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  2. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    You seem to confuse inappropriate or ill-advised with criminal. Criminal can be prosecuted. Lord knows, Trump and his minions are far from angelic in demeanor and behavior. Neither Left or Right holds a monopoly on being criminally stupid, something people in high places, of all stripes, seem to always get a pass on (Except Martha Stuart). That Mueller, of all people, after two years of investigation, indicted no Americans for criminal conspiracy to collude with foreign nationals to tamper with the election, pretty much says it all. Game over. They'll never have the votes for a successful Impeachment. Sorry it's not the result you wanted; God knows you're not alone in that. From this point on, all Trump haters can do is impotently flog a dead horse, sounding shriller, looking angrier while egg drips from their faces. Ain't Politics wonderful?
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  4. US threatens to veto UN resolution on rape

    Come on, drama queen.
  5. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    I don't understand what the big deal is. The terrorists targeted Christians and westerners in response to Christchurch. They even proclaimed so. Trying to dissect what someone says when the obvious is known is a waste of time. Anyone intelligent understands that not all Christians were responsible for Christchurch and the same, not all Muslims are responsible for this attack. Above all, these are just sick people and don't represent any ideology.
  6. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Yeah, why didn't the Republicans look at Hillary's taxes when they controlled the house? Ah, never mind- she released them during the election.
  7. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    Eeeeh I'll pipe in, the Trumpet had plenty of opportunity in various places. Even if he doesn't start an action or whatever it will be named, as they do that you know, he won't receive a nobel peace prize, which by the way probably says something about the people handing those out.
  8. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Tell me Wistman… because it was revealed that Hilary Clinton received $145 million from Vlad Putin (essentially) for her role in selling 20% of US uranium stock to Russia (presumably),, was it part of Democrat's duties to look closely into Hilary's financial records...? No.....? Repeat after me, "Democrat - good... Republican - BAD!!!"
  9. Doing God's will.

    Guess no one should be held accountable for anything. No free will, no choice, no responsibility.
  10. Doing God's will.

    That's true for most people. Free will or not, you still have to wipe your backside lol. It does have implications in areas of jurisprudence and ethics though. Not necessarily the way people fear, as it won't change things too much and it won't bypass responsibility, but some of our systems do need to be more aligned with reality. ps. One of the main problems with it seems to be in areas of research into what "consciousness" itself is. There are lots of assumptions accepted about it (that it has free will for instance) that are holding us back. Lots of time and effort has been wasted looking something consistent with these assumptions, rather than trying to objectively study and understand what is.
  11. Dyeus Pater ( Zeus/ Jupiter) could possibly be the ancestor of 99 percent of Indo-European/ Indo-Aryan speakers. He was a deified ancestor. Cronos on the other hand is "Time" personified and completely fictional.
  12. I have to give them points for their brazen courage. The squeaky wheel gets the grease after all. A little moderation in their requests probably would have made their chances of getting free loot a lot better though.....
  13. Is this cthulhu?

    you can find it in Google earth with coordinates 77°10´10"S 126°54´59"W 2861 m mountain.
  14. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Your right there`s nothing will stopped the radicals Islamic ideology of ending Christians, and Jews, At least trump is trying to stop it and not a world war.
  15. I don't believe you

    And this be yours.
  16. YEP! Same with the net, there's so much there that can't be found and its just sitting there. OR! the data is right there in their systems and they don't even use it or display it or if they do somehow come up with the idea to display it for the public they don't because they can't come up with a way to charge HA! On the other extreme, one types in a search, and some of the sites that come up are not even relative/relevant, its so bad sometimes it might be about news and you click read to bottom ? about what shampoo or some nonsense , well I just don't even use AOL anymore something happened to it AND IN A BAD WAY a couple years ago, its just horrid now.
  17. Doing God's will.

