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  2. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    Happy St George's day.
  3. the cathedral bees

    they cant burn if theyre not near the fire.....see above
  4. Good on yah! Vexation is good if you dont want any friends. This is why i have started to invoice them.
  5. The Bats ghost theory....

    Thread cleaned Let's keep the comments civil and constructive please.
  6. I don't believe you

    Of course he is not, but neither was a man who forced his wife to have sex with him, when this was not just normal, but expected and agreed upon by both parties in their marriage contract My point was that future people will see him, you, and even me, as evil barbarians, just as you see people from the past
  7. I don't believe you

    Define "good" In general you will find such definitions tied to our values and beliefs Thus what we see as good/bad may be quite different in another time or culture We all like to think that our own beliefs, values, customs and moralities, are the best, and superior to all others across time and space. But that is not so I agree with what you say but see it differently The future will adopt its own values beliefs and moralities from what is required for the survival of individuals and society. We do not know what they will be but they could include improvements (from our point of view) or going backwards(from our point of view) for example. Two solutions to a future lack of protein are to enforce vegetarianism on all, or to use human beings for protein Only those in the future can decide which is right for them. We wont be there . Oh and yes I am old fashioned but for very good reasons I can see from life and studies that, while our standard of living in material terms has improved since Victorian times, our quality of life measured on psychological and social terms has not. We are not as free, or fit, as people from that era (although we like to think we are free) and we live in a decaying social structure which threatens the prosperity and well being which we have purchased by mortgaging our lives to greed and materialism Plus of course the sexualisation of society and young people Pornography is the most common thing watched on the internet. it debases women, and commercialises and objectifies them. Yep i am old fashioned enough to believe that is wrong, and one of the reasons why women are so badly treated and disrespected in the modern era. My mother was more empowered and respected than most modern women, despite living from 1922 to 2015 and leaving school aged 13 to go to work on the farm .
  8. XenoFish

    Beans, broccoli, and eggs. I'm ready for the road trip.:lol:

    1. Impedancer


      Egg , ham, and spam ,spam, spam!!

    2. XenoFish


      Egg, ham, spam, spam, spam, heart attack.

  9. Thread closed for moderator review
  10. A slave bible

    The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC is a curious institution, sometimes associated with dodgy trade in antiquities and conservative Christian evangelical fervor. Nevertheless, a current exhibit is of genuine interest beyond the God Squad. The center of the exhibit is one of three surviving copies of a 19th Century missionary bible targeted for Caribbean slaves. The book, which is owned by Fisk University, a historically African-American school in Nashville, has been on loan to the museum since it opened a few years ago. In that time, interest in the book has quietly grown. The exhibit itself has been slowly attracting attention, first in social media, then picked up last month by the Times of Israel, and very recently, receiving US national mainstream media coverage. The book is an abridgment of the canonical bible (none of that "Let me people go" nonsense), emphasizing slavery-friendly passages (such as pseudo-Paul's helpful advice to slaves on obeying their masters). It is interesting that the missionaries leave out 90% of the Hebrew Bible and 50% of the New Testament. I hesitate to conclude that those figures reflect how much of the bible is anti-slavery - I suspect abridgment for brevity's sake as well as ideology. Anyway, here's the museum's page on the exhibit: https://www.museumofthebible.org/exhibits/slave-bible and this is the first of five short promotional clips hosted on YouTube:
  11. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    you also told a story suggesting your friend turns into a werewolf, you made a pretty blantant threat to people, if you never see it again so what who cares, and wild animals tend to hurt and kill people i sure wouldnt go hunt it down, but if it pops up again have a canera with you, get something at the moment all you do have is a story, if your friend turns into a werewolf on a full moon get pics or video, in this day and age most stories like this will be greeted with skepticism.
  12. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    Thank you for answering my question. With that I am out. Good luck.
  13. I have to say I appreciated that hubby got me 6 months of help after baby #2 since baby #1 was under 3. All she did was floors and bathrooms but what a difference that makes. Take note guys....a small gesture goes a long way!
  14. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

  15. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    I believe in ghosts and aliens! I have seen them! Thanks.
  16. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    I KNOW WHAT I SAW! It was a Wolf! A silver Wolf! Why can't you understand that it's IRISES were glowing! Not the pupil! I have studied zoology! Enough to know that a wild dog doesn't look like that! God, don't you get it? I thought I found a place where people would believe me.
  17. I don't believe you

    My point was in response to the definition of rape ie forcing sex without the consent of the other party.This was definitely illegal. BUT, prior to changes in the law in the seventies no such entity as rape could exist in marriage because of the legal presumption, successfully argued in a number of cases, and thus established as precedent, that the legal act of marriage conferred ongoing and irrevocable consent to sex by either partner at any time This was found to be the case, even where the man was suffering a serious STD, and even where a few judges questioned it's morality ONLY the initiation of divorce proceedings, which signified a legal withdrawal of consent, OR a court order, could over ride that English (and American) law People can think of me as they like or call me any names they like, but that was the law and it was how the law was applied it goes to my point that ethics and moralities are not absolute but based on cultural relativism Of course the "moral character" of "rape" changed Morality, and right and wrong changed. The y are NOT fixed, but abstract concepts of the human mind, and people change their values and attitudes so that our moralities and ethical values change over time Our beliefs and customs determine what we feel are right or wrong, and our laws tend to be tied to, but sometimes lagging behind, those beliefs and customs
  18. Were they glowing or reflecting light?
  19. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    Here's the deal though. You'll never convince people who havent shared your experiences that your experiences are real. If it helps think of it like a parent speaking to a kid. The kid thinks the parent is full of ****, not because he's making a moral judgement call, but simply because his life experience hasnt shown him the same things as the parent. Im a believer in ghosts and UFO's because I have had experiences. I would never demand that others accept my stories as factual however.
  20. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    It's irises were glowing. Are you telling me a Wild dog has glowing irises?
  21. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    You told us what you saw.
  22. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    You saw a wolf/wild dog and the moonlight caught its eyes. That's it.
  23. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    Okay. Just because you saw something doesn't mean it was what you think it was. May have been a wild dog. I'm going to leave it at that since werewolves in the horror movie sense simply do not exist. Wolves are not friendly.
  24. Today
  25. Are there different kinds of werewolf?

    For help. So I know I'm not the only one. I don't want to be another witness to something that's been blown off as crazy.
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