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  2. papageorge1 The difficulty among some here is they think they're so-called (impossible to prove) field, makes them an expert in the subject matter. That's mistake number one. No one knows why a poltergeist writes a certain way, like no one knows why a tornado rips through a neighborhood and leaves one house untouched. These are mysteries that man, IMO will never have the answers to. Especially if all we're going to do is cling to what we think we know based on how long we think we've been doing something. PINEY thinks his/her background makes him/her a subject matter expert on spirit writing. Your background gives you permission to approach a subject matter, doesn't give you permission to render verdict unless you caveat with [this is your opinion.] I've looked all over the internet for symbols resembling the "upside down man." I've not found one written and drawn inside a home. If you know of one, please tell me. Was the spirit trying to tell us something? Maybe. Was the spirit trying to invoke fear? Maybe. Was the spirit trying to lead us down a dead end? Maybe. There all maybe's. Nothings certain. I knew nothing about Poltergeist prior to 2012. What I knew (very little) I got from TV. I've since abandoned what TV defines as poltergeist and in return did my own study. My own study (the books I listed here) works by other men in the field - has taught me Poltergeist have been writing inexplicable symbols, words and etc on walls inside homes since 834 A.D. There are mystery wall writings attributed to Poltergeist in South America, North America (our house included), Asia, Europe and the Pacific islands. No one knows why the Geist does this stuff. My theory is just as equal as PINEYs. PINEY doesn't know, he/she is basing their assumption on their background. Well guess what, the Geist revealed something that might surpass your background. It takes a big person to admit that. You're making the same mistake these so-called investigators make on TV of being the all-knowing about whats paranormal and whats not. I never said I had all the answers. I have more questions than answers. The wall writings (from Oct 31st,2014) has almost an exact make-up of the powder-material known as Bone Black. We're talking about a 96%, 98% match. Find me something that has 99% match and I'll happily look at it. I didn't call it Bone Black - 5 Art Galleries called it that 1.Seattle 2. Chicago 3. LA 4. DC 5. and Dallas I'll be venturing to National Museum of the American Indian in DC later this year to cement some of these findings. You wanna meet me there, meet me there. The more the merrier. Until then..................................enjoy your expertise.
  3. I am aware of that. And he has something tremendous to share here. I’d be at it for years and years to come myself.
  4. He left that message in the comments section under a YouTube clip. The person, on whose channel the threat was posted, told the authorities about it.
  5. Finished Tomb Raider today. Loved it. Great story, beautiful scenery, interesting world building and fun combat. Not to mention a great lead. Can't wait to play the next one. I also finished the prologue for MGS 5 tonight and this game looks like it could be great too. So I'll mostly be playing that and Battlefront 2 for the next week or two. Anyone played Mirror's edge: Catalyst? It's only £5 on the PS Store. Thinking about buying it while it's so cheap.
  6. NO! Who could outdo Auntie?
  7. I lost my mum last year, brother I KNOW how that feels and...I feel for you My mum was a believer in all things spiritual.... we attended a spiritualist church once and my mum 'received' a message from the guy leading the church.....that she related to being her dead brother...apparently the description the group leader gave her, and the message.....really hit home for my mum that it was WAS genuine... I wasnt entirely convinced...but was open to the idea... When my mum died....yes it crushes mum was my world... and as daft as it sounds, maybe anyway.... Im still waiting for some kind of 'sign' that she is...."there somewhere", we were the closest on the entire family.... Its been almost a year since she died....and Ive heard or felt nothing.... and while Im usually hugely sceptical.....well.... I live in the hope that I can feel her presence again.... Bereavement can do strange things to us.... a big part of our lives dies with a parent....and there is rarely anything that can ever fill the we do, wish for.... a sign... as said...Im a sceptic.... but I loved my mum so much and I really really miss her.... if you truly believe you feel and experience your mothers presence, good for you...... I wish I could, even just one more time...
  8. They sound like Browns fans. They sound like Cubs fans before they won the World Series.
  9. This belief that left/progressives accept hate speech by Islamic clerics is real fake news you find on Fox News and Breitbart. Accepting multicultarism and immigration doesn't mean accepting everything a new culture brings. There are Laws and everyone abides by them, no matter what your religion says. Macron is enforcing Law equally, it's up to the Imam's to change their methods or else suffer the consequences. His main contender, Marine Le Pen (far Right wing), in their recent elections gained a lot of seats in Parliament thanks to her anti-immigration, anri-Islamic, anti-EU rhetoric, also due to the number of terrorist attacks in France in recent times. About 8% of France's population is Muslim, mainly from its former colonies (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia the main ones). Further attacks would be political suicide if he showed he did nothing to put a stop to Radicalism. Where the left/progressives have gone wrong in the past are in places like Sweden and Germany under Merkel by allowing unregulated and unvetted immigration. Also, the EU has to review the Schengen Treaty which makes it too difficult for Authorities to know where refugees are once they get into the EU.
  10. I agree that the fbi certainly lacks the numbers required to investigate every single lead. Hopefully they really are stopping much more than we know about before it happens. Im pretty sure it wasn’t a comment. It was said that he made a video in which he said that he wanted to be a professional school shooter.
  11. Looks good.
  12. I don't think it's been more of either. It just has had effects. Bunch of good, bunch of bad. It's still too new to be used responsibly. I think.
  13. If Clinton had won, I would have taken my chances with Jim Beam. Bloody Mary would have been welcome too.
  14. I miss her and will never see her again. I'm on the "no fly" list now My old friend....
  15. Just hadda one up me.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I'm still waiting for Farmers promise of the probes to "kick into high gear". Any day now.
  18. Yeah, I kinda figured that. I was just making a point that anyone constantly being accused of something that they had nothing to do will gets tired, cranky and just plain pi$$ed off at. I'm kinda suprised that he isn't really going off more about this. But I guess if he did it would only give the MSM ammunition for the second big 25th Amendment push bound to happen soon.
  19. But it’s a subjective amount to each person. Again, I have a family. The basics cost a lot more than a single guy’s does. The idea that everybody deserves a living wage means that I could aspire only to flip burgers my whole life yet still earn enough to pay those basics. Therefore I’m either earning a lot more than the single guy for the same work or he’s earning a heck of a lot more than what the job is worth and what it takes to pay his basics. Either way it’s hardly a fair or reasonable idea.
  20. Everyone leaves us, goodnight see you tomorrow
  21. PG, Its not just this thread, he has been at this for years on MULTIPLE forums. It's your choice to agree with what you wish.
  23. nope, read it all.. that's why i'm asking Sorry, I still don't get what you mean by: 'done in secrecy'? If I did i'd have no need to ask... What is 'done in secrecy'- the hypnosis session I take it? Or do you mean: 'privately' as in= not in the middle of a pub or shop? ya know, like all hypnosis sessions would be done in privacy.... well I'd assume. And what's sinister? You didn't answer the question-- if you did somewhere in your replies then my apologies for missing it.. Peace. dej...
  24. OverSword

    I was just thinking of cattle mutilations for the first time in years.  Did a google image search and it's just amazing the uniformity of the mutilations over great distances and over the course of decades.  Guess we'll never explain that eh?

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  25. I see lots of smoke....and mirrors in this witch hunt. I guess that this thread will last until Trump ends his term at the ordinary time.
  26. Did you look at the evidence like an investigation I included in post 43? How can you claim a lack of evidence if you haven't looked. I think you are uncomfortable with what you might find, so vague attacks are what I see coming from you.
  27. well guess I better mosey on. Got a thing tonight for a few hours. Have a great night all
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