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  2. I wouldn't call it profanity though!
  3. Really? I'd have to go with Phil Plait, but only because if he says "Holy Haleakala!" one more time, I'm going to throw my TV out of the window, and keep kicking it down the street until I die of exhaustion...
  4. Ah, I've got it now.
  5. I put at minimum an equal amount of blame on the person who does the deed. For them, the reason was money. Not a good reason to kill off a species.
  6. I'm thinking..... What the blinkin flip is that swear-word that Matt just used?
  7. Its not the money - especially not the declared money - it was what was done with it.
  8. cannot be unheard book falling to the floor its true author now known
  9. You forgot to add the part where NYT completely contradicts itself. Right after suggesting Trump's lawyers urged him to "cooperate" with Mueller, they admit this: "(Trump) has insisted he should sit for an interview with the special counsel’s office, even though Mr. Dowd believed it was a bad idea." NYT is having trouble keeping its Fake News narrative straight...
  10. I dispute your post. You didn't read my post. The Heroopolitc Red Sea is not the same as the Red Sea. The Heroopolitic Red Sea was, before the Suez Canal, a gigantic tidal pool some sixty miles long and twenty wide. The northwest end was at Tell el Maskutah (Succoth) with the south end at Shallufa. The old wave terraces are still there with some visible on Google Earth. The Bitter Lakes and Lake Timsah are remnants of the Heroopolitic Red Sea, the same as Salt Lake is a remnant of Lake Bonneville. Their surface, before the Suez Canal, was about 6.5 feet below sea level (The lakes were reflooded to sea level in building of the Suez Canal.). Lake Kemuera, Wadi Tumilat, the Bitter Lakes and Tia beni-Israel are part of a long-since-abandoned channel of the Nile (The Red Sea has been fresh at several times in its geologic history.). Blocking this channel was Shallufa Sill, a sandstone ledge, that acted as a dam. When sea levels were high enough, as they were about 1600 BC, water flowed northward from the Red Sea, over the sill and filled the old tidal basin. Ships sailed from Succoth down to Shallufa, over the Sill and on to Sinai. When the Canal of the Pharaoh was operating, tail water drained from the Canal to the Heroopolitic Red Sea, filling it, turning it fresh and draining over the sill into the Red Sea proper. When water levels were high, the ford at the narrows between the Bitter Lakes could not be used, the water being about twelve feet deep. When water levels were low, the ford could be crossed - water levels varied between about two feet and bone dry. So "The Exodus" took place at a time of low water. The pack trail that came that way was 83 miles long; it is a branch of the Darb es Shur. It is not mentioned in the Bible. But there are Egyptian accounts of it. Apparently Hatshepsut used that route when she visited Punt. If you want to know the location of ancient trade routes in the Near East, check out where the springs are. From Tell el Maskutah down the west side of Great Bitter Lake to the ford there are many springs, including a large oasis. Along the east side there are two and one is salt. Ayn Musa is on the east side of the Gulf of Suez, so anyone traveling to Suez had to cross at the ford or struggle through steep rocky country with no water. The "Red Sea Crossing" was this ford between the Bitter Lakes, about 19 miles from the Red Sea proper. The Exodus story fits the geography that existed in Sinai during the twelfth century BC. The Bible was written in the sixth century BC when the biblical geography no longer fit the terrain. Some of the discrepancies in the story are easily explained by that difference. There wasn't just one ("The") Exodus. There were at least three - one in the late 16th century BC, about the same time as the eruption of Thera; one in the late fourteenth cetury BC at the end of the Amarna Period and one about 1194 BC just as Seti I's reign was beginning. These stories were amalgamated and conflated into a single account. You are correct in saying that that account is not true, but it originates in real events. There are many potential crossing sites of the Heroopolitic Red Sea, the Red Sea proper and the Mediterranean. If you like, I'll list them for you. Many depend on particular ephemeral lakes being full of water, or on the Exodus taking a route other than that laid out in the Bible. Not all are equally likely and most lack geographical support. But two remain that might have been used - the one I laid out above, and a tidal channel at Suez (Napoleon almost drowned in that one.). Military considerations make the tidal channel unlikely. My account is a reconstruction based on the best available evidence. You might laugh at it, but you haven't even heard it yet. The full version takes 254 single-spaced type-written pages. UM doesn't have to worry because I own the copyright. I have ideas about re-writing it to correct some mistakes and bring it up to date with current archeology, but that will likely be a long time coming. And I'd love to tell you more. Any questions? Doug
  11. Vlad the Mighty

    Wise thought of the day:

     “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”

    Know who said that?

