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  2. While a better look on a guy compared to one in a suit, it’s a pain if you go to hug your partner and get covered in white wood dust.
  3. Note that I am simply posting this for any other 'free-energy' or perpetual-motion or over-unity devices. Maths can be simple or COMPLEX. It obviously depends on the situation, and to just say that it always simple is a very, very stupid thing to say. If you do not account for the entire process, losses (eg friction) and all external and internal outputs, then your maths is not only completely wrong, it also shows that you are way out of your depth. In this case, the biggest problem is that the OP has no idea how to describe the entire process or to map the mathematics properly to that process, and in fact you can see from what was posted, he has completely left out a hugely important step in the process. There are MORE problems in the 'maths', but I'll just focus on the biggest howler... No, it won't. You will lose exactly what you gain from gravity And if do the maths properly, which clearly Vikram will never do.., you will see that stuff like "effort will be very less" is just meaningless word salad NO, it isn't. Vikram's 'mgh formula' is the one for gravitational potential energy. It's not completely correctly used here, if you want to estimate the energy output of the device, but no matter, let's assume it was... So Vikram is calculating the potential energy that is available from letting the ball drop AFTER raising it up. It's near enough, but does he think the ball got up there by ... magic? If you read on, clearly that's exactly what he thinks. WOAH. Stop right there. Why didn't Vikram discuss how the ball got back up? Let alone how the ball got up there before the first 'cycle'? Where did that energy come from, and why didn't he include it in his 'calculations'? He completely ignores any energy inputs he provides. Could that omission possibly be from lack of knowledge? If so, that is just breathtakingly ignorant. If it is an attempt at a scam, then it has received the reception it deserves. Seriously, that is face-palmingly wrong. Anyway, it is clear that Vikram is not making any serious attempt at anything even remotely credible. These sort of threads are really a complete waste of time, unless someone ELSE learns from them.... If anyone wants to delve further into the 'wrongness', let me know. Vikram, don't bother asking for help - you don't listen to anyone anyway.
  4. Trump also got meaningful Tax Cut Bill signed into law. Watch the Positive Ripple Effects during 2018! Apple bringing back $$$Billions at a flat rate of only 15.5%. Jobs! The swamp could not stop Trump.
  5. Some Steppenwolf... "Born To Be Wild" "Magic Carpet Ride" "Rock Me" "Screaming Night Hog"
  6. Does that guy work for cnn?
  7. LOOOLLS..!!!! Again my friend.. EXCELLENT... I have dogs and yes...they are characters... A Pointer ....I Like.!!! Nice one... Mo..xx
  8. Yeahp, nothing like being covered in oil, sweat, metal shavings and sawdust. Then having a scalding hot shower.
  9. I'm not sharing squat.
  10. If so, it would literally be a FIRST. These guys have played the U.S., SK, and Japan like a musical instrument for years. Only a straight up fool would trust them at this point. I think the U.S. should sanction all those who are found breaking the sanctions on Kim's state. China first and foremost but Russia as well if they are doing significant business with Kim. When the only alternative is to either live with a growing threat from a thug regime or the death of millions of people on the peninsula, I think risking conflict with Xi and Putin is called for.
  11. Soon enough. Had a conference with my boss. If it gets as cold as it did last night we will just down. Even with a heater going it was in the 20s inside. To cold for us Floridian folks.
  12. Not exactly.
  13. Oh, i didn't know that one. thanks.
  14. The tale has grown so much in the telling, like Roswell, it's hard to separate fiction from fact.
  15. "CFR" = Council of Foreign Relations
  16. Oh please, since when is advancement requirement for a career, ever hear of a dead end job? BTW, this is a ridiculous thing to be arguing for pages and I won't indulge in it any longer, time to defend Halt's story. What do you find so compelling that it can't be explained by some mundane thing?
  17. Thanks! I actually found it hard to believe that is exactly what it is called.
  18. Trump threw ISIS out of Iraq and Syria. He also got Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
  19. Yes indeed.. He's......On Point today..!!! hahaha hahaha hahaha.. Peace to you my friend xx Mo..xx
  20. Who is the guy holding the pizza and the hot dog on the left????? Octopus?
  21. To me it is just another dog and pony show. The hidden hand is still in control.
  22. I thought we were.
  23. Excellent point.
  24. The Mainstream Media in the boat would be: ABC News, NBC News and CNN (Jim Acosta).
  25. Kilopower: What’s Next?
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