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  2. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    so all of a sudden you're all for the UK obeying instructions from the EU then? And it seems Boris "Bojo" Johnson and Jeremy "Huntface" Hunt are as well.
  3. nope, alien contact short of wild sci fi coming true likely will never happen, a bit sad to me since i do believe the universe is vast enough to have other intellegent life, yet we will never meet them or even know for sure.
  4. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Come on, that was a blatant use of a technicality of Maritime Law to further their own interests. Iran are not obligated to comply with EU sanctions, and using their resupply stop in Gibraltar to seize the ship was a ridiculous abuse of power.
  5. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    If they give it just a little longer Maverick'll be ready to assist. Wonder if the stirring conclusion'll see him splashing IRIAF F-14s?
  6. It turned, looked at us and snorted...

    sure, when we get past weak reasons why some say no way no how its bears of course bears make up a large number of alleged bigfoot, yowie, yeti ( dna proved yeti is type of bear ) almas etc sightings, bears do roam and can live many places, places alleged bf lives.
  7. Yeah I kind of think that regardless of a negative affect on us if space travelers had spent the time and resources to travel here and found us they would grab the opportunity and contact us. But everything we presently know about physics and other factors indicates that we probably don’t have to worry too much about contact with aliens
  8. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Youy got to love how you don't at all resort to silly childish name calling whenever you see something you don't like. And the way you add your favourite "woot" emoticon. That's one of the things that's most admirable about you. Go on then, carry on with your bellicose blustering, if that's what you define as "adult".
  9. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    whips of shooting stars each soul returning home, there happiness, eternal bliss
  10. a persons political party likes aside im not into politics but we as humans are in a mess and many in charge are making it worse, i would love a movie like the abyss to come true and some advanced alien race say enoughs enough play nice or we will take you all out, of course if that happened in real life a few would try to choose off the aliens and hopefully the aliens would reconize the dbags take them out and let most of us move on. fantasy aside it doesnt much matter if we do or dont try to contact aliens, if they are out there at this point in technology we cannot go visit them assuming something like seti got a signal and it wasnt so old that race was long dead, and if their tech was up there they would already be here or have contacted us if they desired good or bad intentions.
  11. It turned, looked at us and snorted...

    A far simpler way to frame it is, why not bears? The other explanation has no evidence to support it.
  12. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    You should probably stop bothering the adult conversation. Why not go to wherever Peter Pan is at the moment and the two of you can come up with some particularly inane blather to spew.
  13. Good lord this thread is still going?
  14. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Are you lot all gleefully discussing what naval assets and enthiusastically discussing 45 mm cannon and 4.5 inch anti-aircraft guns? Yup, it's the New Faklands! It'll be Boris "Bojo" Johnson's Falklands Moment! What do you envisage? Steaming in, shouting "The Navy's Here!" just like the Altmark incident all over again, and freeing the plucky British seamen from their evil captors? Or do you envisage a full-on military campaign against the Ranians, just like they did with the Argies?
  15. There are two different (well more than two but for now) things that kind of jump out at me on the question of should we try to contact aliens. The first obvious one is don’t do it because the culture shock could destroy our society the same way Amazonian tribes are destroyed becoming incapable dependents. The other possibility that says maybe do it hinges on one condition which we wouldn’t know the answer to until after the fact and that is each species must have something that only the other can provide that will greatly improve conditions for both if traded. If the second thing happened it would probably completely alter the power structure of each species because whoever was the point of contact would immediately become the wealthiest most powerful group in their respective societies.
  16. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    It just remains to be seen if there is a WILL to use them.
  17. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    Did you hear .,.. some politician... possibly Jeremy Hunt ... talking ...extremely slowly and pompously ... leaving... portentous gaps between words ... about ... freedom of navigation ... and how Britannia will not lay down and take this insult ... or something?
  18. Best Wisconsin location for dogman encounter?

    Where ever there is hallucinogens.
  19. Aliens

    What relevance is his blood type? Searches show his blood type was O-
  20. Iran tries to hijack vessel British Heritage

    OK, we have THREE ships in the area. Two type-23 frigates (Melrose and Kent), and a type-45 destroyer (Duncan). OK.... HMS Duncan is en-route, and not on station yet, and HMS Melrose is about to go into dock for a quick refit and won't be available for a few weeks. However, the Duncan and the Kent could probably destroy the entire Iranian navy on their own ! They are both fitted with 30mm canon, as well as their 4.5 inch main guns. These would make mincemeat of a small-boat swarm. In addition, the Duncan has twin Phallanx units. These are intended for air defense, but I believe they can be programmed to attack speedboats ?
  21. The Witcher (Neflix)

    Who reads the opinions of some misogynistic incel (and a fanboy, which amplifies his emotions considerably) online and actually believes a word of it? The guy is just another who is butthurt due to a woman being given a job as a writer or director. The writers on shows generally have nothing to do with (and definitely not the last decision on) costume designs, casting or set designs. And there is no evidence that the writer mentioned doesn't like the source material or 'hates the Nilfgaard patriarchy'. Jesus ****ing Christ with this internet these days. A platform for idiots to spread their hate and for people to apparently eat it up. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this show. I don't really care about the source material because the game changed a lot about the books and the books are below-average fantasy anyways. Like all adapted materials, I'm just going to go into it with fresh eyes and treat it like a new world and story - which is what everyone should do. And I couldn't give a **** if it was written by a woman who is a feminist.
  22. Aliens

    This shows how uneducated you are.
  23. yep, i have a chronic health condition- it's called being alive!
  24. Nearly Everything The Mainstream Media Told

  25. well i was in my early 20s 1980s flew out to vegas to buy a car and drive it home to fl, all fun cannonball run style, it wasnt a great experence, but no where near worthy of ptsd. the day after i got home i go out to eat, i felt weird, off, not right and scared, things seemed dreamy this waxed and waned for days, weeks then it would get bad, insane panic would be triggered by these weird dreamy unreal feelings, but the first one i was standing in a store reached up to touch my nose and my hand felt like it wasnt mine or my fave wasnt, im not sure but insane panic hit, what i didnt know for at least another 20 years drdp was causing the panic but my dr just had me on benzos for the panic itself, i was very lucky to have been in the club music biz, i got by in those days, but i didnt party, i slept, got up in time to dress and hit the club, home about 3am slept with all lights on cb radio and tv, i was invited to parties i never went to and unlike my biz partner i never catted around. since the 80s i have had spells or windows of doing okay, a few long spells of doing good, distant memories of a me i once knew, never knowing when some weird attack would hit, i am/was hyper sensitive to almost everything, about 20 years back i was getting worse, the benzos having a paradoxical withdrawal effect and making me feel rotten, ( moreso ) so i swapped close to a year of my life to get clean of those after getting fed up with a dr who kept saying "take another pill" when i kept saying when i do i feel worse. its been a long time since ive had a window, i function, im typing this but its dreamland, nothing is real, im in here the world around me is playing on vhs tape and if i think too much about it my old buddy insane panic will come to play, my nerves are always on edge, i dont even expect or hope for good days any more i just hope for not so horrible days, eariler today was horrible and after sleeping im still hung over from it, i have to be doing something so if i dont feel good enough to work on a project or do house chores i manic post on here to burn it off, yeah, a bit odd but if im here im likely not doing well, to make all that more fun i have inner ear vertigo type issues, bowel, digestive issues and really nice allergies, remember i mentioned im hyper sensitive, yeah to every little thing my body does makes mevtake notice, so why not toss ADD and OCD in there just for laughs. chronic? im dont want it to be but its been so long i wouldnt know what feeling good and right would be like.
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