    1. acute



  12. Which reminded me of this... Sorry, I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't resist.
  13. Apparently - or bring back the gallows? Rope is reusable and env. friendly. In all seriousness, the death penalty should only be used when there is 100% certainty of the persons guilt. But when there is, the execution should happen right after the trial. No decade or two of appeals.IMHO.
  14. He was also confused as to the date. I'll have to go back and to see what Servas testified about her communication with Laci through Peterson's email account before I could comment. It doesn't matter, the point is that a pw protected site was accessed.
  15. And the winner of "cat shave 2018" is
  16. I have heard about this, and at one time it excited me a lot, but lately I am considering as to the validity on the claim. I mean it is strange when Newspapers or News channels cover a controversial topic, and then suddenly never spoken of again like no one knows about it, but there is just no way to actually know it seems, except to venture for yourself, or ask the "One" who knows.
  17. Ugh. Not Neil Tyson. My least favorite scientific "icon".
  18. acute

    Sorry I'm late. Anything happened?

  19. Like I said - Karen Servas testified that she communicated with both Scott and Laci via that email account. There were no outgoing emails sent from the home computer that morning. Someone simply read an email.
  20. It could be worse... I once googled Action Man without SafeSearch, as in the popular childhood toy. Let's just say I won't make that mistake twice...
  21. My point was that it wasn't Laci who'd been communicating with that guy. As for Peterson's e-mail account, I'm not aware that Laci used his account since having her own.
  22. Hi and welcome, from another photography loving Canadian. *throws Timbits at politely to third_eye*
  23. Yes, I did state that Inca is, by far, not the only tribe in South America, did I not? I do not like the more primitive assumptions of the previous centuries, and I do not adopt them, and you are right, you can not just box in everything. In the case of Anthropology, it is generally accepted that there is a such thing as Shamanism outside of Siberia, and they group all of these beliefs into one pot. To Azteks, they are Nagual; to Lakota, they are Wichasha Wakan; Every belief system has it's differences, but those beliefs that are cousins, I link them as such, and those beliefs who are brothers I link them as such. North America Medicine is not at all in every regard like Shamanism, which is a Siberian belief. I really believe we are connected to the land of the East, by Knowledge, by Heart, and with medicine. IF you really read my post of the Hebrew culture, there is little reason to think that they are not related. Now, If I learned I was a descendant of a European nation called Britton, and Britton had left the Celtic Mountains long long ago, and I found out hey? They had a culture before hand that was slightly different, perhaps even a little bit more knowledgeable than my current culture, and I knew that that culture was closer to the Origin of my people, and the truth, I would learn about it... Just giving an example, now it so happens I do not feel that way about Europe so much, but American Natives were, and are wise people, but if their ancestors knew something that current natives did not, would it not be wise to learn more?
  24. Todd didn't say he rode by on the 24th either.
  25. WASHINGTON — The president’s lead lawyer for the special counsel investigation, John Dowd, resigned on Thursday, according to two people briefed on the matter, days after the president called for an end to the inquiry. Mr. Dowd, who took over the president’s legal team last summer, had considered leaving several times in recent months and ultimately concluded that Mr. Trump was increasingly ignoring his advice, one of the people said. Under Mr. Dowd’s leadership, Mr. Trump’s lawyers had advised him to cooperate with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is investigating Russia’s election interference and possible ties to Trump associates as well as whether the president obstructed the inquiry. Source: New York Times
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