    The reason why free will itself can't be demonstrated, is for obvious reasons. It can't logically be reconciled with reality to begin with, it's a paranormal concept that defies logic and requires a paranormal origin (a soul?). A universe where it exists is difficult to imagine (but not impossible), as it would require one particular biological structure that has a naturalistic cause like everything else, to not be subject to naturalistic cause and effect in the way it operates, and able to give contra causal outcomes. That's why we see philosophers trying to redefine it in hopes of rescuing it, rather than accept the obvious. It's becoming popularly accepted amongst neuroscientists that it doesn't exist, which is only going to be further demonstrated as technology increases. Eventually it will be considered a fact, just like evolution. Neuroscience is already being considered more and more in certain areas of society, though the implications are not what people might think. The general public aren't letting go of the little homunculus idea any time soon though. For similar reasons the ancients were sure the sun revolved around the earth...it sure looks/feels that way. It should be easy to demonstrate free will. Libet type experiments showing that will precedes the brains decisions would at least be evidence that it exists. If that happened I would be open to the possibility that both free will and the "soul" could exist. "Conscious free will" and the "soul" seem synonymous, they amount to the same thing. It's curious that even atheists who decry the paranormal are usually sure they have a thing called a "consciousness" that somehow possesses this "free will" as this seems quite a paranormal claim in itself. What they really seem to have is a physical structure (brain) that runs on cause and effect and is prone to illusions. In a universe where it really did exist and the "will" wasn't simply an extension of biology, why wouldn't we see tourettes sufferers simply use there "free will" to stop having tourettes? Or long term depression, multiple personality disorder, ocd, schizophrenia? Simply stopping these things should be easy, if the mind is not reliant on cause and effect and dictated by biology? How believers reconcile this, who knows. Perhaps it's only some people who have free will, some of the time lol? A man can do as he wills, but not will what he wills.
  18. I've always thought that free will is an illusion. If you are religious then you were created by an omnipotent being that knew your every choice when he made you and made you that way. If you are non-religious then you are a product of your upbringing, environment, and biology. A biological machine. When I see stuff like this it just reinforces that belief.
  19. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    Can't deny the fact the only ones beating war drums are the US and its sidekick.
  20. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    Yes, I'm sure the poor wee lambs are misunderstood and ill treated by we warmongers in the U.S.
  21. Yes there is. There are at least a couple of studies that can be googled. In a report published last Thursday, neuroscience researchers from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London announced that they had found evidence that liberals and conservatives actually have different brain structures. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Ryota Kanai and colleagues conducted MRI scans of 118 college students whose self-reported political views ranged from "very liberal" to "very conservative." Many areas of the subjects' brains showed no difference based on political orientation. But the subjects classifying themselves as "liberal" had a higher volume of gray matter in the anterior cingulate cortex of their brains than study participants who classified themselves as "conservative." The anterior cingulate cortex is believed to play a role in helping people cope with and sort through uncertainty and conflicting information, as well as affecting their levels of emotional awareness and empathy. The "conservative" participants, on the other hand, had a higher volume of gray matter in the right amygdala region -- which is thought to play a big role in identifying and responding to threats. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/04/are-liberals-and-conservatives-hard-wired-to-disagree/237075/ Seems like it would be better and safer for all if we learned to work together. Not likely though is it.
  22. The Screws are tightening on Iran

    The US has been trying to pick a war with Iran for half a century and more. Ever since their oil became a threat to the Saudi's and the petrodollar. They even gave chemical weapons to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq conflict because they were about to invade Iraq at Basra. Those same chemical weapons Saddam used to murder thousands of Kurds and the ones Bush went after in 2003. The US has been interfering in Iranian politics since the 1950's and people wonder why they hate your country and your foreign policy makers. You might think Israel is in danger of an Iranian attack but history in the region suggests otherwise and above all, guess who are the (only) ones with the nukes?
  23. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I told you Mueller wouldn't find any crimes and definitely no collusion. Score one for me. I told you Mueller would write an incendiary report that would keep you and people like you, p***ed off and still with hope until the election. Score two for me. What is your score grommy? Yeah,a big old goose egg so why are you crowing kike you actually know something? You're clueless son and have been on he wrong side of things since day one so have a little humility, I never took you for a brain dead leftist but maybe I need to change that opinion.
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  25. "Terrorists" kill 200+ in Sri Lanka

    Just saw a far left posting where everyone was going on about what Clinton and Obama said. Many were atheists or agnostics who attended church on Easter only because their family did. It shouldn't be painful to say that. They aren't worshippers but attendees. That's ok. People need to stop dodging and just say it as it is.
  26. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/23/us/politics/joe-biden-argued-for-delaying-supreme-court-picks-in-1992.html Uh...no...
  27. I mentioned in another thread the incidents my brother and I had when we were in grade school. Over the years things have happened that are unexplainable and weird. When I lived in Texas I had a long distance relationship with a man whose nephew hung himself. The night I was told about it, which was a couple of days after it happened I lit a candle for him. The table where I had lit the candle had some crystals and other stones on one side by the candle and a cd player on the other. In the middle of sleep I was awoken by a crashing sound and the cd player opening and closing the cd tray 3 times. I was tired and didn't get up to investigate. The next morning I found the candle still burning but the rocks were strewn all over the living room as if someone had swiped them off the table. The cd player never worked right again, either it would act like it had no power or the cd tray would just open and close. I sent it to the manufacturer to get it fixed (which was a waste since I lived 20 miles from the place I had to mail it, but they would not let people just drop stuff off). When I got it back I opened the box and a huge puff of cigarette smoke came out, as if someone had puffed a bunch of smoke in the box before taping it up. I figured it was a disgruntled employee because the cd player was not fixed and the case was attached cockeyed. I sent it back and they replaced the mother board, but it never worked again and I just gave up on it. A few years later I quit my job and moved back to New Mexico to take care of my mother in the home I grew up in. I also took care of my grandsons and sometimes my dad would call asking for help. My parents had been divorced since the 90's. Anyway, i was making cookies with my grandson and after I put the spices back in the cupboard and closed the door I turned back to the counter and the cupboard door flew open and all the spices flew out. Some of them hit me in the head, the ones in glass bottles broke. I did not know at the time, but it was the same day that the police had picked up my dad and taken him to court ordered rehab. He built those cupboards when he remodeled that kitchen in the 80's. Later my dad told me and my brother that he blamed us for being locked up, he never has been one to accept responsibility for his bad behavior. I have my ideas of what went on with the cupboard, but I have no clue what was going on with the rocks and the CD player. I did not know the young man who hung himself as I had only met him twice so I just chock it up to general weirdness that I experience often.
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