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  2. I'm not either, but can can be reasonably social until the BS starts, then I can be contrary. I have a short fuse for stupidity. Ignorance is curable with the proper education/training but you can't fix stupid (even with duct tape). Someone more famous than me said that but I agree 100%.
  3. I don't care educated a person is, because common sense is a true measure of intelligence.
  4. Yes you are! You are a very nice person. Just because you give it back to those who like to serve it up first doesn't mean you aren't nice. I think you just have a very low threshold of tolerance for stupidity and arrogance.
  5. I don't believe you

    Excellent post! Only you could have summed up the GOW ( Game of Walker) so eloquently.
  6. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    pay knowledge with scars understanding the risks, one stiffens the backbone
  7. I'm not exactly a "nice" person.
  8. "That's very interesting, Steve"

    He's added an extra 'e' That's cheating!
  9. I like nice people. Some people just aren't all that intelligent but they care. I don't like arrogance or condescension...regardless of the 'intelligence' of the person. If you don't know how to be nice to people...all people...then how can one claim to be intelligent?
  10. US government covered up UFO incidents

    The Battle of Los Angeles was the firing of AA shells into the night sky. The idea at the time was that the government was hiding how close the enemy was at the time. The ideas did not deal with UFOs which were introduced at a much later time. The UFO notion comes from a photo, which was a faked photo.
  11. I thought I posted a link that was in the browser, but it didn't post or I forgot sorry.
  12. I don't believe you

    But they are not given to offend, usually, and even if so, the offense is still optional.
  13. Driverless cars would improve traffic flow

    ....actually, automated transportation sound like a good idea....maybe. I always thought that MULTI passenger vehicles would be much more sensible for most transportation needs. oops...hit quote instead of edit.☺️
  14. well is was a newborn, so they did not get used to it yet. beginners mistake, lol
  15. Robotic Jew

    Ugh. Gotta keep going I guess....20 more years or so at least....seems so...long....

  16. "Ok to be gay" school lessons cause unrest

    maybe schools do not need to touch that subject at all.
  17. Driverless cars would improve traffic flow

    Sorta would take the fun out of driving. Who could you flip off?
  18. The £250k US Spy Challenge

    how many potato chips can you eat on empty stomach?
  19. I need some clarity, can you read me?

    Thanks John! I'll try it out ☺️
  20. .... " I thought YOU had the baby! " I kinda wonder if there was a little post-partum celebration involved?
  21. Game of Thrones

    She certainly started out as a very naive and stupid girl, but she learned from her mistakes. As for telling who Jons parents were, she did it because she thought he would be the better ruler. She was right about that. I guess we all have different opinions on whether she was justified in doing it. One of G. R.R. Martin's hallmarks is that his characters are complicated and not just plain heroic or evil.
  22. The £250k US Spy Challenge

    4) What are the consequences of being the all-time, number one exporter of weapons of violence on earth? 5) What is the penalty for poisoning the Earth, and damaging the diversity of life?
  23. Game of Thrones

    So they should just let her get away with killing tens of thousands of innocent people and burning a city that had surrendered ?
  24. The George And The Dragon is now open.

    It wasn't a brick i erm i mean someone threw it was one of his mankey old wholemeal cheese rolls
  25. You don't seem very intelligent to me.
  26. I know this topic has been thrashed already, but two more comments. Pagans were not necessarily dark and grim. Often they had a less neurotic and condemning view of the world than the Christians that replaced them. They might be a lot less harsh and judgmental of other beliefs than Christians too. Consider politics. Pagan gods tended to be more localized, with different names and attributes from settlement to settlement. Often celebrations of a deity were localized, not universal. Unification of people brings unification of gods. Localized pagan priests might disagree on doctrine, or even what god might be important to worship. There was a certain direct connection allowed between man and deity, open to personal understanding and individual perception. Christianity was a perfect state religion. It had a very fixed hierarchy, and a strict interpretation of doctrine. And so useful to the state, it had a human gatekeeper. To get to god, you have to go through a priest, and the priests answer to a bishop. Often the bishop and the king were close allies. If you read the Sagas of the Icelanders, part of the impetus for emigration to Iceland was King Harold. of Norway. He was trying to forge Norway into a modern kingdom. He wanted all the land to belong to him and all the jarls to be his men. Consolidation was going on all over Northern Europe including the British Isles. The Great Heathen Army is a prime example of the beginning the end of an age in my opinion. Calling them barbarians was useful propaganda. Their major characteristic might not have been their religion but their structure. They were war bands, loyal maybe to a hersir of jarl who had one or several ships from a locality. They were warriors, not soldiers in the sense we understand them now. If they didn't think following Ivar and Ubbe was in their best interest, they could pack up their ships with their booty and go back to their farms. Piney could say more, but the Saxons were only a little ahead in the kingdom consolidation game. Rollo came down from Scandinavia and took Normandy. He kept his power through personal loyalties and providing a way to riches. A couple of hundred years later, Duke William came out of Normandy and conquered England. He owned his duchy and everything in it. His knights and liegeman held grants by his permission. England belonged to him when he took it and was divided up to buy loyalty from powerful followers. Christianity and the state were working in parallel in god sanctioned hierarchies, All over Europe there were solidified Christian states and churches that were successful not for an enlightened view of god, but for an authoritarian structure very useful for governing large diverse populations that might not want to be governed. I
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