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  2. toast

    Mass Shooting Hanau, Germany

    Just in: the second dead person seems to be the mother of the attacker, a 43yo German citizen.
  3. toast

    Mass Shooting Hanau, Germany

    The death toll is at 11 now. Some hours after the attack the police found the suspected shooter, and another person, in his home, both dead. Last Friday 12 persons ("Group S") have been arrested. They have been accused of planning attacks on 6 mosques here in Germany. The group was founded in 2015 as a "vigilante group" and had ties with other European terror groups like the "Soldiers of Odin" in Finland and groups in the Czech Republic as well, which were to deliver weapons to "Group S". Its known for a long time already that there is a Nazi hydra here in Europe and as per my opinion, the involved/responsible governments didnt fight them in the right way from the very beginning on and now we have to pay the bill.
  4. Hey look... you made a point. I guess that's why I quoted the Samoan Prime Minister. Perhaps you could go back through the thread to, you know, catch up.
  5. Great Old Man

    Great Old Man

    Please be aware!

    ROK and Japan aren't also safe

    lots of people has been infected

    now ROK infected are more than 100 people.




    1. Dumbledore the Awesome

      Dumbledore the Awesome

      100 people out of the population of South Korea, which is 51.47 million, is an astronomically tiny proportion.   

    2. Great Old Man

      Great Old Man

      indeed, but you should know that diagnose kit is very insufficient. there are suspicious thousands of people who has symptom. 

    3. Great Old Man

      Great Old Man

      it is wise to not visit ROK and Japan until the patients number reduces.

  6. Great Old Man

    Mystery pneumonia virus probed in China

    now pm 5:18, ROK, now 104 people has been infected. over hundreds!
  7. Well, what would the World Health Organisation know compared to a duck with some friends?
  8. jypsijemini

    Former NRL player murders entire family

    https://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/news/multiple-people-have-reportedly-died-following-a-car-fire-in-brisbane/news-story/b3150c84e7ef94a85b8c20bfeb4c3b6f The Courier Mail spoke exclusively to a witness who claimed Mr Baxter jumped into his estranged wife’s car while she was on the school run, setting it on fire before stabbing himself to death. Neighbour Aaron Snell also told the paper Mr Baxter was in “all manner of states’ and jumped into the flaming car to grab a knife while bystanders tried to help. Mr Snell said the heroic acts of bystanders were met with anger by Mr Baxter who was “protesting to stop putting it out.” Nine News reported Mr Baxter had bought a jerry can of fuel from a nearby petrol station and poured it over the car. He then died of self-inflicted stab wounds, it said. Police confirmed to news.com.au that Mr Baxter’s body was found outside the car, but wouldn’t say whether he had stabbed himself.
  9. Ah, the bee we know and love. Just ignore any science that contradicts you and parrot what you last saw on YouTube. It's good to know some people are reliable.
  10. An ex-rugby league player, his wife and their three children have died after a car fire in the Australian city of Brisbane. Rowan Baxter and the children, all under 10, were found dead at the scene by emergency responders, police said. His wife, Hannah Baxter, aged 31, died later in hospital from extensive burns. She had reportedly jumped from the car yelling: "He's poured petrol on me". Police are investigating how the fire started. "How the fire actually occurred has not been ascertained at the moment so for us to call it a murder-suicide or a tragic accident, it's inappropriate at this stage," Detective Inspector Mark Thompson said. "I've seen some horrific scenes - this is up there with some of the best of them." Police were first called to the scene in Camp Hill area in the east of Brisbane at 08:30 local time on Wednesday (21:30 GMT on Tuesday). They found the couple's three children Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey - aged between six and three - dead inside the car. Emergency crews tried to revive Rowan Baxter, 42, but he was declared dead. Australian media report that he was found close to the car with a self-inflicted stab wound. He had been in the front passenger seat and Hannah Baxter had been driving the car, police said. The pair had reportedly separated late last year, and were trying to work out custody arrangements. Residents told Australian media they had seen Mrs Baxter jump out of the car while she was on fire. She was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in a critical condition, police said. But she was confirmed to have died later on Wednesday. From BBC article. Full story: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-48778156
  11. I did a little more poking around. He's legit -- he's got a number of conference papers and has some work at arXiv.org (which are pre-print papers and haven't gone through peer review). It does appear to be mostly theoretical work, though. I can't gauge it any further than that.
  12. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    Giving light to walk hope to challenge, feeling to freely floating thought
  13. Helen of Annoy

    YOU ARE BANNED (Part 7)

    Not banned for nothing's more appropriate than letting goats slide.
  14. Helen of Annoy

    Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Yes, the universe is restored and the thread is equally undead as it ever was so is there any reason to feel guilty for a little rant? Besides, isn't ranting what Internet is for?
  15. jypsijemini

    The reality of soul

    Could be worth taking your own advice and pondering that last part. Difference is: I'm open to the idea that I could very well be wrong. In fact, in all actuality, I base my beliefs off opinions, accepted ideas and intuition. I trust that the information I've been told by people who say they've researched things is true. As I get older, some things I previously believed have changed - and newer information has told me that those things were myths. I think ultimately, the majority of us aren't actually the ones doing the research. We're just sitting back assessing and observing the efforts of others, we're waiting for patterns and agreeing statements to come in from several sources, and then we make a decision that a certain idea or statement is true. Don't you see? Most of us are just basing our understanding of 'reality' on beliefs too! None of us have the opportunities, resources or time to master and understand everything there is to know - so we're reliant on the work and claims of others who say they've done the research, they've understood it, they've used the work of other scientists and researchers before them and they've come to an understanding and conclusion. It's a big web of trust - and sure, a lot of it is reliable. There'd be holes everywhere and not a lot of agreement if it wasn't reliable. But getting back to your statement - I know I'm not a researcher - I'm an observer. Every day I'm absorbing new information. I could be wasting my time in thinking that life has a spiritual nature to it. That's fine by me. I could be wrong. There could be absolutely nothing after life, and no reason to become a better person. But I like the way I live. And if science is wrong and I'm right, then I've covered all my bases and I'll have myself prepared for the next level. If science is right and I'm wrong, what does it matter anyway?
  16. Saru

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Thread closed for moderator review.
  17. and then

    Turkey vows to retaliate in strongest manner

    I understand Erdog's desire to stop the endless flow of refugees out of Syria but I don't understand his willingness to get into a potential shooting war that Russia might interfere in. Is the oil worth the costs?
  18. Helen of Annoy

    Finish a sentence & start a sentence

    so the night will seem really short. When I can sleep, I can sleep for _____
  19. A misused tiki or reiki would probably be very offensive to Maori elders.
  20. Golden Duck

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Oh yeah? What's your k/d?
  21. Horta

    The reality of soul

    Could be worth taking your own advice and pondering that last part.
  22. Sherapy

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Your argument was how you cannot be happy or try to be with money. Good to see you stand corrected.
  23. Sherapy

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    The point is money does seem to be a good thing even if it doesn’t make you happy. Most probably would rather have the money if they were miserable.
  24. The idea of performance diminishing drugs just seems too manufactured. I'm reminded of sprinter Leroy Burrell. He was legally blind and eligible for the Paralympics. He ended up winning world championships, Olympic gold and setting the world 100m record twice. Why do some people compete?
  25. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    you gave examples from your life and experience. I am using people I know very well, and their experiences, to support my own argument.
  26. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Interesting, but not sure whose point it makes. Sounds maybe as if she was trying to buy happiness and only partly succeeded. If she had simply learned some self worth, that would have made her happy.
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