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  2. A person might have seen the woman and realised she was about to step into the road.
  3. Yeh, into the pig sty with some luxurious second hand carpeting for bedding.
  4. Missed it? Your name sure does match your pub habits but you may need to change the ROAM bit into WANDERing off alot Tell you what, why not let yourself be shackled to a bar stool? That way you can enjoy a drink and gradually lose the disappearance act.
  5. Digging myself out, then heading to the hospital to see what's going on with my hubby. I'll pop in and out.
  6. Ya! Es verdad! The problem, Is that they think they are debating!
  7. Yes but when you started dribbling, we threw you out.
  8. tcgram

    Asking for good thoughts/prayers for my hubby.  He was admitted late last night to the hospital with a bowel obstruction caused my his hernia flipping over.   Currently they are trying to get it to flip back over and if not, he is looking at surgery, probably will have to be transported 2 hours away.  Thanks.  

    1. freetoroam


      Oh dear. My thoughts are will you and i hope they can flip it..(will have to google it as i do not know about hernias much)

      No good me praying, sorry tcg, no one listens to me up there.

  9. Sorry i missed the lock-in last night, any nuts left?
  10. In future I`ll be sticking with the double cheese burger!!! Fecking con artists! I shudder to think what they have done with the quarter pounder...
  11. Ladies yes! Odd bods, no! Yet another un joins the likes of Dark Derek in my pub.
  12. It's a ricking fup-off!
  13. I havent had time to check that out but heard it was pretty good. You also reminded me of Battlestar Galactica as well which I completely forgot about. I like these shows as I have kinda a busy hectic job at times and the sci fi element in them just takes me away to a different place and time for an hr. Helps me forget about work and other stuff thats going on.. Is Discovery before or after Kirk and the Enterprise?
  14. I had one yesterday, the first in years and thought, "I`m paying top wack for a childs portion."
  15. The accident marks the first time that a pedestrian has ever been killed by an autonomous vehicle.
  16. I also believe this. I used to have nightmares about my life and death in the 1400s in Europe... as I am 3/4 European I attribute this to that phenomena. Either that or it was my past life can't say but for some reason I do recall what could have very possibly been my ancestors death. Trouble with this idea is that if that was the case, any procreation must have happened before the death and so the memories could not have passed through DNA.
  17. Can you provide evidence that they dont.?
  18. Hi Sherapy Lol, thanks jmccr8
  19. It's a fact! After a UK court case years 'n' years ago, they replaced our Nearly Big Mac with the Australian Tiny Mac.
  20. Which is why Greer didn't put on another tug boat pilot or deckhand as a witness. The multiple wrappings around the limbs are what I find excessive. It's a ski rope cut into three sections. (See autopsy report, starting at bottom section of p. 8.), rebecca_report.pdf
  21. Do you think that the GTA has forgotten his crack smoking brother Rob Ford
  22. acute

    What's the world coming to?

    Women allowed to drive, 39 genders, Nazi uniforms banned, punching your kids is illegal, you can't take cider into McDonald's, and now they've cancelled the annual Dwarf-Throwing Championship!

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    2. freetoroam


      Bring back the middle ages.


    3. acute


      4 minutes ago, freetoroam said:

      Bring back the middle ages.


    4. freetoroam


      And anyone who objects will be hanged, at the weekend is best as the whole family can attend.

      Tickets will be £12.23p and kids get in free. Bring your own cider and dwarf for the competition after.

  23. XenoFish

    I had a disagreement. Now I'm no longer on speaking terms with myself.

    Edited by XenoFish
    Stupid auto correct.
    1. Lilly


      Offer yourself a sincere apology and starting talking to yourself again. 

    2. acute


      Kiss and make up with yourself, but keep your hands where you can see them.

    3. freetoroam


      I think you should stand your yourself who is boss and do not back down. Throw yourself out if you have too. I know it sounds harsh, but you got to win this argument. 

  24. What was he thinking!? Everyone knows homemade tinfoil outfits are better suited to hotpants and not thongs Oh, and... ARGH! MY EYES!!
  25. right decision by the authorities thankfully
  26. Today
  27. Please provide the scientific evidence that proves neurons create inteligence.
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