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  2. ive spent way too much time on the Phoenix lights and like most came to the conclusion these were cases of misidentified prosiac things, i still do find it a down right enigma some refuse to acknowledge this was 2 events that got horribly embelished together, one was flares the other was human air craft. the other issue is sort of like roswell people who claimed to have seen the alleged V popped up like a fairy ring, some with detailed accounts then when investigated for credibility some were not in a location to see anything or got the day wrong or were out of town etc, it was really bad how many witnesses were out right fibbers.
  3. Psychic attack! Need help!

    Your not listening to any advice here so makes me think you have a medical condition,its a rare case when I agree with XenoFish above,very rare.Or you may have some underlying attraction for him as freetoroam thought or a combination of the two.I don't care and I'm sick of advising you ATB.
  4. I don't believe you

    I think you have done a fine job of looking within, and finding your own wisdom. For me, I just wanted peace at the end of my rainbow and I was delaying it myself with my own mental static. I did yoga a lot thru my transitory phase, my mat and the poses became my sanctuary and with my inner wisdom I learned to listen and get out of my own way, I would just breathe, ground myself and let go to the moment whatever it was. In time Life became peaceful and when it isn’t, I just breath, ground and let go.
  5. I don't believe you

    While serving in the United States Army, I watched a guy named “Gus” light a fart on fire. Its one of those things you can’t “unsee” and you will never forget it.
  6. I don't believe you

    Magick to me was about having control and power in my life. Because I felt powerless constantly. It was also an act of spiritual defiance. I found atheism to be too cold for my liking. Even my nihilism was just an extension of a pessimistic mindset that allowed me to drown out all my feelings into nothingness. Yet that was also a dead end. Now I'm focused on more "Just do it" than woo. Sure if new information that would change my view is presented, I'd adjust. Till then I'm kinda "meh" towards it all. I consider death "the long sleep".
  7. I don't believe you

    For me, humility was born, I really don’t know and I am fine with it. It was years getting to this though.
  8. How could aliens come back from the future to tell us that the elite are going to destroy us. If they exist it means that the elite didn't destroy us and they could just be hanging out in their own time having future margaritas.
  9. I don't believe you

    For me, it was like well let’s do this I am a Zen Buddhist now ( don’t know shyt about it ) but that it is peaceful and that is all I need to know. Lol I am done with the dogma, just going natural now.
  10. I don't believe you

    A loss of faith (spiritual) could cause someone to become depressed, most due to the emotional energy they've put into their belief. It gave meaning to their existence. Though I would hope that if they found a new faith, they would temper it with reason and logic.
  11. I don't believe you

    For me, death isn’t so scary that I need a belief construct to cope with the anxiety. But, it could be for some. My atheism helped me cope with my childhood as I was living through it, if I would have put my faith into “god” my sisters and I would have starved. It motivated me For me, Atheism lit a fire under me, but then there came a time I didn’t need to survive anymore, the threat was gone, the time was to let it go and move on. I have moved on to incredible peace. And, I might be a weirdo but for me there will come a day that I will be ready to let go of this life too.
  12. I learned machine tool from practice. And a lot of screw ups. I'm more of a visual/hands on type of learner.
  13. I don't believe you

    Once my occult view was shattered, I think I was filled with raw hatred for it. Though the perk was a learned a lot about the mind. At least I've got the working for me.
  14. I believe that the only real reason to attend college (and I graduated) is to find out how to do research and look things up. I OJT'd as a civil engineering tech and ended up knowing more about structural design and materials than my Masters degree boss - I did the math and he signed it. Of course he inherited the business from his father who was old school and really knew the field - I learned a lot from the old guy. I also learned land surveying the same way (8 yrs OJT), passed the state test designed for college grads and was licensed to practice. I was never a great math student in school but I had a burning desire to learn and was successful in the long run and ended up owning my own survey company.
  15. I don't believe you

    This I fully get. Mindset plays a major part in all this. Many theist can't see an atheist point of views. Some atheist can not understand a theist perspective, agnostic really just don't know either way (probably the best stance). Agnosticism in my eyes is an either-or stance. Balanced. It's not directly assuming a yes or no answer, but a open curiosity towards either direction. Apatheist is not worrying about it. Yet each of these ideas cultivate it's own mindset. A model of reality. What I've noticed is that those who believe in ghost "see more ghost", because they are looking for them and the mind will fabricate them. It's the same thing that allows people to see "god" in everything.
  16. I don't believe you

    None for me either when I started studying the Taoist teachings in Tendai and stopped believing in spirits.
  17. I don't believe you

    I think there is a difference between an educated assumption (belief) and a faith based belief. I do get the emotional appeal of certain beliefs. There value is in the meaning they give, same for purpose. A "higher ideal" in regards to our finite existence. Perhaps it makes the sting of death much easier to bear.
  18. I don't believe you

    I think for some challenging their beliefs is like challenging who they are, their identity and this creates anxiety which triggers the flight or fight response. For me, towards the end of my Atheist stage there was so much of me invested in the stance I don’t think I could see myself any other way. It also like fighting the fight after the threat was long gone, so there is habit involved too. There is an emotional attachment thing going on too, like hanging on to a relationship that you have outgrown. In reality, there were no fireworks when I shifted to Agnosticism. For me, taking Philosophy was cathartic, my take away was I should never allow myself to be so invested in a belief system that I didn’t question it or couldn’t let it go, if I can’t let it go then I need to figure out why.
  19. I don't believe you

    I just thought of something....What exactly would I do with my seminarian certificate? Build a altar out of Lego, make my Satanist chick harem wear nun hats and start the "Church of Cute and Fluffy Murderous Chainsaw Bunnies"? ......wait a minute.....
  20. Game of Thrones

    You have to give it up to the special xf team this season. Their dragon work was spectacular this along with everything else they did. They pulled no punches and I've reconsidered why the second dragon was killed off so haphazardly. There was no good time to do it and it had to be done for the sake of the budget but overall they really delivered.
  21. Today
  22. I don't believe you

    You already have the answer: a challenge to what we hold dear invokes a threat response in the one challenged. No one likes to be told they are wrong, or are making a mistake, so we double down on those positions we hold.
  23. I don't believe you

    My beliefs changed as I learned new things, so I never understood this. I think it might be because I was taught early to question everything and not have blind faith. But people should still have a little bit of pragmatism and see facts but they don't, and I could never wrap that around my head.
  24. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Oh, I completely agree that they not only aren't modern, they're damned near Medieval.
  25. I don't believe you

    I wonder that in some cases another person beliefs "harm" us in some way. I don't mean all the time, but in certain cases and in certain ways. What is it about various beliefs that urk us so? I know that the brain treats belief as fact. When a belief is challenged it creates a threat response. Which usually ends up in an argument about said belief. I know that beliefs typically have an emotional value. In the case of religious/spiritual beliefs it probably purely emotional. But why? Why hold onto a belief so firmly that anything that challenges it, is consider a violation? We all saw what political beliefs can do in this thread. (Lets not repeat that okay)
  26. I don't believe you

    That's why I stopped helping the haunted. You really can't take that avatar serious...
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