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  2. You may have to find tricks to motivate you. One that I like is Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule. Which is stupidly simple. To put it simple, when you're laying in bed, procrastination about getting up and doing stuff..5...4...3...2...1...GO! It's a trigger. As soon as you get to GO! you get up and get started. It actually works if you make the effort. Eventually it becomes a conditioned response. I don't want to wash dishes.. GO! start washing dishes, etc. Yep I might sound like a self-help guru or a motivational speaker, considering that I read more books like that than occult text, perhaps I am. But I won't sell someone bs.
  3. Whether you want a Ferrari in the garage and you don't even have a job...or you just want the damn lawn mowed before all your peeps come, and your lawn mower won't start...the thought process is exactly the same.
  4. The thing about my past occult practices is that I learned there is no "Something for nothing". I also learned that the techniques were basically just affirmations and self-hypnosis. Yet this leaves everything open to confirmation bias and self-fulfilling prophecy. All I did was apply what Think and Grow Rich taught. Visualize-Affirm-Act-Repeat If you take a look at the Hicks version it leaves Action out.
  5. Climate Change is a Hoax

    I think that he is saying my Cult is right, and he also likes using the word moron, (l never argue with an expert). And likes using sources that prove beyond a doubt that the end is nigh, ok, here are a few sources in the 70's that also proved beyond a doubt certain things will happen that didn't happen. I guess that makes it a solid cockup? http://www.aei.org/publication/18-spectacularly-wrong-predictions-made-around-the-time-of-first-earth-day-in-1970-expect-more-this-year-2/ One of many predictions by the most prominent sources back then, that were 100% wrong! I read today that Justin Beiber has joined the ranks of movie stars with no idea, or zero experience in earths climate, starring in an animated movie, just so they can scare 3 year olds, that the world will end. And someone in that article, also said that climate change has become insane, (can't argue with him on that one). You will have to forgive the actions and statements of some here, after all with them reclying, and giving to Green-piece, the end is still nigh, and their beloved Apple Mac's will start melting before their very eyes, (a horror no one should go through). This would be a lot funnier if this wasn't destroying our grid, raising costs and hurting pensions and the poor, but watching people run about waving their hands for no reason, still carries a laugh.
  6. So am I, but I'll get there. Takes planning. To be honest what isn't a work in progress.
  7. Like taking a few index cards and writing definitive statements on them. Placing them where you'll see them each day and repeat them till it sticks. It takes time and a lot of consistent effort. Certain statements will need real world actions to further reinforce a behavioral change.
  8. Ha! I am still working on that positive bank balance thing!
  9. So we know now where google gets its name :-) I think goochelen = ge-huichelen Huichelen FEIGN, PRETEND or make use of the illusion
  10. The thing is I'm basically trying to help people, because I can. I'm not here to sell hype. To give anyone the illusion that if they follow my "12 Step Course" they'll have a Ferrari in the garage. No positive thinking scam, no wishful thinking nonsense. If you have a goal, find a trick to get your head in the right place and create a path you can follow. This is more based on my everyday life than anything. Everyday is a goal setting effort for me. I have task A to do, how will I get it done and how soon. That's it, plain and simple.
  11. Random Staircase in giant garden.

    There is quite a lot of stuff on Reddit, I think it was, about random staircases in the middle of woods and forests
  12. In fact...it is just that! We all have desire. The Human Default is toward the Subconscious Negative. The greatest way I have found to change those subconscious programs is to make changes to the conscious words we use every day. Deleting the n't in our vocabulary and thoughts is an excellent place to start.
  13. It also depends on what success means to them. Not everyone wants to be famous, rich, etc. Success might be just losing a little weight, having a positive bank balance, or even a better attitude.
  14. ....and I place you among the...them. In fact Habitat, only about 2% of the population are going to be successful. It isn't that the other 98% are less intelligent...it is more that they give up when their plans don't work out right. Quitting before reaching success in any undertaking is the default Human Nature.
  15. It's all about changing those subconscious programs that run 95% of our lives.
  16. acute

    Attorney General William Barr has redacted my ███████ update! :angry:

    He's a ████.

  17. Easter Sermon 2019

    Here's my sermon, for anyone who's elderly or infirm and can't make it to the church this morning. https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/30294/easter-sermon-2019
  18. What's obvious is that you have no idea what you are even bantering on about. Why even bother RM? Instead of attempting to derail...why not make an attempt to understand? Because it is a secret....that's why. There are those who get it and those who don't...but will... if and when they ever open their eyes to the real world of the human psyche.
  19. I don't believe you

    According to you, just about everyone is crooked, so no surprises here !
  20. Pothole Saves Heart Victim

    That's pretty funny, Glad he's okay. Never thought a pothole would be the hero of a story.
  21. I don't believe you

    Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
  22. The unintentionally hilarious double entendres and grimace inducing voiceover work in the first Two Worlds. I never laughed so hard due to a video game.
  23. Today
  24. I don't believe you

    Generally the societies did not collapse because slavery was never abolished UNTIL it became economical to do so. My point was what could happen if slavery had been suddenly outlawed in places like ancient Rome and Greece where most of the workforce were slaves Conditions for black people deteriorated significantly after they were freed in America and it took many years for any sort of equality, but i would expect most African americans would feel it was worthwhile It is not a politically acceptable argument but economically it can be modelled and consequence predicted. Even the sources you gave admitted that removing slavery could cause social chaos but they had an absolutist moral value tha t it was more important to end slavery than maintain a social structure.That was never going to happen, and still would not happen today, or we would not have modern slavery
  25. On the ‘Gools’ The word GOLA retains an interesting word in Afrikaans which essentially means ‘to deceive’. I am not sure if Dutch also has it, maybe as gogelen? I’m not home so I can not check my Van Dale dictionary and cannot find anything online. See here for photos of the verb goël (Dutch reconstruction ought to be *gogelen) and noun derivatives. (A reminder that Afrikaans verbs can be read as Swedish ones but without the -a)
  26. I don't believe you

    That's Latin for troll.
  27. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    bumblebees collide apologise and move on wish we could do same
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