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  2. Alchopwn

    Mega disaster rocking end July or on August

    Unless the Amazon Jungle Fire was caused by a volcanic erruption, the Angel of Light isn't doing well atm.
  3. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    It definately said 2.5 miles.
  4. Obviously a kid in a nanotech invisibility jumpsuit. Little rat probably had a parent in an intelligence service and nicked their mom's spy gear to go housebreaking for sh*ts and giggles.
  5. Peter B

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Did your source say "2.5 miles" or "2.5m"? If the latter, then I expect they meant 2.5 metres - which is unlikely, but at least more plausible than 2.5 miles. Remember, there aren't many countries that use those quaint measurements known as "miles".
  6. Not Your Huckleberry

    Shimmery blue tarantula discovered

    Beautiful, but I truly hope greedy hobbyists and businessmen and women don't get a hold of these and drive them to the edge of extinction like they've done with several other species. Not that anyone cares, because it's not "cute".
  7. A Gloucestershire man has started walking Nancy Drew the tortoise to the pub and around town. Jason Smith says the African sulcata tortoise, which is actually male, needs to burn off energy, as in the wild he would ordinarily be looking for a mate at this time of year. The creature has become famous around Tewkesbury, with people loving to stop and say hello. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-gloucestershire-49449995/gloucestershire-man-walks-tortoise-to-the-pub-every-day
  8. Alchopwn

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Now THAT is an interesting topic. I have certainly done what I can to read up on it. I had a good chat with a Romanian Professor who was an expert on the subject, and how it played into the Volkswandrung and the end of the Roman Empire. I am presently looking for good source material on the White Huns.
  9. Piney

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    NOPE! I studied the archaeology and cultures of the Steppe.
  10. Alchopwn

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Tartaria is Mongolia and the Khanate. The Europeans thought that the Mongols had emerged from the underworld of Tartarus to "scourge the world", hence they called them Tartars.
  11. More data. (March 2018) DNA results of @500 CE elongated Bulgarian female skulls in Bavaria gives rise to (disputed) theory of their presentation as political treaty brides: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/03/strange-elongated-skulls-reveal-bulgarian-treaty-brides-ancient-germany (May 6, 2019) Paracas skulls DNA tested second time, reveals earthly origin: http://sciencevibe.com/2019/05/06/paracas-skulls-shocker-dna-reveals-this-is-genetic-not-cranial-deformation-or-aliens/
  12. Probably, with the usual Biblical exaggeration. Palestine was always the possession of one empire or another.
  13. Crookshanks

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Hey all I am aware of the official history surrounding the whole tartaria thing lol and the world seeing as I am half way through my degree and all. I just wondered what people thought of the possibility that the official history is not the actual history. Doing the degree we are given sources to look at, and are told to make up our own minds about it and we tend to sort of come up with the same sorts of things. However if you are creative I suppose you could come up with an alternative history, if you had the right sources. Right? Trouble is, how do we know what sources are reliable and what isn't. I mean, you could look at the foundations of a building and say yes its just foundations but then ask why? Why would they have a window that is half in and half out of the ground. Why to foundations even need windows? Little things like that.
  14. Liquid Gardens

    Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

    Hush now while the adults are talking.
  15. Liquid Gardens

    Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

    Where did I say that? I asked, if remote viewers can travel around the globe and to other planets and describe accurate details there, why they can't go a much shorter distance and tell us something that would be far more indicative that they had powers? Why is that an unreasonable question, or what is wrong or unfair about the other questions I asked? You don't think that competent people can make mistakes and come to incorrect conclusions? From your perspective, isn't something like that implicitly your response to the other competent people who point out the problems with Utts' and Targ's methodologies, that those opposing competent people are making mistakes? I've had decades of interest in these subjects also, but my interest in them includes the arguments against them. I'm mainly asking you because I've seen you many times leave comments about subjects like this but they seem to always be about the overall state of the cases for them (you believe the quantity of evidence is enough to show it to be true without a doubt, it's not fair to say there is 'no evidence' for psychic stuff in your view, etc) and rarely about the actual details that support that case. There may be other discussions you are having here pointing out this compelling evidence that I haven't seen, but most of what I read from you is talking around the subject, like you just did here where we skipped from initial questions about the details to giving up because you feel the discussion will go nowhere. If I don't end up believing you then it doesn't mean the discussion went nowhere, if you provided the best details and evidence you may convince others here even if it doesn't convince me.
  16. MainerMikeBrown

    What's for dinner?

    Tonight for me it's going to be ribeye steak and corn on the cob. I can't wait!
  17. MainerMikeBrown

    What's your weather like today?

    So far today it's been mostly cloudy out here.
  18. Piney

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Tartar is a term used for Turkish speakers and Tartaria was a "catch all" phrase for the Central Asian and Pontic Caspian Steppes or where ever Turks lived. There was never any giants in North America or interaction with Europe or Asia prior to 1492. The "Columbian Exchange" negates it.
  19. I think this gets more to the core of it. It is a question that has been considered by many great thinkers and involves consciousness/awareness. Consider the following: Consciousness & Physical Reality Considerations The actual relationship between consciousness and physical reality is mysterious. Physical reality may be a manifestation of conscious thought (idealism), or consciousness may arise from physical antecedents (materialism), or consciousness and physical reality may both arise from a common source (neutral monism), or consciousness and physical reality may arise independently of each other and interact somehow (dualism). What is equally unclear is the nature of the interaction of the two. Does consciousness merely perceive reality or does it create reality or does it modify a pre-existing reality? And when we talk about consciousness, do we mean the consciousness of the individual or of the human species or of all living things or of God? If consciousness creates or modifies reality, is this reality a whole or partial product of individual consciousness or of collective consciousness or of divine consciousness? And so on. I think spirituality includes the consciousness/awareness of existence, physical or spiritual. But this still doesn't really answer the source of either, or whether that conscious awareness exists before, and during, and after the physical experience. Sojo
  20. Nature and our knowledge of it doesn't always follow the rules of logic. I'm not arguing for or against the existence of Nessie, just saying that our ignorance of something doesn't prove that it doesn't exist. Just being logical.
  21. skliss

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

  22. RabidMongoose

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    He needs to publicly reap praise onto Trump. Trump is seeking validation and if Boris validates him he could use his influence to get American economic favour.
  23. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    broken pottery finds old purpose in the loam changing form to form
  24. Alchopwn

    What is the point of Spirituality?

    I think that much depends on the human mind. I think that with the correct impetus, that thanks to this unusual birthright that we humans are capable of supernatural feats that go far beyond stage magic and self deception. On the other hand, I am not properly convinced by any arguments as to why this is or should be the case. I don't entirely rule out the existence of supernatural entities, but I have only encountered one. That was a pretty profound (if confusing) experience in terms of its ramifications, if not the situation itself. I can't help but think that there is an element to the physical world that we humans presently interact with occasionally, but not so often or reliably that we can get a proper understanding of it within our present scientific paradigm, and I am of two minds as to whether that is a good thing or not. For my own part I am intensely curious about what is going on, and want to understand more.
  25. Hanslune

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Howdy Crookshanks Welcome to Ancient Mysteries & Alternative history although I see you've been around nearly 3 years. Well given that 'flat earth' is a non-starter of an idea I think you can safely say any ideas based on it are fatuous also. Tartaria is the Latin word for Tartary which did exist as a 'region or territory'. Not full of giants however. Tartary and Tartaria have been used in other contexts also. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartary
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