading cause of death in America are Medical Errors. I really do think they should add the shooters that are on SSRI's and other depression and anxiety drugs to the medical errors list.
  22. itsnotoutthere

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    Indeed, this was going to be my next point. Much play is given to the idea that brexiteers lied over brexit, ignoring the fact that leave did too, and with the one sided benefit of £12million of tax payers money. But in all seriousness how many people vote for a party in a general election based on what the politicians in that party tell them, or how many people actually vote for a party on the basis of their manifesto? You'd have to be mad to believe that a party will fulfill even a fraction of their manifesto promises, they never do. No, what people vote for are the basis principles the party is running for. We all know which party we will vote for based on our own principles and feelings. People voted the way they did on brexit on the basic principle of whether they wanted us to stay in the EU or leave the EU based on their personal observations and opinions about the EU after observing it and being part of it for 40 years, they didn't vote on the basis of what was written on the side of a bus.
  23. You can't read minds, only people.

    Go in a Someone Else's Body in Astral Travel.

    THIS IS HOW I FIND PEOPLE LIKE ME. Even though I'm defoooo different because I seriously suck at trying to read minds BUT PEOPLE ARE SOOOO GOOD AT READING MINE! (no one will believe us though)
  25. Imagination takes us places.
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